Don explains why he makes films on homelessness
WILLIAMSPORT -- A local group of advocates will be hosting Pat LaMarche for a book reading in June. LaMarche will be presenting her book “Left Out in America." The book explores homelessness in the United States, and documents her journey having slept in fourteen homeless shelters throughout the cou...

check it out and like the dude! he could maybe explain what this white would be master is up to...

Pat LaMarche updated her status.

hey, this is so cool. dt must be as amazing as he says he is. he's CHANNELED Frederick Douglass... let's get the guy a thousand friends by tomorrow. he has a twitter account too.


Pat LaMarche

i feel like i've been holding a seance and i've been communicating with every batshitcrazy relative you have.

so much for translating the republican debate tonite.

celebrate the 4th with a dose of reality. my gift to you, free for the holiday!
(now through the 5th... go get it!)…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Left Out in America graphically depicts the real lives of persons experiencing homelessness all across the United States. With a special introduction by national children's advocate Diane Nilan, Left Out in America travels across the nation and into the country's deepest corners of poverty. From ...

don't forget, you can download a free kindle reader to your computer and download "left out in america" for free on the 4th of july!

true patriots see the truth about their country and then make it a better place. this will help.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Left Out in America graphically depicts the real lives of persons experiencing homelessness all across the United States. With a special introduction by national children's advocate Diane Nilan, Left Out in America travels across the nation and into the country's deepest corners of poverty. From ...

years ago when i started this page... i kid you not: YEARS! i promised that left out in america would be free to people who wanted to read about homelessness. i ain't gettin' rich but folks ain't gettin' better acquainted with homelessness either. so i'll give up on getting rich, if you want to get wise to this plague on millions of great americans.

so download the free kindle reader to your computer and get ready to read my book for free!!!!

when? why the day we should be ...celebrating the land of the free from want and the home of the brave-ly battling the odds. 4th of july, of course!

from midnight (pacific time) july 3rd until july 6th ends you'll be able to download 'left out in america' FOR FREE!

warning: you may not wave your flag as wildly when you're done.

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So, the man who pretended to feed the poor at a soup kitchen has released his plan for welfare reform. This week, Paul Ryan, who cashed federal support checks in the form of social security payments after his dad died, wants to stop federal support o...

and now the new paperback

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Pat LaMarche is with Chad Bruce.

The new books are in stock!!! They'll be at amazon by Monday complete with an up dated forward by babe Diane Nilan The middle class history books will be in in July. Yay. !!!!

In the case of Blair Mountain, West Virginia's request for federal government resource protections are twofold: to protect the ecology of the mountain and to protect an integral part of the history of middle class gains against the brutal mining poli...

i'm a contributor to this book. and my new book will be out in a couple of months. is you is or is you ain't an author ... that's the question i'm always asking myself.

Dozens of voices celebrate--in essays, stories, plays, poetry, songs, and art--the Franco-American and Acadian experience in Maine. They explore subjects as diverse as Quebec-Maine frontier history, immigrant drama, work, genealogy, discrimination, women, community affairs, religion, archeology, ...
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Pat LaMarche

i'm sure i don't have to tell you that it sucks to be homeless. i'm sure you already know that schools are warm places with food, friends, caring adults, books,... ideas, and structured places that prohibit the violence of abuse and the sting of loneliness.

this thursday, a whole bunch of us will celebrate the illinois homeless education act. twenty years ago, it was the beginning of mandated educational opportunities for homeless children. there are so few bright spots in the story of homelessness in the u.s. -- like the fact that the number of homeless peeps has doubled over the last five years.

that's why it's important we celebrate the successes and the people who made them happen. see, if we understand that good can be done, we can have more successes. (lot's of good ideas for helping kids in this crowd, i'll tell ya!)

if you have a free evening and you're in the northern illinois area on thursday night, please join us as we party with peter yarrow. all the details for this event can be found at the hear us website. or check out Diane Nilan's facebook page.

be with us if you can. it's the best feeling in the world. being with others who do good for folks they've never even met. you belong here!

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Did you ever wish you could make a difference? Of course you did. You even tried. Didn’t you? And you did make a difference, but you thought, “Gee, that’s only half what I’d hoped I could've accomplished.”
Pat LaMarche

okay, if this happens to you, DO NOT FEEL BAD. but you can still act.

someone told me about driving late at night in this bitter bitter cold we're having. an o...ld guy knocked on the car window. he was in pretty bad shape. he asked to get in the car. just then the light changed. my friend rolled the window down and said 'i'm sorry' and drove away. now they can't stop feeling bad.

don't feel bad. if this happens to you, get out your cell and call the police. even the most heartless police departments you can think of will pick up a person in this frigid weather and get them to a warm place. repeat: do not feel bad. call for help.

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Poor families can't forget that Christmas -- or any winter holiday -- is for children. But for tens of millions of U.S. children living in ever deepening poverty, there's literally no way for their parents to get them gifts without going to unenviable extremes.

pay attention loved ones. this is the real deal.

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Humans of New York

"I'm just a fat guy sitting in the cold."
"Why are you sitting in the cold?"
"I'm waiting to go to work. I work an overnight security job. I live in Philly, b...ut I take the bus up here and stay for four days each week. I can't find work in Philly and I've got two kids."
"Where do you sleep?"
"Starbucks, McDonalds, anywhere I can take a quick nap."

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this is one of the finest films i've ever seen produced on a topic too hard on the heart. if you don't want to go to see some of the tragedy in your own back yard, that doesn't make you a bad person. it's only human not to be able to stomach unnecessary suffering. but watching this is a way to see it without having it see you. and then you can forward it, talk about it, help by creating critical mass! watch this and post it, please. or just take my word for it. and post it.

this sort of suffering is curable. 100% curable. pass it on, BE THE CURE!

Despite their dire homelessness situation, Olga and her 8 children lit up when they spoke of Ellen DeGeneres, smiling superstar talk show host. This 4-min vi...

i wrote this at 3 a.m. can somebody proofread! no, kidding, actually please post and share. thanks. (oh and like)…/exactly-why-homeless-are-always-a…

I’m not homeless, but every now and then I take to the streets in some far-flung part of the United States and live in a fashion similar to the one lived by many people experiencing homelessness.