Liberalistene Landsmøte 2016
Det var et svært vellykket landsmøte! :) #LibLM2017 #LibLM17
Liberalistene Landsmøte 2017

Kriminelle gjenger og våpensmuglere liker forbud og reguleringer av skytevåpen. I praksis gir dette våpensmuglerne større markedsandeler for salg og distribusjon av ulovlige våpen.

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18 hrs

Debatter om skytevåpen og er i stor grad styrt av følelser og dessverre lite fokus på fakta, rasjonalitet og verdens realiteter. Partileder Arnt Rune Flekstad d...eler noen av våre tanker rundt tema i denne improviserte video fra skytebanen sist lørdag.

Foretrekker du å lese hva vi mener om våpen og politikk?

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Capitalist Party of Norway

What a nice picture of lies. Mmm.

1. They call it universal health care, but service is rationed and you're not allowed treatment if the government hasn't alrea...dy pre-approved the treatment for your specific illness. If a treatment exists elsewhere, but not in Norway, your a** is basically f****ed.

2. No, we don't get 5 weeks paid vacation. We have the privilege by law to 4 weeks of vacation, and depending on tariffs some can claim a fifth week of vacation, but they're not paid.

3. There are some details and limitations to parental leave, and quite honestly, it's not necessarily always beneficial. But yes, technically this one might be right.

4. No, universities aren't tuition free. Sure, tuitions are lower, but they're highly subsidized through taxation, which someone has to pay for. Students still have to burden themselves with student loans in order to make it through university. A typical student loan is around $50 000. Living costs are high because of all the taxes, so the end result is that poor people suffer and students end up with the same student loan burdens.

5. Pay equality? Norway basically has the exact identical pay equality - both in practice and by law - as the US has. There is no inequality.

6. No, there's no free birth control in Norway, beyond the one instance where youth can receive free condoms within a limited supply, but someone still has to pay for that service.

7. Public gun control, yes, but that certainly didn't protect us against one of the deadliest terrorist shooters in history. On the other hand, Norway is one of the countries with the most guns per capita on the planet. Guns aren't a problem.

Oh, and total tax in average, for a normal worker, is about 60-70 %... To pay for all this "free stuff".

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