"Microlearning approaches have become increasingly popular in Professional Development in recent years...In some cases, this approach can save the district more money than it would under traditional "sit-and-get," mass lecture programs, and it's likely to foster greater enthusiasm and buy-in from the teachers participating in it — a win-win for all involved."…/gamified-microlearn…/519459/

The days of "one-size-fits-all" professional development are over, and districts like California's Tulare Joint Union High School District are rethinking their models entirely.

""Certificates and Microcredentials Shape Professional Learning’s Future"…/online-university-programs-and…"

Short, tailored programming makes it easier for businesses to support employees looking to continue education.
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"When colleges look for more thoughtful ways to use technology, they can boost student success and provide innovative educational experiences that matter.

Here are three examples of community colleges effectively leveraging technology:"…/3-ways-community-colleges-leve…

Thoughtful uses of technology allow small schools to support students.

"Facilitating this kind of real-time help is also a big reason why many universities have developed personalized student success initiatives that rely on data to inform interventions."…/tech-powers-real-time-personal…

Study finds text messages tailored to students’ needs boost retention.

"With higher education enrollment rates dropping each year, universities will likely continue to rethink what learning at the college level looks like. No matter what solution they arrive at or strategy they come up with, technology is going to play a major role."…/adaptive-learning-and-partners…

As colleges turn to technology to remake education, preparing students for 21st-century work is a top priority.

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“Faculty + Librarians + Digital Media Experts = Engaging Content 4 Learners.”…/2018-03-01-dlnchat-what-is-the-ro…

Will we wander through VR stacks in the library of the future? Will the library’s computer lab become a makerspace? Those were just a couple of the ...
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"Allowing students to share their work, not only with each other but beyond the confines of the classroom, makes them better students..."…/technology-can-give-all-studen…

Expert says tech has made it easier to assess learning and empower students.

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"Online Learning Brings Continuity of Education"…/online-learning-keeps-schools-…

K–12 educators discover the benefits and flexibility of online learning.

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"As online courses and a greater emphasis on technology become fixtures in higher education, advances in digital teaching software are capturing more complex and useful data about how students learn."…/what-can-data-do-fo…/514205/

How online universities use big-data to spot roadblocks to student success before it’s too late.

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"For students, the real-life experiences gained using AR—where digital information overlays their actual surroundings—and VR—where they are completely immersed in a digital setting—are captivating."…/2018-01-29-how-ar-and-vr-prepare-…

Imagine a high school student in your district. Her class is learning about muscles, but instead of watching a video or reading about it in a book, she ...

LearningMate’s Ed Jung recently sat down with Mark Leuba, VP Product Management, IMS Global Learning for an informative discussion on LTI Advantage, a package of extensions that build on the core Learning Tools Interoperability standard (v1.1 or higher). Watch the video to learn more about LTI Advantage, how it enables deeper integration of any tool with any LMS, what technology vendors need to know about implementation and more.