45. As a graduate, everyone as LQHS is pretty fucking dumb. grow up you immature twats.

44. I clicked on "Suggest an Edit" but sadly, changing the admin is not an option..


43. We all know Nick made this page. He is that weird.

42. CP Econ students need to stop complaining about CP Econ. ..they know nothing of true difficulty.

41. Who is the admin if this page?

40. Who ever is running this page is taking the fun out of it!

39. JC has a giant p- ego.

38. Mia B. and Carly B. are fiiiiiinnnneeeeee MC

37. I got Dino aids

36. I kind of wish senior year didn't have to end so soon...

35. Senior year has gone by too fast

34. It is very sad that I don't have the chance to get to know Liam Y. better, because he is a really nice and interesting person.

33. Liberty is super awesome.

32. I hate when people in the men's stall shit on the toilet seat? How the hell does tht even happen?!? Dot you feel bad do the janitors? No, but seriously....

31. I can't wait to graduate, I literally hate all of you.

30. I'm a woman and I don't stay in the kitchen lol I know I should though. Hehehe oops

29. You change the names on here. This page is beyond stupid

28. Copeland. OMG BOMB.COM