My Goodreads author page shows that I have written a new book! I guess Goodreads now has access to my fantasy life.

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Thanks to CNET for publishing my story. I had a blast writing it, and I'm thrilled to see it live (and with such cool illustrations).

A text message ricochets through a woman's life in "Happy This, Congratulations That." Original fiction by Lauren Fox, published exclusively by CNET.

I wrote this essay for Milwaukee Magazine, about how much I love summer! Just kidding. It's about being depressed in Milwaukee in the summertime, and how reading saved me.

Young, depressed and at odds with the relentless cheeriness of Milwaukee in festival season, a woman turns to literature to help get her life back on course.

This is pretty exciting!

Seven new paperbacks to check out this week.

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about me!

Lauren Fox, author of Still Life with Husband and Friends Like Us, is one of our favorite writers to host on the Reading Group Center. Her novels are rich fodder for discussion, delving into the depths of female friendship, romantic entanglements, and the complicated ways people try to find themselv...

The paperback is out today!

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Lauren Fox updated their cover photo.
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Hey, Minneapolis pals, I'm going to be at the Twin Cities Book Festival this weekend, talking about how my book is a "midwestern novel." Come join me! (But first, help me figure out how my book is a "midwestern novel.")

2015 TWIN CITIES BOOK FESTIVAL Saturday, October 17, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Progress Center and Fine Arts Building Minnesota State Fairgrounds St. Paul, MN This FREE, day-long festival brings people together to celebrate our vibrant literary culture. The festival welcomes ‘rock star’ authors, local lit…

Enter to win a copy of "Days of Awe"!

Enter to win a copy of Days of Awe by Lauren Fox

An interview with Lauren Fox, plus enter to win a copy of her new novel, "Days of Awe"!

I’m delighted to be back in the office! But, as you may guess, when I opened my email—there were hundreds of messages waiting for my attention. If you sent one of them, don’t fret—I’ll be in touch with you soon!

"As Fox deconstructs the myth of perfect womanhood, her humor and humanity remind us that love's the only lifeboat through grief."
—People Magazine on Lauren Fox's new novel "Days of Awe"

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"The hands of time stop for no one, not even Lauren Fox. With each new novel, the characters of this irrepressibly comedic chronicler of friendship, marriage and romantic foibles among white Milwaukeean Generation X-ers advance and mature in concert with their author. And yet her prose remains as fresh as if it spritzed from the wordsmith’s fountain of youth. With Days of Awe, however, Fox’s insouciance is tempered by an omnipresent awareness of 'that cold lick of mortality...' The fearlessness with which Fox frees her women to behave badly heightens both the credibility and the pleasure of her fiction." —Jan Stuart, The Boston Globe

The hands of time stop for no one, not even Lauren Fox. With each new novel, the characters of this irrepressibly comedic chronicler of friendship, marriage and romantic foibles advance and mature in concert with their author.

“Her latest work explores the ever-shifting landscape of a woman in her 40s with the same sly humor and snappy dialogue that has made Fox one of my favorite novelists to recommend… 'Days of Awe' is an examination of grief and how one can move past it, or at least make it through each day without succumbing to its persistent demands.” —Meganne Fabrega, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“'Days of Awe' will keep you reading… Fox's previous novels, 'Still Life With Husband' and 'Friends Like Us,' were celebrated for witty and intelligent examinations of friendship and marriage. 'Days of Awe' is no exception.” —Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

How do you mend the hole in your heart when your best friend is killed? That question almost destroys Isabel Moore in the novel "Days of Awe" by Lauren Fox, a Milwaukee resident who holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota.

“Darkly hilarious… Fox is a master of emotional misdirection, and what she presents here tastes like carbonated grief, an elixir of sorrow gassed up with her nervous humor… With 'Days of Awe,' Fox has created a winding internal monologue as Isabel tries to catch her bearings in a world that suddenly seems out of kilter… Leavened with wry silliness that fans will remember from Fox’s previous novels, 'Friends Like Us' and 'Still Life with Husband'… [Isabel is] an extremely ende...aring narrator, the kind of woman who makes straight-faced jokes that her uptight colleagues don’t get, and then feels both superior and mortified… There are veins of Anne Lamott running through these pages, a sweet blend of sentimentality and wit… And Fox is a great comic on the subject of aging, too. Her narrator wears sweatpants that are ‘a blend of cotton and self-loathing.’ She could be channeling Nora Ephron… Surprisingly buoyant.” —Ron Charles, Washington Post

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When her best friend dies in a car accident, Isabel doesn’t know how she’ll move on — but she does.|By Ron Charles

"Lauren Fox ... takes women who are falling apart and pulls wit, snark, pith, and occasional insight out of them. No contemporary novelist makes me stop as often to mark or admire one of her sentences. Plenty of people can write limpid or fancy prose, but Fox ladles out one flavorful reduction ... after another.... 'Days of Awe' draws its title from the period of the solemn introspection urged upon Jews between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, though Fox's narrator, Isabel Applebaum Moore, also experiences gentler moments of wonder and appreciation.... Were 'Days of Awe' the pilot script for a TV series, elderly actresses would throw elbows to audition for Helene... Poignant."
—Jim Higgins, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel