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To the people who think Leethax made there 2016 awsome.. we are going to make this 2017 much better than 2016.we are trying our best for you.
our new updates for the games which cannot play from our extention is been fixed, going to be release soon, Don't forget to ON your auto update button from extention add-ons on your Firefox.


New Updates are going to be released on 10.03.16.

leethax is workkk more please read thissss...
Another way of making leethax work instead of clicking fast on farm fortune, is this:
- open slotomania or refresh you browser..
- while the game is uploading, you will see the small "leethax" logo, Click on it
- after clicking,the leethax system will pop-up....
- after it pop-ups, disconnect your laptop from internet.Make sure you disconnect it before it freezes.
- Once disconnected, "Connection Lost" message will be shown. Dont mind it.
- Then Reconnect your laptop in the internet.
- Check if you are already connected by opening slotomania on your Chrome Browser.
- When internet is restored, This means that your Firefox is also running..
- On your firefox, do not attempt to click on "Reconnect" button. Leave it that way,
- You can now start collecting coins on your firefox, and play on chrome..

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Usage of leethax to install
After installing the extension, restart Firefox and browse to the game’s web page. Depending on the cheat, they will either be activated automatically, or you may need to activate them using the leethax UI. Visit the respective game’s page on this website for detailed instructions (see the list above).


Ow, i am afraid that we or anyone cant make a hack on multigame player as like pool live tour, cox its not possible...
But for clash of clan i would recommend u to use FHx or xmod gameplayer

Download our leethax xpi from the link above. For install you after downloa just drag the leethax.xpi file to firefox. And ignore pictures you see in this website, just click the download button becouse our xpi works for all game..

Leethax website is offlined, you can still download our extention from mediafile and google, 4share..
Just search it as leethax isp.. And after download there you will download our extention as a isp, and u just need to drag it from ur destop or anywhere it got download to firefox.. And installation process will be same, but u have to just drage the isp file from ur computer to firefox....

We are sorry that our extention is currently offlined because of to prevent from overload and upate our extention. Tomorrow maybe if we have finnished, you can download and it would be onlined to the servers...

New updates are been released, update now..
Visit our official website:

Cheats for everyone

Look We will fix it okey on some games on leethax...!! look we also got jobs. just thank about the things we do... we are trying to full fill all the people request, we want to, we try.. and that's how you guys support us??
just think what if we remove this extension?? what if we didn't make this extension leethax, where can u find this kind a program?? there is no other ISP, or software which can hack easily like this. we know most of people had wasted there time for findin...g working ones, and i feel sorry our extention does not work for some games. and do you people want to know why that happens?? it because those game server they fix there glitchs, and we take time to make it to exploit them, you people should give us time and effort... risking our life's, for this to you people. also we have to think about our women, kids, job.. we are doing what we can, just appreciate it....

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Our extension install button does not work.. because we are updating our ISP.. shortly you can download it.

Why don’t you just hack Facebook credits?
This makes as much sense as hacking Amazon. We’re not going to break into Facebook’s servers.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is on our action...
>Infinite lives
>Free boosts

> 2015.05.28 - Updated Candy Crush Saga

Farm Heroes Saga Feature [New]
-Infinite lives
-Free boosts
More info visit:

A cheat for Farm Heroes Saga for Facebook

What kind of games you won’t create cheats for?
We are not interested in creating cheats for multiplayer games. This website’s goal is to make more people happier and getting more enjoyment out of their games, but multiplayer cheats are usually abused, often to the point of threatening the integrity of the game’s community.

Some games are not possible to cheat directly - for example, if the game runs on the server,... and not on your computer.

Example: For card (Poker) games, servers usually don’t send more information than what you see on the screen. There is no way to see others’ cards, or get free chips, without hacking the server. Like with real money transfers, all chip transactions are usually recorded and can presumably be traced to their source. (Beware of “cheats” on other sites that give you free chips - these are likely scams or trojans.) Without hacking the game developer’s servers, the best possible cheat would be a Poker calculator, which might improve your odds of winning a bit, but that would be a lot of effort for little gain.

To get an idea of what kind of cheats would be possible, have a look at the feature lists of our existing cheats. The general idea is that we can modify the parts of the game that run on your computer, and not the game company’s servers.

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