Going to be back at it on SiriusXM Radio SiriusXM Comedy Channel 97.
Until then, here's a little clip with my friend Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli joins Larry on the show to talk about the good ol' days performing on the road. Larry shares one story from when he was starting out that he will remember forever.
I didn't see an age, weight or height limit, so I took a ride!
Larry the Cable Guy Garage Sales
Trying to stay young, but it catches up with ya! From 2010 and my #TailgateParty

Don’t know where this came from, but my wife and kids are big Star Wars fans and it made them laugh. #fromafan

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Spreading some goodness. Well done. #fromafan

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I think this model is called The Turd Cutter.... hahahahahaha! #fromafan

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Not just a mower...It's a CHOPPER! hahahahaha! #fromafan

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so this needed to be a sign, huh?! #fromafan

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Anyone see that coming?! Yeesh.

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You guys all better at least get Mater right!!!!

U-turn this quiz around!

they must have some really bold customers! #fromafan

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Not sure who did this, but sounds about right. #fromafan

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The mower from yesterday got an upgrade! #fromafan

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This is how my wife would trick me to eat healthier... #fromafan

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