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Dani Hilton
· February 16, 2017
I have had a plan since my boys were born to start them in pre-k in the fall of 2017. I did not start them this year because I did not feel like they were devel...opmentally ready. Recently, after registering Austin for an ECSE class I was informed that I will not be able to put them in pre-k next year because they turn 5 before September 30 (17 days to be exact). My boys were born 3 months early. I, as a parent know that my children are not prepared for Kindergarten but, because of state law I am forced to put them in kindergarten rather than pre-k. This does not only apply to pre-k and Kindergarten though. I called the state department of education yesterday and was told and I quote "it does not matter what a child's educational background is they will be placed in a class with their peers determined by their date of birth". I asked "so, if a child has only been to pre-k but they turn 6 before September 30, they would be put into 1st grade?"....Yes that is the case. It does not seem right or fair that we as parents can not say when our kids begin school. There are several parents like me, who know that their children are not developmentally prepared to start school, yet are forced to put their children in when they are not ready. I was told "well you can choose to hold them back in Kindergarten after their first year". Well, to me that seems like it would do even more damage because they would watch all of their friends and peers move on to first grade while they repeat the same class. I feel like putting my children in Kindergarten before I know they are ready I would be setting them up to struggle. I feel like I would be putting them behind the 8 ball to begin their educational careers. I have talked to the school board, the Louisiana state department of education and now the office of our state representative for my area and all I have been told is that this is a state law. I am sorry but, when did parents lose the right to determine what is best and most beneficial for our own children?

Who does this law benefit? It does not benefit the struggling child who has to start at a grade level they are unprepared for. It does not benefit the teacher who has to work twice as hard to help that child keep up. It does not benefit the parent watching their child struggle and it does not benefit the school who likely ends up having to hold a child back or fail a child because the were developmentally unprepared to perform at the grade level they were forced into.
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Ann Farry
· December 7, 2016
It's taken almost three months to try to get assistance. My paperwork has been lost by this department more than once, and the contact has been minimal despite continous emails and calls begging for updates and help. I'm a working, taxpaying citizen, and I just want to continue to do so. I still haven't gotten any help. I've been continuously penalized for this department's incompetence and lack of assistance. Want to feel helpless and screwed by your government? Apply for ccap. See More
Jeremy Perez
· February 17, 2017
The Louisiana Education system is broken....They protect predator teachers. See my page for all evidence of Acadiana High school Football coach ask my daughter for snap chat at 1am....these people are covering now....but not for long.
Angel Findanotherlikeme Lincoln
· October 14, 2016
They have a serious problem with the childcare process. You can never get a call from a case worker or supervisor and no one seems to know how to file a complaint that will actually be taken serious. There is a big failure for people who actually need help.
Destiny Holloway
· February 17, 2017
I'm so incredibly disappointed to see a state department in such terrible shape... I just got off the phone with a CCAP worker who told me that it's my job to t...rack my own paperwork in your system.... you are putting families into debt with your inability to do your jobs .. you are causing single moms to lose their jobs because they can't afford child care ... See More
Amanda Lamonte
· August 18, 2016
My child case status is still pending after almost 3 weeks, I understand now our community is in disaster but my child stills needs to go to school and with out CCAP he will no longer go because I can no longer afford $120 every Monday! No daycare, no job :(
Ashley Walls
· September 8, 2016
I applied to the CCAP program MONTHS ago. My caseworker only contacted me ONCE in the beginning to turn in all my documentation, which I DID. 2 weeks Later I st...ill hadn't heard anything by phone or mail so I called & they said I needed my last 4 check stubs which I had already submitted 2 weeks prior. They said they only got 1. So I resent them by email, was told they received them & my case worker would call me. I submitted them on 7/6/16. My caseworker has NEVER contacted me back. I have called & emailed over & over. Always get the same answer, she will call me back in 48 hours, but nothing! I am a single mom, not of my own choice, & I am struggling. Daycare is costing me $650-800 per month! Why are all the assistance programs in Louisiana so ass-backwards??? I am certainly not letting this go. I will take it as high as it goes. So someone needs to give me some answers ASAP. I don't feel it is right that I turn over all my personal information (i.e. income, SS#, etc) & not be able to get a response on what the hell is going on with my application & personal information. Get it together! See More
Tracy Harts
· April 13, 2016
I wish zero was an option! The Department of Education taking over Childcare has been a nightmare. I have more parents complaints in the last four months than I...'ve had since I open in 2012. Poor customer service when they (LDE) decide to answer, received partial documentation(Yea right) received everything just get your finger scan, even after doing that three weeks later still not in system. the list go on and on.

