New Nightmare Level enemy on Legend Of The Vampire Queen Ep.2! Please check out the first games as well as the Wrath series updates all on the links on our official website! Also you can play the games and keep up with all information on the new games being developed on our Gamejolt: as well as Queengamervampires and Razorhog444 Fans twitter links!! We hope you enjoy the games as wel...l as our new #indiegames being made on #unitygames and we thank Game Jolt for being our exclusive website to download the game first other than those who support us on Patreon who recieve their own free copies, exclusive news, pictures, and anything else before anyone for a certain pledge per month to help us and our growing team consisting of LeftUnder and Szamer as of this post!!! Thank you all!! #indiegamedevs #gamedevs #horrorgamedevs

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When all Abominations and monsters come after you and want to kill make sure to survive 25 days/waves until Santa Claus can come save you Hes your only hope to leave Nightmare Woodsworths plane of a existence called Christmas Terror Will you survive until Santa Claus comes? #legendofthevampirequeen #gamedev

Exclusive live video of the full graveyard update (not complete)
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