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Hey there Laughing Buddha Beer fans and supporters!

We are in this business only for you, and your enjoyment of our beer. Your positive feedback feeds us with the needed energy to continue, evolve and come up with new ideas for our beer.

A couple of months ago we hinted something new will come from us, and while with a slight delay, let us tell you of the new variety of our Single Malt IPA which is now available (see list at the bottom of the post).


Single Malt IPA Double Dry Hopped with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops!
Our Cascade dry hopped IPA has received additional dry hopping to intensify the citrusy aroma and flavor, and these 2 hops did the job so well! Oranges, Mandarina galore! So fruity and mildly bitter this beer has a malty flavor to create a perfect balance of hops and barley in your glass.

But here's the most important part - if you want this version of Single Malt IPA, seek out the bottle with the red cap!
The green cap, while also our very loved beer, is the regular Cascade dry hopped Single Malt IPA.

So please enjoy this beer while it lasts. The supply is quite limited, so you've been warned

Here's the list of those wonderful beer places who serve our beer from the southernmost point to the northernmost.
And also check out our beer sightings as provided to us by our friends. Thanks folks!

Brew Shop Israel - בית מלאכה לבירה
בירתנו - מרכז הבירה הירושלמי Biratenu - Jerusalem beer center
BeerBazaar Jerusalem בירבזאר מחנה יהודה
בירדי - בירה וקולינריה ביתית Beer-D
Beer And Beyond
Wine and Flavours
Benny's Cask Ale Pub
Steak Bar - S&B - סטייק בר

With Love and Beer,
Laughing Buddha Beer team

P.S. Remember - sharing is caring, so we'd be grateful if you'd spread the news!

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