Please see our link and support the men and women of the Laconia Police Department who are attempting to raise money for the NH Special Olympics. You may donate to a specific Officer or the team.

Laconia PD is fundraising for Special Olympics New Hampshire
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Kim Cantin Trask
· October 31, 2017
Thank you LPD for cleaning out the drug house on Gilford Ave. that had our entire neighborhood under siege for the last year. You were always there..every single day and now that they're gone we have ...our peace back. Thank you all so much for your patience with us when we needed to vent and your professionalism. Much respect to LPD. See More
Lindsey Thompson
· August 22, 2017
My husband @[18103845:Rob Thompson], and I would like to say a huge thank you for cleaning up our street. Almost 2 years ago when we bought our house things were quiet, then all of a sudden there's deals everywhere including in front of our house, and constant random people coming in and out of the place next to us swearing and smoking and being obnoxious. Since the big sweep things have been back to normal. I can leave my windows open when I'm home for fresh air and play with my baby girl in the front yard. Thank you!!! See More
Carrie Bergeron-Lennon
· October 31, 2017
Hey LPD!! Thanks for all you do for our community! You definitely have your hands full! You're doing a great job cleaning this town up...It's much appreciated!! You guys are the best!! Stay safe!!
Tony Graves
· July 31, 2017
So the other day our mailbox was taken out by some errant driver and I called LAPD to report it. An officer, Callanon, was dispatched to come take the report. What a wonderful experience it was. So ki...nd and polite, and knowledgeable about the community. I didn't expect to hear anything, but then tonight she showed up at my door for follow up. Without being all gushy or whatever, this woman is remarkable. Okay, aside from having the most beautiful teeth I have ever seen, she is a law dog! She is on it, and I never expected her to go to the lengths that she has to find the perp. Haha, the perp! Anyway, I think LAPD is fantastic. They (her) surpassed my expectations. Good on them (her)! See More
Kathy George
· November 2, 2017
Just wanted to say thank you to the officers who handed out candy last night!! It made my grandson happy!! Thanks for all you do!
Larry Drury
· July 8, 2016
Being relatively new to laconia moving here in october i have nothing but praise and the utmost respect for the professional,respectful,and courteous men and women of the laconia police department and... in the wake of the dallas shootings and the other cities where officers are being shot i stand beside and with the wonderful officers in my new town as much as y'all have the backs and safety of the citizens at heart i have your backs thank you for the awesome job you men and women do to keep the city safe See More
Dee Marie
· June 26, 2017
They need to enforce the law on loud motorcycles. My car can't be that loud, neither should bikes be. Get them for misuse of power too when they gun their engines on purpose.
Peter Dearborn
· September 17, 2016
Can't even walk home from VISTA grocery store without being harassed by Laconia's finest being harassed and held for twenty minutes ,mind you grocery's in hand ,I think that the tough guy or girl atti...tude is a joke maybe you take your cruisers and watch the twenty plus cars and trucks run one of the most buisest back road intersections in town guess the city doesn't have the fund's to put paint down for cross walks LPD your a joke stop me again for doing absolutely nothing yes I will walk away from you your family of officers is a joke See More
Janelle Batchelder
· February 5, 2017
I'm usually all for police and supporting them because they keep us safe and try to make the community a better place day in and day out. However recently that experience was shattered by the fact tha...t instead of working with an individual and showing a better support to them they'd rather file charges and not look at real picture. I'm all for laws being followed but I think we as adults have a better opportunity to teach adolescents that their actions can affect their adult lives. Being a roll model and athorative figure in our community doesn't mean you have to be hard asses all the time. It also doesn't mean that people with the same last name are guilty because of relation. I give most of you pats on back of job well done and hope you can teach fellow officers that it isn't always about "throwing the book" at people. See More
JR Moro
· June 14, 2015
I was visiting Laconia today for the bike week , and was pulled over by one of the officers and the experience with a well prepared officer is something else , he was very polite and friendly , unfort...unately i didn't get his name. I shout a big thank you to the whole Laconia Police department ...... GREAT WORK ...... See More
Katie Laura Low
· October 16, 2015
I recently did a ride-along with the Laconia Police, what a good experience! They are a such a professional and caring group of people and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to see what they do first...hand. Keep up the good work LPD, it doesn't go unnoticed!! See More
Jeff Mansfield
· August 1, 2016
The Laconia Police Department is great! They have always been very responsive to my requests and I thank them for that! They have their hands full in this city, so let's give them some credit!
Rich Hodsdon
· November 24, 2016
Being an ex volunteer firefighter and working closely with police officers, I have the most respect for these guys. Thank you for your time this morning officer Moynihan. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Janet Berry
· November 15, 2014
I want to thank you all for your help. When I lived in Laconia and the few times I had to call, an officer came over. They were always, willing to help with information and what would be the best of action to take for a solution. Thank you all for your service and be safe. See More
Dana Robinson
· July 8, 2016
the officers in our community do everything we can to keep us safe and I am very grateful for that!
Greg Parker
· June 18, 2015
I'm a Virginian visiting Laconia for my 4'th Bike Week in as many years. I'm impressed with the work you guys do in balancing public safety and the enjoyment of riders. Well done! Keep it up.
Jason Stone
· March 31, 2017
Keep up the good work cleaning up the the dirtbags !
Pedro AndDominique
· December 4, 2014
Thank you all so much for all your help! Your dedication to the community is priceless!!
Tracy Corbett
· March 9, 2016
Great work with the big drug bust today!!! Finally cleaning up our town!!
Sam Day
· June 4, 2015
I was informed you have a cyber crimes unit? Was wondering who I could contact directly. :) please and thank youuu!
Drunk Driving Message
Belknap County Emergency Services Day (K9)
Laconia Police Department's 2009 Citizen's Academy

