LetterMpress will be available on App Stores worldwide starting July 5th. Visit for more information.
LetterMpress Overview
Here is a video of the LetterMpress beta

Thanks to the huge efforts of LetterMpress's developer, Jeff Adams, we're happy to announce that LetterMpress is back on iTunes and available for iOS11! Thanks again Jeff!…

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Good eye, Caroline!

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Caroline Corboy to LetterMpress

Look what I found on a wall in the Apple Store!

mpressFonts™: OpenType fonts created from the wood typefaces in LetterMpress are now available at MyFonts!

Our first release includes eight typefaces in the “Antique” classification. Additional typefaces will be released in the next few months. The fonts are available for both desktop and web. See more at the MyFonts site.

In celebration, we're offering 50% OFF individual fonts, or get all 8 fonts in the Antique Pack and save even more. Limited time only.

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Localizing tool-tips request...

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Localization Anyone?
With the latest update of SimplyMpress 1.0.3 for Mac we have added tool-tip text for all buttons and controls in the app. As a first step t...owards localizing our app for other languages, we have created a free social crowd-sourcing translation project for SimplyMpress tool-tips: If you or anyone you know has the knowledge and skills to provide valid localized versions of our English tool-tip text we will add these translations to future updates. Any language localizations are welcome.

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SimplyMpress update now available for iOS and Mac.

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SimplyMpress update is now available for download on the App Store and Mac App Store! Includes font previews (iOS & Mac) and tool-tips (Mac).

Thanks Makerspace Urbana for printing with us at the Living Letter Press!

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The Living Letter Press

Thanks to Makerspace Urbana for this blog post and for your visit last Saturday. Come back soon!…/14/living-letter-press-works…/

Check out the back story on creating a cross-platform app.

This project describes design and development issues in creating a cross-platform creative app with Adobe AIR and Starling.

SimplyMpress is in "What's Hot" on the Mac App Store this week, and is also #4 today in "Top Paid" in the Graphics & Design category.

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Familiar Fonts:
Aside from the massive programming effort to have SimplyMpress work on iOS, Mac, (Android and Windows coming soon), we also created 25 OTF fonts from the wood type used in LetterMpress and from our letterpress studio, The Living Letter Press.

SimplyMpress lets you choose your own fonts, but we wanted a collection of "letterpress" fonts available as well. There are 5 fonts that are included with the free version of SimplyMpress for iOS, and your can purchase ...23 additional fotns for $1.99 USD. All the fonts are included in the Mac version. We also included a set of three image fonts, based on vintage advertising, signs and packaging.

These fonts are only accessible within SimplyMpress, but we plan to make each OFT font available separately in the near future.

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BTW, LetterMpress users, we have not forgotten you!

SimplyMpress was a big undertaking for our small team. However, in the mean time we have been collecting more wood type for LetterMpress.

We are eager to get going on updates as soon as the dust settles from the SimplyMpress release. (No, we don't have a time estimate on a release...sorry).


Here are some of the typefaces we are considering. We have several others awaiting cleaning and scanning too...

Thanks for all your support over the past two years!

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Our new app, SimplyMpress, is being featured on the Mac App Store this week! Check it out at

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We just released a new app called SimplyMpress. It's available for iPhone/iPad/iPod, and Mac. Check out the video trailer here: Visit for more information and additional videos.

An introduction to SimplyMpress, the new vintage layout and typography app from the people who created LetterMpress. See more at Produced b...
Champaign Public Library added 15 new photos from April 9, 2013 to the album: Civility Posters with LetterMpress App — at Champaign Public Library.

John Bonadies, Molly Poganski, and Ghada Yousef of the Living Letter Press helped teens use John's LetterMpress app and make posters using a real printing press, creating civility messages by some of the oldest and newest means possible.

The OSCARS, American Idol, and...LetterMpress.
LetterMpress is featured this week on the iPad Entertainment page of iTunes along with other strange bedfellows...

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