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Keith Veltre
· May 7, 2018
Attended the Kentucky derby this weekend and got to see how unprofessional an officer was towards some tourist that visited your city. I was in shock that I witnessed an officer with a last name treat grown people who were trying to have an adult conversation with him and he was not having no part of it. It was his way or no way. You should be embarrassed you have that individual represent your city. I have always supported the Police but in this case I cannot. To be fair I do realize that at times incidents like this are rare and most officers treat people with respect. See More
Marley-Marliesa Pomplun
· April 29, 2018
I am a youth counselor at Boys and Girls Haven. Tonight one of my clients ran and officers from the 5th division came in contact with the client. They handled it very well. I was called to the childre...n’s hospital to meet them and they were so respectful and kind! Thank you officer Chet for calming down my client and building a relationship with him! We very much appreciate everyone who was on that run! See More
Gabriel Christian Bush
· April 26, 2018
Funny how Oscar Walters walked with barely a bruise after shooting at LMPD officers literally a month ago, but a black man running from police deserved three glocks fully unloaded onto him.
We see you..., LMPD. You've got a long way to go to live this down. Especially after your old assistant chief got called out for telling recruits to shoot black people smoking pot.
Any of you who condones what happened are disgusting.
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Mary Elizabeth Stump
· April 23, 2018
Keep doing the great job you all do. Everyday you bring safety to my family everyday you face challenges that citizens can only imagine. Yes I've had run ins with some officers that should turn in badge. But just because there is one bad doesn't mean all are. I've had several run ins with officers that go beyond what they have to and they are absolutely amazing. Times is getting rough right now but for each one of you that still get up everyday and put that badge on to protect everyone you are amazing you are a hero in so many ways to so many different people. No matter what I support everything you all do because I am not in your shoes to judge how to act on any situation that comes your way. You are all amazing keep up the great work. See More
Mark Metcalfe
· April 26, 2018
The Police Officers of LMPD are saints that put their safety & lives on the line each and everyday for the law abiding citizens and each other to protect & serve keeping us & each other safe. They do ...a tremendous job even with all the anti-police in Louisville. Proud of each and everyone of you and we have your 6. #thinblueline #� #� See More
Keana Kg
· April 26, 2018
LMPD needs some up training. They are way to comfortable shooting to kill and trying to cover it up by saying they felt threatened. The body cam videos show everything. Police are supposed to protect.... I don’t even feel comfortable calling 911 If I was in danger at this point they can’t be trusted. See More
Lizzie Pohlman
· 21 hours ago
Not sure if its actually procedure to leave underage children alone at night on the side of the road when you arrest their guardian, but if so you may want to consider changing procedure. And actually... training your officers so they know not to do this again in the future. Just a tip. See More
Susan Bradley Davis
· April 17, 2018
On Sunday, April 15th, my daughter and I had a flat tire on Ramp 5A exiting I-64 onto I-65 South. A Louisville Metro Officer stopped to check on us and stayed with us until AAA changed our tire and we... were on our way. A great big thank you to that officer for his kindness. I don’t know his name but he was in patrol car #6534. See More
Meshei Lee
· April 26, 2018
Thank you for doing the things I couldn’t do. Thank you for working for us in our darkest scariest moments. Thank you for keeping us safe and going home to your families each night and blocking out th...ose toughest memories to play Barbie with your children thank you for being strong enough to work for the community and disconnect for a moment to also be normal at home it definitely ain’t easy � See More
Billie Jo Elmore
· April 20, 2018
Thank you to the officers that stop in at Thornton’s on National Turn Pike. Y’all make my night better when you come in talk & joke around. A big thank you to Officer Wagner. He always has a smile & n...o matter what’s going on takes time to stop in & ask “hey you ok, you need anything”? He’s a sweetheart. Thank you all for what you do every day. See More
Michelle Portman-Shaffer
· April 27, 2018
Why must you kill people? There are other ways, why not train to apprehend someone without killing them? Other departments do it. Also, why not carry guns with rubber bullets? Killing by police was, it has now become too easy. See More
Roger Young
· April 27, 2018
Maybe you guys should look at the footage of how the police acted in Toronto last week. If that would have happened in Louisville or pretty much anywhere in the United States that guy would be dead. ...Why are cops in America so scared of people it seem like it's shoot first ask questions later's protect an serve not harm and harass!!! See More
Ali Rennie Atkins
· May 15, 2018
It looks like the LMPD people don't read this....but just in case: Riddle me this: someone gets arrested in Louisville, the DOC takes their cash while they're locked up, but will only give em a check ...when they get cut loose...oh but wait...the check printer is, 5 days later they have ALL of your money in life, while ur out on the streets, so now besides you can't find somewhere cheap to stay because THEY HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY...but u also can't eat...and the best the DOC can say is "complain to the Mayors office"...which you do, for the past TWO DAYS, and never get a return phone call??? #WTF Mayors office, wtf????? #Louisville #MayorFischer #Doc See More
