Touched in the Garden - Preview Video
Andy Oppenheimer recording for Touching the Void February 2013
One off our two arbiters of good taste, You always know if something is really good if they start dancing to it :) This is a track from John Costello's Autotron EP available on Sub Culture Records
Marc Schaffer

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Congratulations to Andy Oppenheimer who releases his first solo single today on LJE Music. Recorded here at Le jardin éléctronique we had a lot of fun doing these two very personal covers.

Click here to hear Soldier of Love by Andy Oppenheimer!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives or were injured at the Manchester Arena attack. R.I.P

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Great to see Andy Oppenheimer back in the studio again recording vocals. Going to be putting the Neumann, 1073, DBX and 1176 analogue chain to work as these are producing stunning results on vocals.

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Andy Oppenheimer

Going back in the recording studio this weekend at Le jardin éléctronique with Mark Warner - to do some great covers. We can be Heroes....

Latest addition - Neumann TLM 107

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Recording the final vocals today for the next Rossetti's Compass EP

Recording final vocals today on a Rossetti's Compass track for the next EP.

Welcome to Funsize Lions who will be working on their next release "Weird Doorways" here at Le jardin éléctronique.

LJE Music

We are very happy to welcome Funsize Lions to LJE Music. We will be producing their next release “Weird Doorways” here at Le jardin éléctronique which is schedu...led for summer 2017.

Funsize Lions formed quite by accident one afternoon in 1998, when Steve Wood was experimenting in his Liverpool flat with a Roland Groove box, a Casio VA10 and a toy Vocoder. Living downstairs was Danny (Daniel Hunt- Ladytron), who heard the sounds pounding through his ceiling, Danny insisted that Steve should record the song “Dusseldorf Airport”.

Steve went into the studio taking with him Ed, a total synth-whiz and Anna, on airport-cool spoken word vocals, Once the name was chosen all the pieces began to fall into place and “Dusseldorf Airport” was release on the “Special Skool - The Best Of Invicta Hi-Fi” compilation.

Funsize Lions attracted the attention of the late John Peel and started to get noticed around Liverpool. Along the way some Funsize Lions moved to London, and started in earnest to write songs, about mysterious disappearances, the end of Super-8, transport terminals, through-ways and psychedelically dark mornings. These new songs songs needed a new singer, and they found one in the form of the enigmatic China Carolina.

Funsize Lions new line-up started gigging around London, playing with such bands as Cobra Killer, Motormark, and Cranes; and other bands that fitted in with their two girl / two boy synth-pop aesthetic of perfect pop vox gliding over their Minimal Electro-Psychedelic Dance sounds.

Anna had the opportunity to play drums for The Slits, and so it was that Rachel, previously with Fosca, was asked to join on synth and vocals, and the line-up was completed, making a sound that is both playful and thought provoking.

Funsize Lions has proven to be an entirely appropriate name. The members are in reality far more than their diminutive moniker suggests. Their sound is singular, blending the Female Vocal sounds of the likes of Ladytron with a Minimal Synth-Pop backing creating dance oriented tracks with psychedelic overtones. They will being playing live this summer so keep a look for them. You will be pleasantly surprised

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This is a quick tour of Le jardin éléctronique with some background music that we have been involved with in various ways.

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In Le jardin éléctronique this week is @Trautonia Capra expert Thereminist and keyboard player with DAS INSTITUT and BAL PARE

Studio upgrades continue this month with the addition of the first Sound Skulptor 1073 and 1084 EQ's to go with the 1073 Mic Pre-Amps. The Pre-amps alone have made a huge improvement so far to both vocal and guitar recording as they add they classic rounded "Neve" analogue sound most studio people know and love

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Currently mixing a track by Polish metal band Snakebite called my "My Final Hour". It's amazing that the drummer can play as hard, fast and long especially the kick drum!

This is a recalled mix of The Gallery's track "Young and Restless". A hotter mix with a little more low end punch and vocals cutting through more. Thanks to Warren Huart and The Gallery http://www.wa

As well as recording and mixing the Rossetti's Compass cover of the Unknown Artist track "Lights Out", this week at Le jardin éléctronique we have mixed Olly Alcock's fantistic blues track "When I first met the Blues". Olly Alcock is perhaps one of Britian's hidden gems, a brilliant guitar player, singer and an artist playing for many years around the north of England. Olly has played with some legendary people and also performed at THE Isle of White festival!! He is joined by some legendary artists whose credentials are way to big to list but check them out. They are Tim Pierce on rhythm guitar, Steve Magoria on Keyboards, Dan Rothschild on Bass and lastly but by no means least Vinnie Coliauta on Drums. If these guys ever play this live I will be in the front row as you don;t come across a group of musicians like this every day of the week. Blues might not be your cup of tea but I promise you this is something special.

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This is simply a wonderful blues song by artist and musician Olly Allcock. Olly sings and plays blues lead with the all-star back up of Tim Pierce on rhythm guitar, Dan Rothschild on bass, Steve Magor

Thanks to Warren Huart and Amanda Hardy for letting us work on "Love Me I'm Rich" hope you like it...

Many thanks to Warren Huart and Amanda Hardy for letting us work on "Love Me I'm Rich". Our mix has a slight late 80's early 90's feel a la Suede which made it a challenge to mix. Did you like this?