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Keith Berry
· June 19, 2014
Growing up not far from Memphis exposed me to some of the worlds best BBQ. Over the years I traveled a lot with my job and have tried out a lot of BBQ places across the country. I developed some very... high standards and find what some places call barbecue may meet the technical definition, but not the taste test. Not so with Leon's. Leon's does it well, with just the right amount of smoke and seasoning. The flavor and quality of the BBQ is outstanding. I would put them up toward the top of my list of places to get some good 'Q in the USA. If you're in Waxahachie, drop by and give them a try. I guarantee you won't be sorry! See More
Dale Frie
· December 13, 2013
This is Dale Frie of My Father's House, Antiques.
I want to recommend Leon's "Real Fine" BBQ to everyone who us considering a company Holiday Party. They just hosted a party for my vendors (about 35... people) and it was far and away the best Christmas Party we have ever had!
John and his staff went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. The food was awesome and they just kept bringing more. I'm sure we will all drop into into a BBQ Coma later, but what a way to go !
Maybe you don't have a big group, maybe you just have a family to feed, Leon's BBQ is indeed, "Real Fine"!
Thank you John, for a great success.
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Ryan Turco
· May 16, 2014
Great Bar-bee-cue! I love their Friday pulled pork soft shell tacos with slaw (2 for $4.50 or 3 for $5.50)!!! Each taco has 6oz of pork too! The pork is moist and has an amazing smoky flavor. Only ...down fall is it is only opened Friday and Saturday 11-8. See More
Ed Brown
· February 17, 2014
Great place and incredible Q! All the details that go into providing such quality food have been well thought out. I can't wait to eat there again!!
Mike Murzin
· September 9, 2013
Best ribs in North Texas...well worth the drive from the metroplex!!! But remember get there early open Fri - Sun 11-8 & they sell out almost everyday!
Jimmy Poarch
September 9, 2013
Amazing BBQ and awesome service. I know first hand how much work it takes to run a restaurant. These guys put in the work to put out a quality product. I love seeing entrepreneurs take risk and be rewarded.
Mike Jaramillo
· March 27, 2014
Me and my wife's first time at Leon's, great BBQ, was impressed with the Ribs and Brisket. It is Real Fine BBQ!
Michael Cleaver
· December 27, 2013
Leon's has the best barbecued ribs I've ever had anywhere!!!!!!!
Lane Grayson
· January 13, 2014
Excellent BBQ and even better service. Keep up the good work.
Brian Hicks
· June 5, 2014
What a shame you had to close... This place was amazing
Jessica Waymire
· December 13, 2013
I love leons!!!! They have the most amazing bbq!!
Dyan Brooke
· July 18, 2013
It doesn't get any better than this!
Jonathan Murray
· August 24, 2013
Loved the ribs, keep up the good work! Will be back soon.
Jeremiah Grant
· January 19, 2014
Best BBQ in the DFW area!
Elizabeth Crump Winn
May 2, 2014
Perfect weather for some BBQ!
Leon's announces table delivery service! Please tip your server!

What was your favorite Leon's memory?


GOODBYE! ADIOS! SAYONARA! AU REVOIR! CIAO!.… LIGHTS OUT! Well, Leon’s “Real Fine“ Bar-B-Que is now officially “homeless”. Our lease has been bought out by our new landlord, and Leon‘s will not re-open at its present location. We had been negotiating a new deal that would have allowed Leon’s to continue where it is, but we found out at noon Wednesday that it is not going to work out. We wish Jim Lake Co. the best of luck w...ith our old Leon’s location. I understand they have some cool new plans for the place, as part of the redevelopment plans for their properties downtown. They are off to a good start with their new restaurants at the Rogers Hotel.

We have already started clearing out all our old décor, and putting it into temporary storage. We are hoping to complete a deal soon to relocate Leon’s to another (larger) space downtown, with new ownership. Donna and I will be officially retired. It is time for some “new blood”. Leon’s has been a wonderful experience, but physically demanding. It served a purpose for two years; providing us with a livelihood at a time when we were reeling from the loss of our restaurant in Alabama.

Leon’s gave us the chance to recover, financially and emotionally. We will be forever grateful to Karl, Annette, and Jim Goss for letting us set up in the old bank drive-thru, and catch our breath there. I also owe a special debt to Russell and Missy Byrum, who told me “You need a sign”, and then proceeded to give us the iconic one on Elm Street. Without our landmark sign, Leon’s would not have been nearly the success that it has been. Lastly, I owe thanks to all of the hundreds of loyal customers who have put up with our flaws, and been so supportive. You’ve been far kinder to us than we deserved with your online reviews. You’ve understood when we were forced to be closed from time to time when we were short of staff. I think all of you knew that we were trying to give you the best food we could, at an affordable price. It was our desire to remain affordable that ultimately led to our decision to discontinue brisket. Now, that decision, good or bad, is moot.

What is next? We don’t yet fully know. Hopefully, we will complete a sale or lease/franchise of the Leon’s name to someone who will reopen it, with all our recipes and BBQ techniques. I am in discussions with someone who would do just than in a downtown space. If anyone else is interested in taking over, you are welcome to contact me. I would love to see Leon’s continue as a business in Waxahachie. As I turn 65 this year, it is time for me to move on to a “real” retirement.

Regards, John

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