Conrad Martin, 23 year old son of our members, Charlie and Lisa Martin, underwent heart valve replacement surgery in Plano this morning. Please remember Conrad and the family with your prayers as he recovers.


Dear Lamar-Delta Retired Teachers & School Employees Association friends,

It was a pleasure meeting all of you at your holiday luncheon yesterday at PJC! Thank you so much for the warm and enthusiastic welcome.
In my travels across the state I find myself visiting with folks who get excited about the possibilities if we can all rally to retire Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in the Republican Primary on March 6, 2018. He is for schools and bad for Texas. He is systemically an...d maliciously attempting to defund and dismantle our public school system.
Change is in the air. The timing is right. Educators can lead this effort by rallying to block vote him into retirement. Although it will be my name on the ballot opposite his for Lieutenant Governor, I want you all to know that I believe my name will merely represent an entire of industry of people, active and retired educators, who are ready to push back and send a bold message to our current legislators and anyone in the future who considers running for office. That message? Don't Mess with Texas Public Schools!
We have a powerful voice if we'll all use it together for this one common purpose. Let's retire Dan Patrick and elect someone who believes in the constitutionally mandated institution of public education. That's me, Scott Milder, in case there is any confusion.
1. Email me at if you'd like to be connected to our campaign.
2. Follow me on Facebook @ScottMilder4TXLG and share my page.
3. Follow me on Twitter @smilder and share with others.
4. Volunteer and contribute on my website,
5. Spread the word to friends, family, colleagues, other TRTA chapters, and anyone else in your circles of influence.
Lastly, there is a new group on Facebook I would encourage you all to join. Search for Texans for Public Education. This is a growing group of Texans who are committed to BLOCK VOTING for the most education-friendly candidates.
God bless,
Scott Milder, Rational Republican
for Texas Lt. Governor
214-497-6411 cell

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Elect Scott Milder for Texas Lieutenant Governor

If you want more information on the AETNA/TRTA offered plan these are the contacts I received:

1-888-299-0919 (TTY:711)


Also the Humana Customer Service Number is:

1-800 320-9566

I hope this helps. You may want to keep these for future use.
Get ready for severral minutes of wait time music!!!!!! SD

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Many are asking questions relating to the Aetna partnership with TRTA. I will once again forward The Inside Line regarding this. The website for more information and phone numbers are in this Newsletter. I hope this helps. I do not know if Aetna will be addressed at the Webinar. I guess we will find out tomorrow. SD

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tim Lee <>
Date: Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 10:54 AM...

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Since 1953, the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) advocates improved benefits for all education retirees and promotes the well-being of its members.


We had a great meeting yesterday with updates from Chisum, Roxton, Cooper, Paris, and Prairiland superintendents. We want to thank them for being our program.

I am asking you to do two things now if possible.


Please print and read the attached October Newsletter.

Please respond to this email only if you were not at the meeting yesterday and want to attend one of the TRS-Care Webinars we have scheduled for Thursday, October 26 at PJC Student Center Room 205. Please tell me which group you will attend. If you signed up yesterday, do not reply.

10:00 am - Non-Medicare, Pre 65 group
2:00 pm - Medicare, 65+ group

Thank you, members for such a great meeting yesterday!!!! SD

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Services for Gary Hilliard are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, 6:00 pm - Visitation and viewing with eulogy by Mike Fortenbery- Roden/Pryor Funeral Home.

Thursday, 10:00 am - Funeral Services - Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church


More details on Roden/Pryor Website and in The Paris News

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Gary Hilliard

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that my dear friend, friend of public education, Lamar-Delta member, community leader, and past North Lamar School Board President for decades, passed away this morning at 5:30. Please keep Trudy, our chair of Host/Hostesses, her children, and all of Gary and Trudy's family in your prayers. Arrangements are pending.


