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Thirry Harlin
· April 4, 2015
This place is fantastic. If you like photography with a slant towards the instant side of things then this is something to check out and be a part of. Great people too.
Tim Missenda
· June 12, 2014
This place is exactly the type of store our upcoming art district needed. Allowing artists to get back into true analog photography, by providing the friendliest of customer service and great prices!... Thanks gentlemen for giving myself and others a great local shop to feed our yearning! I'll see you guys soon and send everyone down to check you out! See More
Allison Barfield
· October 21, 2014
Bryan was so helpful and patient with me, it was definitely the highlight of my day! So happy with my purchase of a beautiful pre-loved camera, strap, carrying case, film and attachable flashes, and a...n original 1978-1979 handbook. Can't wait to capture some memories. See More
Mark Ellingson
· November 28, 2014
What a fun store to shop around in. I would also call it a Polaroid museum. I loved seeing all the rare Polaroid cameras on display.
Pils Nuckhaber
· February 9, 2015
Awesome Store and Service! Even got a text that the Film I ask for arrived :) thanks and see you soon. Best wishes from Germany !
This week's special!

Attention Las Vegas! Nick at Nevada Light Gallery (basically next door to our old location in Art Square) bought our fridges and will be selling Impossible and Fuji film! You didn't think we'd leave you hanging did you? Hit him up.

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BRYAN NEEDS YOUR HELP! He is taking off on a long, daring, photography-filled road trip and needs to buy some beer and socks along the way! I've put in my two cents (actually, 5,000 cents, or for those who can't do math, $50). How about you? Show some love! Even $5 is enough for one beer. Help a guy out.

Bryan's Technicolor Vision Quest road trip begins in less than a month. Give a few bucks to his backup fund for when socks wear out or beer needs to be had.