Julie JC Sullivan
· April 26, 2018
LMPD kills POC. LMPD boasts a militarist vision instead of community vision. They strap on AR-15s and walk around like they are in a war zone rather than at a community, family friendly event. LMPD... members ESCALATE situations involving POC and have no interest in de-escalating any situation. They are a dangerous organization and the citizenry has reason to fear any interaction with them. See More
Tiffany Whalin
· May 7, 2018
Well I came back from picking my daughter up from school. And there were atleast 10 police here,looking for someone, Named Melinda. I told them nobody knew a Melinda, I even let them look threw my While another officer outside my door kept saying " I know she's in there". He proceeded to come in my house and walk threw again. He said somebody's in the room I hear a noise I said okay let's see. Let him look around AGAIN. AND NOTHING. I said why would I lie? In the nastiest tone and attitude said I don't know, look where you live. Now if this man is wanting to be respected he needs to respect the people he speaks to. I don't know his name or badge number but he's a short dark headed man. You need to teach that. And after all that they still didn't find Melinda in my house. I felt accused of harbouring a fugitive and then disrespected by this rude ass officer. If you can provide me his name I would greatly appreciate it. He needs a lesson in talking to people and not accuse any one until he has facts. I'm very upset with LMPD. I cooperated had no issue letting them look in my house and was continuously accused of being a liar. This is why people have issues with these officers they are NASTY and RUDE. See More
Michael Blanton
· April 25, 2018
Always great people. Greatly under paid for what they do, and vastly under staffed. I am truly sorry for that, however, so grateful for everything they do!!! So helpful, friendly, and down to Earth, w...hen not smashed/overwhelmed with stupid criminals. Thank you LMPD and every single man and woman that puts their life on the line to help, protect, keep us safe, and everything else that we do not see or hear about that you do!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! If any of you ever need help with anything, just ask me, and if I cannot do it, I will find someone that can help! See More
Abel Pena
· April 26, 2018
I can't believe that your department would desecrate the flag in the manner in which you have!! Its beyond disrespectful, and crass. Every department across the country that also does this to our flag... is gradually showing us how the transition from peace officers, to Gestapo murder squads are happening! See More
Shang Tsung
· April 26, 2018
If you can't protect and serve without bias or peer pressure then what are you a police officer for?! You are supposed to hold yourself AND be held to a higher standard. You were not CHOSEN to be offi...cers, you CHOSE to be them, you have NO REASON to "be worried about going home to your family". You have no reason to be trying to protect YOUR life over the cities and people you VOWED to serve and protect. You gave the rights to your life up once you told yourself you wanted to be a "superhero". Why don't you turn to the side of good for once and protect the people... You protect= More money and less crime. Instead of having scared white boys who aren't really from dangerous areas, black guys with lower educations who are just trying to keep a job AND Hispanic cops who just don't have an identity so they feed off of either of the top two groups and morph into some weirdo thing... Why don't you people hold your police officers to a higher standard? The test and things you guys are doing to weed out potential employees are null and void.

It seems like the system used is inherently evil and hurtful. You guys aren't a cop ideal cops... You hurt a LOT more people then you help. Cops aren't just about putting a uniform on and "protecting my brothers" You guys are supposed to be the top of the line, Robocop, hardcore but with a sound mind and good heart type of guys. Somewhere down the road you guys lost it...

But I can't even say that because this country has always been this way. Instead of trying to make yourselves seem tougher then thugs or whatever you think you are how about make yourselves seem more helpful to the community. If you are supposed to be saviors and leaders, why does it seem like almost every, single police department where there are black people involved are always shown in a villainous light? I don't know how any of you could live with yourselves knowing what you do to people to get a check.
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Ciara Marie
· April 29, 2018
Pieces of shit! that cop hunted that black man ! Shooting through the window of his own police cruiser he was never shot at then he chased the man on foot still shooting how do you handcuff a man who... is riddled with bullets lifeless laying in a pool of blood with a broken arm ??? How do you do that and to that black cop who watched and offered a fuckin napkin shame on you ! They’d shoot ya family without thinking twice that badge is what’s sparing you ! See More
Ayana Kalila
· May 6, 2018
Wow.. random searches, mass towing of cars, oppressive policing of all Black neighborhoods and businesses lastnight. I wonder if y'all bums treat the white people on frankfort and Bardstown road like that?
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