Two sessions have been added in our area for TRS-Care. One is at the ESC in Pittsburg. Carolyn Lance has just informed me that reservations are not necessary, just show up if interested. The facility is large enough to facilitate a large group. Just forwarding this from District 8. However, Oct. 23 is our regular meeting at PJC and we have our Webinars Thursday, Oct. 26. SD

---------- Forwarded message ----------...
From: <>
Date: Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Please accept my apologies for leaving out important information in the previous email. There was a time crunch to get the word out and I totally forgot to put in the DATE! See the listing below. Please share this information with others who do not have email.


MONDAY, October 23 TBA 9:00 A.M. Longview

Monday, October 23 Region 8 Education Service Center 1:30 p.m. Pittsburg

Please call 1-800-850-1992 for a reservation.

Call 1-888-299-0919 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for information on the alternate Aetna/TRTA offering for those who do not wish to stay on TRS-MAP or for spouses. Monday-Friday. Remember if you leave TRS healthcare you will not be able to get back in unless there is an “event” in your life. If you wish to opt out of TRS-Care retiree health insurance benefits, you will still need to inform TRS by calling 1-888-237-6762

Thank you, Carolyn Lance

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Greetings --
My name is Mike Long. I am a retired educator, but currently teaching a full schedule at Paris high school. I have the privilege of knowing many of you but I wanted to introduce myself to those that I have not yet met.
It has also been my privilege to be part of the ministry called “Lamar County Prayers for Students”. Many of you have been part of this from the very start. It is hard to believe, but we are in our 7th year.
This program has a simple agenda/ get our high school students prayed for on an individual basis. As many of you know, we ask for an adult to be willing to take a student whose is “assigned” to them and to pray for that particular student until he/she graduates from high school.
Currently there over 1, 770 students being prayed for by a total of 1, 580 Pray-ers. The students we are now “assigning” to Pray-ers are freshmen (class of 2021)! These Pray-ers come from over 50 different local churches and 11 different denominations. Truly, a community joining in a common cause for their young people.
Everyone receiving this email is in one of three categories. May I address each one.
To those of you who are already praying for a current student , THANK YOU ! I would like to suggest that you consider taking an additional student if that seems like something you would like to do.
For those who had a student you prayed for but they have graduated....would you please consider getting back in here with us and helping us cover all of our high school kids with prayer? Thank you for thinking about starting up again.
Now for those who, for whatever reason, have never joined in this program....may I invite you to do so. It will be a blessing to you as well as to the student for which you pray. Thanks for considering it.
All that is necessary for you to do to get another student or to get your first student is to respond to our email address . If you are new I would like your contact information...if you have ever been in the program, all I need is your name. I will get your student’s picture- card to you as soon as possible.
May God bless you,
Mike Long
(representing the LCPS Committee)

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The Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) has partnered with Aetna Healthcare to offer TRS-Care participants and spouses alternative health insurance options. To access the alternative options, use the following:

Just a reminder: Monday, October 23 our meeting program will be updates from our 7 area public school districts' superintendents. We hope to see you there.

Our District 8 Fall Conference was Thursday, October 12 at the Region 8 ESC. A briefing of the meeting follows:

Larcrcia Risinger, District 8 First Vice President, did an excellent job conducting the meeting in the absence of President, Racyne Mitchell, who is recovering from a car accident. Eleven Lamar-Delta members wer...e in attendance: Larcreia, Flo Plummer, Paul and Ophelia Payne, Mary Snell, Barbara Eatherly, Mary Lindsay, Sabrina Rosson, Trudy Hilliard, Pam Fry. and Sheila D.
Texas Senator Bryan Hughes and House Representative Cole Hefner gave brief messages to members asking for support.
Judy Pollan, Superintendent, Pitsburg ISD, welcomed members and stressed that TRTA and Active teachers must BOND to have a strong VOICE. Most active educators do not understand that TRS is controlled by the Texas Legislature. In two years public education and retirees will once again face funding issues. We must unite to ever get a permanent fix.
A memorial service was held with 13 Lamar-Delta members being listed and remembered.
Nancy Byler, State TRTA President, gave the TRTA update. She feels that TRS-Care is the best option for retirees with TRTA working with Aetna for a supplemental plan for family members. She warned members to think before leaving TRS-Care. 65+ members cannot return. Under 65 can return one time. More on this later. She also stressed the need for ALL public educators to BOND!
Ray Spivey, Director of Gov't Relations, TRS of Texas, discussed and gave members a TRS-Care packet explaining legislative funding, changes, premiums, etc.
A short business meeting followed
A local Webinar is set for Thursday, October 26 at the PJC Student Center, Room 205. Two sessions will be held:
Pre-Medicare members--10:00 am.
65+ Medicare members --2:00 pm.

