Missed our Philly FOX 29 segment on how to make relationship resolutions stick for 2011? Check out these insider tips from Beverly Lehmann...

#fullmoon #candleritual What u were trying 2 accomplish from #newmoon u will now achieve during #fullmooninScorpio

The full moon is in Scorpio on May 10th, and will be a very positive experience this month.  Whatever you were trying to accomplish from the new moon on April 26th, you will now achieve in making it...

Mercury is in retrograde so NO #candleritual for this #pinkmoon but you can #chant see what to do here

​Just a reminder that Mercury is in retrograde until May 3rd, so during this time-frame do not light any candles.  If you follow my blog you already know that it just reverses the intention that...

It's time to take action!

In case you missed it - here's a little insight on how to get through April 2017 with ease. #tarot

Mano picks a tarot card each month for insight and understanding into the challenges we face in our lives. He gently guides us into possibility so we can gra...

That's why!

Are you craving romance, affection and recognition? Here's why: #fullmoon #candleritual with Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon in Leo is all about, ambition, independence, and leadership, however when we feel the influence of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, we also crave romance, affection and recognition. Although this should be a time to show warm kindness and gen

Your #astrotarot for December 2016! What's in your cards?

Synopsis for the month of December: As we go into the month of December we will have no choice but deal with some unpleasant subjects that have to do with other people’s problems. It may entail...

Unexpected challenges this month...

​ SYNOPSIS FOR ALL SIGNS: This month is all about unexpected challenges. Don't be afraid or apprehensive to go through these challenges. Your wisdom and experience will help you complete them,...

What's in your cards this month?

SYNOPSIS FOR ALL SIGNS: As we move into July, Mars will be going direct which inspires perseverance, so things will move our way. Since Pluto is still retrograde until September 26th, it means...

What's happening this month for your sign?

Overall, this will be a month of unexpected change and opportunities! Be organized, have clarity, and also use common sense on your approach to help things manifest for you. Also, for some, use...

And hopefully we are holding hands.

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Hey girls - can you say Hottie? #outlander Sam Heughan talks #ComicCon #GetPopCultured #bnarenaHub #bnbuzz

Sam Heughan tells us about the coolest fan experience he had at ComicCon. was celebrating love.

#LoveWins What an amazing day! Marriage Equality for all!! was celebrating love.

#LoveWins What an amazing day! Marriage Equality for all!!

Great conversations make great dates. Start here.

There are books that entertain, books that inform. And then there are books that seem to speak directly to the soul—life-changing books that make you question your core beliefs, staying with you long after you've finished reading.

Happy New Year!

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Liza Juliette DeCamp

Andre Kertesz, Washington Square Park, New York City, 1962

Have a healthy and happy holiday season! Enjoy!!

This month the Full moon will be in Gemini, the new moon will be in Capricorn, Uranus will be going direct (December 21) and Jupiter will be retrograde (December 8 to April 8). That was a mouthful...

Are you feeling an urge for inner change? Go for it!

The New Moon is November 22 (today) and will be in Sagittarius. When this happens people are more sympathetic and generous and there is a greater concern about social welfare. This...