Look at what my g friend has created for babies and mama! Beautiful artwork, comfy clothing.

Baby leggings design based upon my original pen and ink drawing, Transforming Kimmy, featuring my whimsical, floral, forest dragonfly print. These beautiful leggings match the adult sizes in my store, and are perfect for Mommy and Me outfits! Please browse the rest of my store for more clothing desi...

Sara is truly a beautiful soul and I'm excited and grateful to be collaborating with her for this mastermind. You will learn so much from her and the other coaches she's invited.

Sara Soulman

I love when I get through a challenging situatuation and stay totally true to who I am now. As you know, it's so easy to slip back into past patterns. However, ...not doing it is confirmation of real and sustainable shifts. My personal and spiritual development is absolutely something I am proud of. In the past I was such a hot head and had a crazy temper. I just don't go there anymore. It's not even my instinct. I kept my booty parked on the couch, self sabotaged so many opportunities, let fear hold me back, stayed stuck, stressed, anxious, depressed, sick and angry. I'm not that girl now. I'm happy, flying free, doing what I love in this world, cool as cucumber. Self-development pays off a millionfold.

If you're currently looking for the momentum and tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be, let's chat about the Wisdom Within Mastermind.

We start in November, but sign up NOW to receive a huge ass discount.

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Less worry, more calm, more joy
Global prayer and meditation circle
Mothers day reflections

Check out the awesomeness at the Mind, Body, Spirit expo on Saturday!

I will be there offering three different things!

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This is going to be delicious. I signed up!

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Catarina Andrade is with Lola Archer Pickett and 15 others.

Motherhood & The Fire Within

My heart was racing. I didn't know whether to scream or cry.

I wanted to do both AND I knew I should do neither. I was paraly...zed and unsure of what the "right" response was.

As I felt the throbbing pain and looked at my 3 year old son who had just nearly taken a chunk off my finger with a Jaws-like bite, it took ALL of me not to lose it.


Before I get back to this intense mama moment in my life, there's an important backstory you should know...

Up until this moment, no matter what I tried, I had a history of losing it in these heated moments with my son - exploding a flaming fireball of energy at him - especially when it involved hitting or biting.

Because, really, when is this behavior ever acceptable? (Um, never)

The guilt, shame, and self-judgment was real.

Surely, I was sucking at the motherhood thing if my son was behaving this way. And surely I was sucking at it even more when I reacted to this behavior by raising my voice. Like, REALLY LOUD.

Other mamas seemed to be able to keep their cool and yet I - the mindfulness expert, yoga teacher, and coach who helped other women find calm in chaos - couldn't keep it together!

(Did I mention that people knew me as the Queen of Calm? 😬)

It was embarrassing and made me feel like something was wrong with me. This, together with my stubbornness, kept me from reaching out for help.

It didn't help that most mainstream parenting advice out there seemed to overlook the fact that we are FEELING human beings (not to mention highly sensitive, empathic energy and spiritual beings too...).

And then one day after a particularly bad conflict that involved a car crash (a story for another day) I decided to eat some humble pie and reach out for support.

A lot of it. I cast my net wide because I wanted to know all. the. things. and have all. the. tools.

Things are by no means perfect now, but everything has changed.


When he bit me this time I didn't scream, break down crying, raise my voice, or even leave the room. I also didn't rack my brain to remember a parenting book tool or parenting course scripted response.

​​​​​I followed my intuition and did something completely counterintuitive.

I turned to my son and in a (surprisingly genuine) loving voice said, "I love you."

He looked at me stunned, and when the confusion wore off he started crying and then said "I'm sorry" as we hugged. He never bit me again.


I now guide other mothers to experience this shift.

As a love gift to you, I've created a FREE 5 day journey to support you in *Accessing Mama Love in Heated Moments*

I've co-created this beautiful offering with a circle of powerful, wise leading mothers, many of them my own teachers and dear friends. So honoured to share our collective wisdom!

This isn't your mama's old school parenting advice. It's a journey with real, vulnerable wisdom sharing from the soul - sprinkled with laughter 'cause that's how I roll.

This free journey from conflict to connection begins October 8th. Join us now using the link in the comments below ❤️

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Both Arthur and I have the gunk and we spent the weekend sick. I will spare you the details of the amounts of snot we are dealing with over here.

We got to have fun with the wheel barrow right before an epic meltdown of true sorrow on his part.

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This blows my freaking mind.

I guess if they can do this shit, I can raise a toddler.

What strikes me is that these women must playfully, devotedly, fiercely LOVE what they are doing.


What do you love with ferocity and devotion and playfulness? (My answer in the comments)

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People Are Awesome
September 15

These girls are AWESOME! 🔥

🎶 We Won't Be Alone - Feint (Monstercat) 🎶

Here's an honest Mama willing to be transparent and seeking to make sense of her world.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino My heart is heavy. I decide to tackle the mess that makes up my home. Maybe by decluttering my house I can declutter my mind too. I start to …

Come experience sisterhood, support and ritual in this virtual circle. A short workshop on relationships will be followed by time to share and connect with each other. Learn more:

Pay via PayPal and receive the link to join our virtual circle:

Sat 10:00 AM PDTVirtual!

Hey friends I want to share this Free summit with you! Coordinated by the lovely Raewyn, it's all about empowerment sisterhood, and collaboration.

PS See me on 9/27! I will be speaking about my experience of circle and sisterhood and why I am so passionate about it.

Yep, been there. Actually, I currently have BOTH types of friendships in my life. You probably do, too. Whatever tribe you currently have, the amazing part is that you can always grow it. The beauty of sisterhood is that it is inclusive and we totally want to include you.

On this gorgeous equinox Celebrate.

Celebrate all you're grateful for
Celebrate by honoring all that needs grieving
Celebrate what you are releasing ...
Celebrate your dreams to come

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Arthur asked for tea today so I gave him some Chamomile. AND he's drinking it down like it's chocolate milk! 🤭

Today I had a heart to heart, soul to soul talk about guilt with another woman. She was brave and vulnerable, honest and tearful.

Guilt can be caused by other people's expectations of us or it is caused by our own sense of failing ourselves, of acting outside of our values.

But what happens when we have such deep seated guilt it causes wounding to our hearts each time we think of it?


What I told this woman, what I know to be true for myself, is that place of guilt where we do not accept and forgive ourselves must be healed before we can parent with clarity and confidence.

This is our soul work Mamas: Forgive yourself. This means we offer ourselves compassion. The work is to forgive and release over and over again until it no longer wounds us.

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This has some really excellent ideas.

What kind of support did you or do you want from a partner/friends as a new mom?

What A New Mother Means When She Asks for “Support” Editor / August 20, 2017 I remember a day early in my second boy’s life; I was struggling. I was physically and emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, and struggling with my milk supply yet again. It was just after breakfast, and I was on the toilet a...

OH my gosh I just have to say that I am breathless watching this seasons "So you Think you Can Dance!"