Almost 400,000 retirees receive an annuity check from TRS. TRTA has 80,000+ members. We need all 400,000 plus active educators to be involved in our VOICE!!!! We must unite to vote in legislators that support public education. Please stay involved and updated.
We need you!!!!

I appreciate each and every member! Hope to see you Monday October 23.

Sheila Daughtrey- L-D President

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Attending District 8 TRTA Conference October 12

Image may contain: 11 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

One of our TRTA members, Sarah Dene Goree, died Friday, October 6. Her service will be Tuesday, October 10, at 2:30 pm. It will be held at the Evergreen Cemetery Pavilion. David Ballard and John Cannon will officiate. Fry-Gibbs is handling the arrangements. Please keep her family in your prayers

If you have received your TRS-Care Medicare Advantage Enrollment Guide, you will notice that Lamar County is not listed in the Texas counties as being in the service area.

I called the customer care number and have been assured that all counties in Texas will be covered. ALL counties of TEXAS!!!

You must have enrolled in Medicare part A and Part B to be automatically enrolled in TRS-Care Medicare Advantage PPO plan effective Jan. 1, 2018.


If you are on the Advantage plan already, you will be automatically enrolled Jan. 1, 2018. If you have had the Aetna plan, as I have, we will also automatically be enrolled. If you do not want to stay with TRS-Care Humana Medicare Advantage, you need to contact TRS-Care, to opt out. (1-888-237-6762). However, realize that you will not be able to re-enter TRS-Care in the future.

I hope this answers some concerns.

A TRS-Care Webinar for members is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, in Room 205 at the PJC Student Center--- just around the north corner of the Ballroom where we have our meetings.

Non-Medicare members at 10:00 a.m. and 65+ Medicare members at 2:00 p.m. We will do the best we can to make this valuable.

A reminder of the Webinar will follow before October 26. Sheila D.

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Karen Beard has contacted Humana and after much time and research, we want to share this information with our members:

I spent over an hour yesterday speaking with a TRS-Care Medicare Advantage customer care person. I specifically asked her who could tell me whether my providers were accepting this new insurance, and she said she could help. I gave her names of my providers, she looked them up, and told me whether they were or were not in the network. Those who were not in... the network, she got names and phone numbers to contact them. In fact, she contacted 3 of them and called back immediately

All the time I was doing that, I was thinking that surely I wasn't the only one concerned about their providers and wouldn't it be nice if I could tell them what I found out. It would save them time and stress.

I am going to give you the names of my providers who are in the network.

Dr. Shaun Spinks
Dr. Arthur Tijerina
Dr. Khalid Shafiq
Dr. Donald Wikoff
Dr. Fred Williams
PRMC Hospital
Solis Mammography
Paris Imaging Center

Thank you, Karen for sharing this with us. Sheila D.

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Dear Members,

A reception is scheduled to express appreciation for Gary VanDeaver's service and to support his re-election campaign. Please, please attend if possible. I officiate high school volleyball and am committed to Tuesdays matches. I may not get to attend at this time of the day. I hope you can. Gary is a true friend of public education and on our team!!!!. We need him. He needs us!!!!

Tuesday, October 10...
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Crawford's Hole in the Wall Cafe
201 3rd street NW
Paris, Texas

Sheila D.

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The previous message in regard to our member, Loretta Cunningham's daughter, is incorrect.

Brandy Shannell Cunningham Cox , who passed away, is the daughter of Boyd and Loretta Cunningham. They are not Lamar-Delta members.

I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused, but wanted to make this correction asap. My condolences to Boyd and Loretta.


Thank you to my caring members.

Hugs. Sheila D.

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