Day 6, Part 2 of the search for Lance.
Day 6 of the search for Lance.
Day 5 of the search for Lance.

Happy birthday, Lance. I miss you every day ♡

I thought I lost this years ago. I felt so bad that I had lost a link to you. I looked for it for months. I found it buried in with all my beads and the hole you left is fresh again. It still hurts just as much as it always has. I miss you, my friend. You will always be my brother and I will always miss you. I love you, Lance, and I hope you're doing well wherever you are. Until we meet again, good sir. ♡

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I visit this page remind myself of what we all lost. Lance, I know I will reunite with you someday...and man, am I gonna have some stories for you. Be Chill.

Hey guys...for those needing/wanting to carpool on Tuesday, we will meet at my house around 9:30 am. Message me for details. On another note, anyone with pictures of lance, or with lance in them, we are trying to make a collage...thank you. -Chris

Just as a clarification. The funeral is not on Tuesday. That is just the memorial service.

On Saturday, the 12th, The same artist who designed and inked Corey and I, will be spending the day, and longer if necessary, to tattoo anyone and everyone who wants to get a memorial tat. The Mjolinir Hammer with LCG in Nordic Runes, the one Corey and I have, will be 85 apiece, less than half of what all other quoted artists were. Just like this status, and I can start a schedule for that day. The address is 178 Cottage St, Auburn NY.

There will be a memorial service for Lance on Tuesday, May 8 at 11am at the New Testament Church of Peruville. All are welcome to come and celebrate Lance's life.

To anyone wondering who posted the update, it was me ryan barber, I posted it as soon as I got a confirmed call from Chris last night.

I am sorry to inform everyone but, lance's body was found in the bay today. Thx for all the support, Im sorry we couldn't bring him home

The newest article I've seen. It's a tiny blurb, I know, but every little bit helps.…/search_continues_for_groton_man_in…

OCEAN CITY, MD (WENY)--- The search continues this morning for a Tompkins County man who went missing while on vacation in Maryland. 22-year-old Lances Gaines of Groton disappeared April 21st while vacationing in Ocean City with his family.

No new news as far as I know, but the search continues. Everyone appreciates the support and optimism from all of you wonderful people. Keep sharing this page as much as you can, at least once a day if possible. You are all amazing, thank you so much. Let's Find Lance!! -tina

I want to thank everyone for the support over the past 10 days now... No solid news yet, rumors mainly... Until I hear solid information I won't post anything. I just don't want to give anyone's hopes up with here say

A new news story about the ongoing search. Thank you everyone for helping to share the word. Let's Find Lance everyone!…/177…/family-man-missing-in-ocean-city…

OCEAN CITY, Md. - A family desperate to find their son, is speaking out for the first time. The New York man was vacationing in Ocean City with his daughter, his girlfriend, and his parents,when he su

Waiting to hear back on some possible leads, hopefully I will have some news for you all later today. - ryan

OCEAN CITY -- A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle April 20 as he was trying to cross the Coastal Highway at 33rd Street at 12:15 a.m., Ocean City police said.

Almost 200 in one day! keep up spreading the word guys your doing great!!! - ryan