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'Every revolution begins with a spark....'
'#Security Breached
# <>

Mirror Done:'
Legion Bomb3r's photo.
'Break Down'
'Let's Rock Baby !!'
'Without strength you cannot protect anything .Let alone yourself...'
'Hax that f**#k, root that box
Exploit a hole in the Firefox
Haxing is about breaking in, not fame
Whoever you be haxing is all the same.......'
'It is possible to fly without motors,But not without knowledge and skill......Keep calm & Hide your skillz!'
'Hacked By Leg!on Bomb3r...
Mirror Done:'

Poc:Preparing mass list for mass attack
watch and enjoy

Poc:Preparing mass list for mass attack 1.Mass view grabber from listed site or ip 2.Mass cms detect from Listed site 3.Mass bing grabber ...... Her...

#Security Breached

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Hacked by Leg!on BOmb3r
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June 8

Every revolution begins with a spark....

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