Can you spare a dollar to save this Lake Simcoe forest?

Please contribute $ to help us win the case before the OMB. Thanks.

We need a dollar from every one of the Town of Georgina’s 45,000 residents to help pay for our Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal to save the North Gwillimbury Forest’s wetlands.

Open water at Atherley Narrows on Saturday, April 21, for the first day of the Orillia Perch Festival. Check out this great video courtesy of John Whyte!

John Whyte

Orillia Perch Festival 2018
Lots of ice left but enough open water to fish. Here is some aerial video of the open water plus information on where to launch and buy tickets.

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Opening day of the 2018 Orillia Perch Festival. Still lots of ice out there but enough open water to fish. Over 60 tagged perch worth $500 or more and daily,...

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Sunshine 89

CALLING ALL ANGLERS: Please share, share, share!

The Perch Festival, Orillia, Ontario NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Doug Bunker is in need of approx 100 Perch, 10-inches in... size, to be tagged for the upcoming festival this weekend!

Catch 10 Perch and bring them into Blue Beacon Marina between 10am - 3pm starting Wednesday April 18th and you’ll be entered into a draw to win $100 in fishing gear!

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Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner and Simcoe North Green candidate Valierie Powell join water protectors at the Teedon Pit -AWARE Simcoe photo AWARE News Network Some 30 people turned out …

A swan gets help from the Georgina Fire Dept. and Shades of Hope.

Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge added 7 new photos.


Our firefighters were scheduled for ice rescue training today and had the opportunity to really test their skills as a... struggling Trumpeter Swan was sighted off the shoreline of Lake Simcoe in Keswick. SOH staff and volunteers had tried to retrieve the bird yesterday but the risk of going through the melting ice was too great. Georgina firefighters rose to the challenge!! With safety gear and nerve, they headed out onto the ice and rescued a very sick swan. THANK YOU GEORGINA FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!

Weak and thin, this regal bird was rushed into care. X-Rays were taken and blood samples drawn for testing. Our new patient is suffering from lead poisoning.... the result of ingesting lead fishing gear lying on the bottom of our lake from snagged fishing lines. May this be a reminder to everyone that lead kills!

Our swan has begun chelation therapy and we hope to be able to clear her system of lead. It will take some time ... and we hope she is strong enough to pull through.

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"In many ways I think this is the first time Kinder Morgan has appreciated the intensity and the reality of the broad-based and deeply entrenched opposition to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project here in British Columbia." – Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

B.C. politicians, Indigenous leaders and environmentalists say the future of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline is in doubt.

Trees need moisture and lots of it, writes David Hawke in his latest Our Local Nature blog. Read his blog at…/trees-need-moisture-and-… and and be sure to see his show at Orillia Museum of Art and History!

All Nations Water Ceremony

Sat 9:00 AM EDT230 Concession 2 East, Tiny Township, ON L0L 2T0
1,576 people interested

The best option is for the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bill Mauro, to issue a Zoning Order to prohibit development on the MLE wetlands. With a stroke of a pe...n, Minister Mauro can issue a Zoning Order that will save the MLE wetlands forever, at no cost to taxpayers. Please send your letter here.

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On Wednesday, April 4th, Georgina Town Council will meet with its legal counsel in a closed session to review and consider all the options at its disposal to save the Maple Lake Estates’ (MLE) wetlands.

Recently our Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to approve a permit application from the DG Group for their Maple Lake Estates property in the Town of... Georgina. Recognizing that this decision is not popular with some members of our community, we'd like to explain the Board's decision.

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Recently the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to approve a permit application from the DG Group for their Maple Lake Estates property. We'd like to explain the Board's decision.

"It has been a long Winter," writes Tony Bellissimo in his most recent blog about the western shore of Lake Simcoe. "In our corner of Lake Simcoe, it seems this past weekend was the last opportunity for ice activities. The Canada geese seem confused about how to handle the ice, and some of our local minks have had a bad winter."

Sat 9:00 AM EDT230 Concession 2 East, Tiny Township, ON L0L 2T0
1,576 people interested

Great article on recycling! B.C.'s province-wide approach needs to be adopted here!

Do you read your news online? Enjoy takeout? Live in an apartment building? Canadians’ changing lifestyles have transformed what we put in the blue bin. And that’s led to big challenges — and ballooning costs — for municipal recycling programs.

What is an alvar?

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Couchiching Conservancy

What is an alvar?

1. Alvars occur only on limestone bedrock with little or no soil
2. Spring floods and summer droughts create harsh conditions
3. Many of the w...ildflowers, native grasses and invertebrate species found on alvars normally occur in the western provinces, and many are rare.
4. These habitats are globally imperiled

Learn more about the alvar on our website:

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Georgina Town Council and the Province of Ontario: Save the North Gwillimbury Forest and Wetlands