My beautiful (and talented) friend, Linda Jules Martindale, creates clothing out of her intricate botanically inspired artwork. I think it's really unique and quite beautiful so I wanted to share.

Browse unique items from RedFoxWisdomArt on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

This recipe looks so tasty and refreshing. Especially here in the desert when it's been 100+ degrees!…/

I absolutely love sweet and tart frozen treats – slurpees, slushies, sno-cones, frozen lemonades, popsicles, you name it, I love it. What is worse is everyday when my 11-year old son runs his sno-cone business I am tempted to eat one. The unfortunate part is they are laden with sugar. Sugar is a…
Less worry, more calm, more joy

The pictures are terrible but they represent a story I don't want to forget. On Sunday my son Arthur discovered a baby hummingbird on the pavement in our backyard Even though I was distracted and flustered because I couldn't find the shovel to pick up all the dog crap in our yard, he persistently told me, "baby, baby, baby, bir".

The Hummingbird was panting a little and sitting very still as my son and I leaned down to see. Arthur and I kept our two dogs at bay while my ...husband gently picked up the small creature and gave it sugar water inside.

I went back outside and stood with my neck craned to my back searching for a tiny nest. Eventually, mama hummingbird returned quite upset. With her flitting close by I finally spotted the nest and geez are they hard to see in a huge tree! DH was able to gently, gently return baby to the nest about an hour after we found them. Arthur watched this whole process and tried to help by climbing the ladder.

Today, two days later, Arthur takes my hand again saying, "baby, baby, baby" and takes me over to the tree. We were so very happy to see the baby sitting next to his/her nest. I was amazed Arthur could see it.

He sat down on the ground looking upward, gesturing emphatically and talking to me about how the bird was on the ground and he found it. We talked about how the baby fell out of its nest but he rescued them and then daddy put it back in the nest. He said, "fly, fly" and I explained baby needed to learn but his mommy would help.

Oh my heart. Such precious times. My boy is so full of compassion and interest for creatures.

(PS. On Sunday he also threw fit after fit at Trader Joes because he wasn't allowed to eat every sing cookie, candy and yogurt he spotted. I was convinced we wouldn't survive that shopping trip.)

This is life as a mother-what I want to be fully present to. This is the truth.

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Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

If you have found yourself alone, worried or even desperate as a mother, this Tedx talk will offer a new perspective.

I am a bit nervous to share this with you because it is very honest, raw and vulnerable but I hope that sharing my story will inspire you to not only share yours, but transform it as well.

I invite you to watch and forward to a friend who might need to hear this message. There is hope and possibility for joy Beautiful Soul.

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In this vulnerable and inspiring talk, Lesley Yadon describes how bids for connection helped transformed her motherhood and eventually led her to re-creating...

If you are longing to be calmer, less worried and more present for your baby, this workshop will be a really good place to start. I'm offering my first FREE workshop for local moms this Tuesday 7/18 at 10am.

Tue 10:00 AM PDTButler's CoffeePalmdale, CA
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I love this so much.

Did you know you have 3 brains? Start using the intelligence, wisdom and intuition of these brains to make better decisions using this mini-meditation!

Two events coming up!

Join me on Tuesday 7/18 when we will dive into understanding mom worry and learn how we can calm our worry.

Wednesday 7/19 is the "Introduction to Cloth Diapering" led by doula Rosalyn Skelton.

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

One of the reasons moms don't get help for feelings of depression or anxiety is because someone has told them they will get over it.
It's shocking how one person's careless words or assumptions can hurt an already vulnerable mother.

Let's change the dialogue from minimizing, assuming and platitudes to gentle inquiry and assurance of support and nonjudgement.


If you have been unsure about getting help, Please know it is not weak to look for help and you do not have to "fix yourself by yourself."…/…

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Getting help for your mental wellness can seem pretty scary to most moms. Never be afraid to get help. You matter so much more than the fear that is...…/13-momlife-tweets-s…/

For a little giggle. Which is your favorite?

Mom life is full of ups, downs, and a lot of in-betweens. Sometimes we find ourselves crying about it, other times we can't help but laugh our butts off. Today, let's laugh together. Twitter is one of my favorite platforms. You get to learn exactly what people are thinking on Twitter. And trust me,…

Try it, it's only 4 minutes!

This 4-minute video – a conversation between Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle gives some really fantastic advice for bringing mini meditations into your day. I always teach that meditation is not just a technique that you do on a cushion for 15 or 45 minutes per day, but can become a new way of life....

Kari and Julie are two amazing women-wise, kind and inspirational. I highly recommend you check this out! Let me know what resonates for you! If you haven't yet tried any meditation be sure to attend Kari Azuma's live FB mediation at Mother's Quest.

Join us live for a guided meditation and Q&A on awareness, mindfulness, and meditation with this week’s featured Mother on a Quest, Kari Azuma! Click here to join the community and get...

Sara is a gorgeous soul and she has created something very special for moms. Sign up and join her soulful community.

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Sara Soulman

Mamas! I am soooooo happy, proud, excited & grateful to share this 5 day challenge with you! It's the kick off party for the new Mama Soul Tribe!!

Finding my M...ama Tribe completely changed my life and I'm so blessed for the opportunity to expand the community and bring it to you. Won't you please come play with us?

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Anxiety as a strength. Good perspective.

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The Gottman Institute

An important reminder from Hey Sigmund.

Coming up soon!

Mon 6:00 PM PDT
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A great interview.

Today I so enjoyed chatting with Kate Turza. Kate is a mom of 3 and postpartum doula. After navigating difficult postpartum periods with each of her children, she realized that there needs to be better support for new moms. She began her postpartum doula training when her youngest was 3 mont

I'm hosting my first workshop for moms on calming your worry!!

I'm so excited to be offering this. I hope you can come. If you can't, I will be creating some virtual workshops you can attend so stay tuned.

Tue 10:00 AM PDTButler's CoffeePalmdale, CA
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