Police arrived on the scene to find the victims had already left for the hospital. #IllinoisPatch

A look at the weather forecast for the week ahead for the Chicago area.

A look at the weather forecast for the week ahead.
Patch Presents: How To Use A French Press

He was accused of plotting to blow up a suburban nightclub before attempting to travel to the Middle East to join the terrorist group. He was arrested at O'Hare. #IllinoisPatch

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi of Aurora was arrested at O'Hare in 2013 after trying to join the terrorist group in the Middle East.

The family's lawyer says the photos prompt "more questions about what happened to [her] than they answer," adding, “The pictures are graphic and disturbing images and inexplicably show portions of [her] body exposed."

Police told attorneys for the victim's family that additional pictures and documents would be made public Friday.

The officer sprang into action after a high school football ref had a heart attack during a game. #IllinoisPatch

When the ref at a high school football game had a heart attack, the assistant coach and off-duty officer sprung into action.

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After years of stagnant sales and a stalled attempt to fire the current management company, the state has a contract with a company that foresees a big future for the Illinois Lottery. #IllinoisPatch

The new projections come after two years of stagnant sales and three years after the state first tried to fire the previous lottery manager.

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Got your ticket? The one-time cash payout is $109 million.

Hunting for a home that's unique? Take a trip back in time to a property that would make Jay Gatsby jealous.

WOW House: Lake Ellyn is a short walk from this 1920s estate, which features an expansive front porch, a wine room, and

An "urban explorer" and father of three fell to his death while taking a photos on a ledge at the hotel. #IllinoisPatch

Police are investigating after a man fell from the roof of the LondonHouse Chicago hotel.

Since her last DUI, her attorney says she's turned her life around, getting two college degrees, attending AA meetings, remarrying and regaining custody of her daughter. #IllinoisPatch

Tiara M. Norris will spend four years in prison for accumulating five total DUIs in the past seven years.

He's also accused of prescribing controlled substances to a patient battling drug addiction. #IllinoisPatch

The state has temporarily suspended the license of Dr. Blaise Wolfrum while he awaits a hearing later this month.

The theater called it off: “We have heard the voices of our patrons and neighbors." #IllinoisPatch

The Patio Theater called off the show Wednesday because of the chance of violence breaking out.

No to the Halloween parade, yes to "Black and Orange" spirit day. (via Walpole Patch)

Administrators said Boyden Elementary's parade is outside of the "ordinary routine" and can be "difficult for many students."

The 39-year-old claimed to be a 13-year old boy, urging underage girls to send him explicit photos and in one case even telling one girl he'd shoot her if she didn't comply, authorities said. #IllinoisPatch

Agents seized electronic devices and several firearms from his home.