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In production, our adverse conditions takedown and pivot pin set

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The DC Curcuit finds that firearms can be carried for personal defense outside of the home.…/0…/$file/16-7025-1685640.pdf

When you spend a day on the road but an still turn out a decent scratch made pasta dish in 30 mins. #plw #scratchkitchen #pasta #spaghetti #dinner #passion #foodporn #quick #consideredoutlaws

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CNN debuts its new logo

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I post this only as an observation, regardless of political persuasion things have got too toxic.

Robespierre lives in 2017 USA

Question. How does a 66 year old from Belleville, IL know about Congressional Batting Practice in the Del Ray District of Alexandria, VA when most residents of the town don't?

Who sent him there?

The media has finally shown beyond all reasonable doubt that it is part of the Democrat party......

The New York Times in an editorial Wednesday said FBI Director James Comey was fired Tuesday because he was leading an investigation that could "bring down the president."

Will this be the beginning of a trend?

Security service says it has forbidden Seagal entry into country for five years, after actor received Russian citizenship

In case you've ever wondered.......

This was truly a dream come true for me. I can't thank the people at Cci and Speer enough for allowing me to do this. I couldn't possibly show everything tha...

Always stay vigilant

Semper Vigilans

Three Kosovan men and a child detained by Italian police after allegedly discussing Rialto bomb and support for Isis

This is my surprised face........

Hundreds of police officers sweep locations across city in searches linked to mosque frequented by attacker Anis Amri

She has had ample opportunity to adjust her status but for 21 years has chosen not to.

Sharing because once in a while everybody can do with some help.

This relates to my good friend Chris Cerino who is a solid member of the 2A community.…/20/chris-cerino-fund-raiser/

French politicians need to get their own house in order before lecturing the US on who can be let in the country!

Paris police prefect says man ‘armed with a machete’ shouted threats and ‘Allahu Akbar’ at soldiers