Please help us congratulate Officer Rouse on his successful first year with the Laconia Police Department. Each Officer hired by our agency is on Probation for one year. During this time, they receive extensive training under the supervision of a Field Training Officer, they attend the NH Police Academy, and are continually scrutinized by an intensive evaluation system until the completion of their first year of service. Officer Rouse met with a panel of Field Training Officers and the training Lieutenant today. At the conclusion of this meeting, Officer Rouse was released from his probationary status. Officer Rouse is pictured in the center of the photo.

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Deadline is February 5th, 2018 at noon. We are currently recruiting Police Officer's. Helps us recruit by sharing this link.…/…/

Laconia, New Hampshire (NH) police department is hiring. Apply for Entry Level police officer jobs.
Laconia, New Hampshire (NH) police department is hiring. Apply for Entry Level police officer jobs.
Laconia, New Hampshire (NH) police department is hiring. Apply for Entry Level police officer jobs.

The Laconia Police Department is committed to hiring the most qualified applicants.

We are now hosting our own Police Exam that will be in addition to the Great Bay Police Exam. This will afford us the opportunity to recruit with more flexibility throughout the year.

Certified Police Officers are not required to take a written examination. Applications and Resume's will be accepted.

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Please share this link and help us recruit NH Certified Officers who want to serve our community!…/…/

Laconia, New Hampshire (NH) police department is hiring. Apply for Certified police officer jobs.

Please share this link and help us recruit candidates who wish to start a rewarding career in Law Enforcement. This link is for non-certified candidates who wish to serve our community.…/…/

Laconia, New Hampshire (NH) police department is hiring. Apply for Entry Level police officer jobs.

From the men and women of the Laconia Police Department, we wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

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WMUR-TV was live — at WMUR-TV.

Mike Cherry WMUR is joined by some special guests to look back on efforts to fight the opioid epidemic in 2017 and to discuss what next year may bring.

Post you...r questions for Jon Delena, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Manchester Drug Enforcement Administration office, Chief Daniel Goonan of the City of Manchester, NH Fire Department and Chief Matthew Canfield of the Laconia Police Department below!

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Happy Holidays and safe travels from the men and women of the Laconia Police Department.

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It's here! Games are Monday's (at Gilford Youth Center) and Thursdays (at St. Andre Bessette Parish Gym, Laconia). Games will be held at 615 and 715 PM on both Mondays and Thursdays. Registration info is available at