I'll be doing a Goldilocks reading at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Book fair tomorrow at noon. Kids will get to retell the story with stick puppets! Hope to see you there.

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Happy Birthday Charles Perrault!

French author Charles Perrault was born 388 years ago on January 12, and has become immortalised as the father of the fairy tale as we know it
Wannabe mermaids are strapping on monofins and taking to pools and beaches around the world. The Sirens Mediterranean Academy, which bills itself as Spain’s first school for mermaids, teaches students how to do flips and dives.
Evil stepmothers, witches and crones: When they aren't poisoning princesses, they're mangling mermaids or trying to eat children. One writer traces these villains' roots to a fear of female power.

Would love to see this in NYC!

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L. Frank Baum is at Harrods.

Harrods's display, which was sent to this page incorrectly labeled "Halloween Display" -- it is actually from Harrod's Christmas display (a few years ago). Sorry for the confusion.

A Fairy or Elf Garden can be amazing even in small outdoor spaces.

Kids love to play make-believe? I sometimes find myself wanting to escape into their childlike world of make-believe? By creating a Fairy Garden together, both of you can escape into another world and create...

Fairytale Dramatization today - With the help up this prince (crown removed for photo), my boys finally removed a stubborn thicket of thorns. No actors were injured during the reenactment.
"A large hedge of thorns soon grew round the palace, and every year it became higher and thicker; till at last the old palace was surrounded and hidden, so that not even the roof or the chimneys could be seen. But there went a report through all the land of the beautiful sleeping Briar Rose (for so the king’s daughter was called): so that, from time to time, several kings’ sons came, and tried to break through the thicket into the palace.

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Recreate Cinderella's Ball scene and style your dancers' gowns in easily created tissue paper designs. So many awesome possibilities!…/…/pipe-cleaner-dancing-princesses/

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FAIRYTALE STORY PROMPT! What creative ideas can your fledgling author invent for this monkey princess in the forest? Where did she find the giant pencil and is she far from her castle?

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What will the wee gourmands have for dinner? All paths to dessert weave through the Enchanted Broccoli Forest.…/mollie-katzen-s-the-enchante…

Fairytale fans don't have to wait until Halloween to check out this awesome Radio Controlled Flying Witch. My family really wants one of these!

It's almost Halloween and the Witch is flying again. This year I had the help of Tom and Taylor Rickert and Bill "La Mesa Air" Paul. For more information on ...

Crochet Mermaid Tales! Cozy and fun.

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Laurie Berkner Band is with Deborah Crawford and 7 others.

Crochet Mermaid Blanket

The Goldfish (Let's Go Swimming):


Miladys Wish FB Page - (Designer of Pink Tail on right)

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Interesting! Coloring benefits adults too. Here are two Les Petits page to get you started.…/coloring-for-stress_n_59758…

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Well said Mr. Einstein!

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PEN America

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

―Albert Einstein, who was born on this day in 1879

Very interesting read ... "The entire movie can be read as a parable of postwar consumerism, with Dior as the fairy godmother." - on Disney's 1950s Cinderella.
Now's a great time to snag a Les Petits Fairytales Cinderella for those too young to see the new movie. Available at BookCourt and on Amazon.

Disney's 1950 animated classic signaled a return to high-end fashion after the austere wartime years—a spirit abandoned by the 2015 live-action remake.

We love this wooden playhouse! I can imagine everyone from Little Red Riding Hood to Spiderman coming over for a visit. Thanks for sharing Storybook Living #pretendplay

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Storybook Living

I rather like this unusual playhouse depicting Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Quite different from the plastic stuff we see in stores.