Simply Fed up,
Kids Planet Learning Academy Director
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Mychea D Murray
· April 13, 2016
Hi today I'm writing on the behave of Kids Planet in Tallulah LA. My name is Mychea Murray and yes I am a worker/parent at Kids Planet in the Madison Parish are...a. The reason why I reaching out is, because we have many of upset parents stating that the Louisiana Department of Education is doing a horrible job on getting back to the parents. They also stated when they call it be a long holding period, sometime a worker from y'all call center hang up on them, or when they are calling to check upon their child care, it's always something or either nothing. Im just wondering when is the Departnent of Education going to start helping and doing their job. Thanks and I hope whomever reading this have a bless day... P.S you guy work ethic SUCKS See More
Nikki Thomas Winston
· April 15, 2016
This is ridiculous! Before I could write out my issues, this page was already full of unhappy parents. Are our issues and complaints not important? Do we matter...? Even after they posted you still don't respond? Why do you even have this page? If someone is responsible for checking this page they need to be fired! Stop Wasting taxpayers money! Call us back! Respond to our messages! Stop losing our paperwork! And this is what our children in the education system have to look forward to!?!? See More
Kimberly Walker Hall
· April 13, 2016
I am writing on behalf of Kids Planet Learning Academy in Tallulah, Louisiana where my child attends school. I applied for childcare and submitted all of the r...equired paperwork (more than once) just to be told that I don't qualify because of my income. I could have been told that upfront, especially since I had to put my income on the initial application. Instead I kept being asked for paperwork that had already been submitted. I believe in handling all business in a timely manner and not wasting anyone's time. See More
Charmenia Gfourteenclassified Hall
· April 13, 2016
When I call I can never get through to anyone. No answers. No returned phone calls. A lot of us really need the help and we can't get it. Because y'all keep us the run around. Its not fair especially for the ones who is out trying to make a living and living pay check to pay check. Need a better system. With caring people. See More
Kavarrian Khalia Mumma
· April 15, 2016
As a full time college student and Mother. Its sad that I had to wait three months to be updated on the states of CCA application. I was denied because I wasn't... making "at least" 30 hours a week. Not to mention I'm a "full time STUDENT, college" in my class hours wasn't even credited. The Department of Education has very lousy customer service. The representatives are rude. In how can 1 worker respond to the entire state of Louisiana. I waited for two months and never got a phone call back. I sent an email and have yet to receive a respond. The State of Louisiana should take this back over until Department of Education is more suitable to take over.

Signed a concerned and disturb Parent of Madison Parish and KPLA of Tallulah.
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Ta Lovingthelord Rae
· April 14, 2016
I am a staff member at Gultery Childcare Learning Center. I personally know parents that have sent in their information and have not received proper contact. Th...ey have called and called, but received no letter or call back in return. The process in which it takes for parents to receive contact or approval is too long. Our parents need the proper help in a timely manner. The extreme delays and non responses will cause our numbers to decline and my job along with others will tremendously be effected. See More
Jessica PrettyFace Allen
· April 13, 2016
I am a resident of Madison Parish and I have applied twice for child care. Each time my application was denied because a worker claimed they didn't receive my p...apers. I sent a Fax confirmation each time with on response to my emails or calls. I am a working mother of three that really needs the assistance to pay Kids Planet Learning Academy which really is a great center. This sucks! And you guys really need to get perform better! See More
Coretta BreakeveryChain Branch
· February 18, 2016
This is sad how you have a program set up to help people but no one is available. ...they don't return calls or emails. My daughter has been trying to contact t...hese people back since 12/15. They eventually sent out papers 1/22 but no call. She haven't heard anything so she did another application on 1/22... case still pending.... you can never get through....what is going on that have you that busy you can't answer or return calls....... See More
Dominic Roscigno
· May 6, 2015
Louisiana Science Education Act , need I say more? Idiotic elders forcing their insecurities in life onto the youth which will make it so they can never get a ...decent education. This "education system" is just pumping a bunch of morons out (and proud of it, do some research, they are more then thrilled to mock science and praise fake gods instead). We should just break it down and start over again without radical religious people in power, only way to fix the more then broken system. It's coming though, they can't stay in the dark ages forever , the country will force them to stop being complete imbeciles at a point.

Those who are prideful in their ignorance are bad enough (everyone who supports this act) but forcing it upon all of your youth due to your huge bloated ego and fear of being wrong? Total slimeball move, adults who should be ashamed to ruin their childrens education.
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Dave Scott Jr.
· April 13, 2016
I'm writing on the behalf of Madison Parish, Kids Planet Learning Academy. I am a parent who had to re-certify for childcare assistance and is still waiting to approved. This is RIDICULOUS , you guys have done nothing since you decided to take over. The process takes entirely too long. We need assistance NOW!!! Not next year! When DCFS was over the program we didn't have to wait this long. You guys need to step it up.

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Jean-Pierre David Hernandez
· February 12, 2017
Our school system is ranked 48! Do I need to say more. RAPE!
Sandie Guillarmod
· October 16, 2014
SMH.... your rating is really minus. But, you don't give that option!!!!

From FOX 8:...
LA schools: Ebola patients will need to keep up with homework
Students who are hospitalized with a virus, like Ebola, will still be required to keep up with their school work, but their absences must be excused.

Do you really think a parent is going to worry about their child keeping up w/ school/homework when they are fighting for their life???? Ah....I don't think so! That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!!!!! A human life is more important then your ratings dropping at a school! Get your priorities straight!!!!
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The Department is hosting two webinars to share information about the 2016-2017 LEAP 2025 Practice Tests for ELA, math, and social studies. Facilitators will share information about the scoring process as well as information about accessing the tests and developing best practices for using them.

Webinar Dates and Times:

- Monday, February 27 at 12:00 p.m....
- Wednesday, March 1 at 3:30 p.m.

- Webinar Link:
- Phone: 1-855-240-2575

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Teachers and principals, have you received the Febraury edition of Ed-Connect from your distirct? If not, check it out here:

Congratulations to South Beauregard Elementary and Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy for being named 2016 National Title I Distinguished Schools. These schools are recognized for their exceptional student performance and growth.

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A draft of the Louisiana's ESSA plan is now available for public comment. Learn more here:

of the state's plan to set higher expectations for learning and to invest federal funds in local plans for improving where schools and students are struggling. The comprehensive plan complies with the federal

The Louisiana Science Standards Review Committee will review and vote on new science standards for K-12 starting at 9am today. Watch it live here:

Watch Louisiana Department of Education's LDOE Science Standards Committee Meeting on

Louisiana Librarians: Have you taken a look at the new Louisiana Librarians' Guidebook? Check it out here:…/teach…/library-guide.pdf…

Just released this morning: Louisiana's ESSA framework 2.0

of the state's plan to set higher expectations for learning and to invest in local plans for improving where schools and students are struggling. The new framework, which complies with the federal

"How great would it have been for my new teachers to have experienced an entire year of practice alongside a mentor teacher during their preparation experience before being given the responsibility of their first classroom? In Louisiana, this type of preparation experience will become part of every aspiring teacher's entry into the profession thanks to the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)."

Read more from Chandler Smith, Principal at Plaquemine High School and 2016 Milken Educator Award winner. #believeandprepare…/20…/01/a_principals_challenge.html

NOLA parents: Have questions about OneApp or how to enroll your child for next school year? Get your answers here.

Believe it or not, it's school choice season again for New Orleans families. To help you through the process, we've compiled a list of some of the most common questions we hear about it.

Teachers, do you have questions about this year's new social studies test? Find more info here:

We've released a new welcome video on our website. Many thanks to all of the educators, parents and students featured in the video.

Tell us what you think:

Louisiana and France signed Cooperation Accords today to continue their partnership in supporting French educational programs in our state.

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LA's draft science standards are available for public feedback. Share your thoughts today!

The 2016-2017 Louisiana Science Standards review process, established by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), empowers 83 educators and experts nominated by school districts, professional associations, and advocacy organizations to review and develop science expectations for...

Louisiana educators are voicing their support for yearlong residencies for aspiring teachers.

BATON ROUGE, La. - Following the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's adoption of landmark educator preparation regulations, teachers who participated in the pilot have spoken out in national and state media supporting the full implementation of the program.In the Baton Rouge Advo...

Jon Bogard shares his experience as a Believe and Prepare mentor teacher with @educationweek. #laed

Imagine you learn that a loved one is in dire need of an emergency, life-saving surgery. Think of the flood of emotions, anxiety, and concerns you would immediately feel. Now imagine discovering that the doctor slated to perform the operation was in her first year of practice.