Meditation has helped me become a calmer, happier, more grounded and hopeful person and Tyrone rocks.

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Oh my gosh use these!

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The Gottman Institute

Deeper levels of connection are possible when you ask open-ended questions about your partner’s internal world of thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, etc. Try these conversation starters with your partner.

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Global prayer and meditation circle
Less worry, more calm, more joy
Mothers day reflections
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Lesley Yadon

Carnations for rebirth and fragrant freesia for necessary change. Water for cleansing and releasing our guilt.
Yesterday's workshop brought both learning and ritual.
Mamas, may we seal up the energy leak that is guilt and remember the confident, joyful women we actually are.

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Lesley Yadon

Let your heart crack open like a Sacred Datura in the moonlight.

This woman is fantastic.

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This 64-year-old fashion icon has a powerful message about aging 💅

If you struggle with feeling beautiful, weight or your body my friend @Katherine nilbrink can really help you. I love this wheel she shared. It's so insightful.

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Katherine Nilbrink

Have you ever stopped to really think about what is actually going on when you start getting down on your body?

I love this ‘translation wheel’ because it is true - when we feel ‘fat,’ something else is going on.

Take a moment and look at this. Do any of these pop out for you?

The 2 that really stuck out for me were ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘inadequate.’ And that’s hard to admit.

These are the areas I feel ‘weakest’ and in the past, instead of focusing on how to manage THOSE feelings, I would just turn towards my body and focus on that because there I felt I could be more in control of the changes I ‘needed’ to do - manipulate my food, my exercise, etc.

It’s all about feeling in control of our lives. Unfortunately it gets all tied up in the thin ideal and diet culture so we miss the real message and ‘work.’

In The Body Whisperer Project, we start to take a look at this and begin to create a life we love so we can better manage these emotions and know what they mean.

Are you ready to start truly living your life? Or really begin to create a life you love?

Ready to stop the all-consuming thoughts around your body and food and begin to find PEACE?

The Body Whisperer Project is a 12 week program that starts February 5th.

Are you ready? Message me and we’ll set you up on that path to real Food Freedom!

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Lesley Yadon

I love creating beautiful altars for my Mamas Sisterhood circles. For me, it is an act of devotion.

If you missed yesterday's circle on strengthening relationships, there's another chance! Come to the virtual circle Saturday!

Don’t let me add to the bellowing.
Ears plugged, walk through the cacophony of this world
with your hand on your heart

Until you can hear it


slowing with contentment at an ocean colored sunset

Springing and sprightly at the voice of a lover calling

Drumming as you dance under the twilight of a music filled sky

I will join you in the ecstasy
of a heart that says so much,
yet is silent in every way
our world expects

This alone is where we part,
you to your paradise and I to mine

My dear, freedom is Here
enclosed in the skin
beneath your hand

(c) Lesley Yadon 1/15/2018

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This is a wonderful opportunity for local, expecting parents.

These are THE experts folks, and compassionate too. Do it! Sign up!

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The Gottman Institute

We are challenging you to make 2018 the best year yet for your marriage.

By accepting the 30-Day Challenge for $29, you will receive an email every morning for ...30 days, a free download of our 90-minute “How to Make Relationships Work” video, and an invitation to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other couples.

Sign up by Sunday, January 14:

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Relationships can be challenging even when you have a good nights sleep. But they can become super hard after children are part of the picture. Sometimes you just want to punch your partner in the nose!

This circle will offer simple things to do without a lot of time or money to keep your relationship loving and strong after baby (or babies!).

We will talk honestly about the struggle of being in a relationship and being a parent. Every woman who wishes will have time to and receive support.

Important to know
$15.00 via paypal :
Once your payment is received, you will be emailed a thank you and a link to join the virtual call via a program called Zoom

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Sat 10:00 AM PSTVirtual!
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Are you hard on yourself? Try doing this. . .

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We often tell ourselves things that are so cruel we would never dream of saying them to someone else. Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic asks, what should we be saying?

I'm trying a new time & day! Next Wednesday let's talk about how to feel all lovey dovey and how to keep your relationship strong.


I just signed up. I love that this is all about a healthy lifestyle without the expensive gymn membership and guilt. Plus Kristie and Flora from Strength and Soul wellness are some of my favorite peeps for holistic, soulful advice.

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Kristy Ware

I have a career. I am a mom. My life feels very full.
Despite all of this, there are a few simple thi...ngs that top my list of daily needs:
➡️I need to exercise for at least 30 minutes most days.
➡️I need to meditate, EFT tap or listen or read something that inspires me, each day for at least 10 minutes.
➡️I need to make simple healthy meals for myself and my family most days.
➡️I need to love my body and nourish my soul.
Guess what, you can have and be all of these things too! (in 30 minutes or less a day. Uh-huh. That’s right)

Loving yourself and caring about yourself, your body and your mind are not selfish luxuries. You deserve to feel your best, every single day.
That is my mission in running my FREE 5 day Healthy Habits Kick-Off. Consider me your self-care secret weapon. 😉

Kick-off starts next Monday January 8th. Learn more about it here:

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Yes to all of this! The Engine Mom, you're speaking our language: sisterhood, sacred space, connection. . .…/

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