Making Love on the street
1st steps
Auf der Jagt nach neuen Mitgliedern


Time to prepare for battle again!


Where is love made?

Lots of love and very little sleep leads to crashy-hugs

I can almost taste...Mexico

Soon ♡

Shall we form a sea of hearts in the city of angels?

LIFAD shared a Page.
May 13, 2011

Taking LIFAD to a whole new level!

Spread the music and image of Germany's most explosive band on the planet: RAMMSTEIN. And get to fraternize with all the fans in the world, inspired by the phrase: Liebe ist für alle da (Love is there for all).
Verteilen Sie die Musik und das Image der brisantesten Band in Deutschland auf dem Planeten: RAMMSTEIN. Und lernen Sie mit all den Fans in der Welt, durch die Formulierung inspiriert verbrüdern: Liebe Ist Für Alle Da.

R+ Feuer Frei

I love you. I've shown you my heart. Now you show me yours!

Remember to share the love!

Love is my god
Sex is my prayer
The world is my altar
I have no fear

My heart is yours for the taking

LIFAD Canada - touch me!

(in a good way)

♡ Love is in the air ♪♬♫♩do-do do do-do ♫♪♬♩♬♫♪

Take my heart and put it on display. I want to be unable to turn in any direction without seeing it. Let there be a sea of love before me. I'm looking at you, LIFAD USA and LIFAD Mexico.

Take my heart