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Sverre Koxvold

Imagine your neighbour just changed the boundary lines on your property. Annexing like this normally would start a war. WOW!

Under the Scottish Government, additional help is available in Scotland.…/financ…/welfare_reform/bedroom_tax

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YES Scotland's Future

Let’s all take a minute to share this and remember what we are currently living under, but hopefully not for too much longer. ~Derek


BBC anchor struggling to maintain the Royalist spin in the face of reality.

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Polls show “the vast majority of people aren't interested, the vast majority of people want the royals to pay for the whole cost, including the security, and the vast majority are going to be doing something else on Saturday"

Republic CEO Graham Smith on BBC News this afternoon.

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Did you know?

Theresa May is the registered leader of Scottish Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn is the registered leader of Scottish Labour - as per The Electora...l commission register.

Poor Ruth and Richard, wee shame 🤔


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The coup is underway. Scotland must wake up before it's too late.

This isn't some startling development. This is precisely what some of us have been warning about for months. This is the kite-flying exercise we would anticipat...e as part of the process of creating an unelected shadow government in Scotland. Watch now as the narrative is steered into a debate about what this shadow government should be called.

This is a coup! It must be stopped!

The Scottish Government must act immediately to disentangle Scotland from the political union which facilitates this blatant assault on our democracy. #Referendum2018

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A SCOTTISH Tory MP has called for David Mundell’s position to be abolished and the Scotland Office to be consigned to the scrapheap of history. In a column for The Times, the Stirling MP, Stephen Kerr, advocated a radical shake up of the government, calling for the creation of a new Department f.....

Is Theresa May genetically predisposed to avoid giving straight answers to a straight questions? Refusing to acknowledge that you are breaking the devolution settlement does not change the fact.

"In its current form, the bill would allow Westminster to strip the Scottish Parliament of certain devolved power without MSPs having any say."

SNP MP Ian Blackford went up against Theresa May during Prime Ministers Questions today to ask if Holyrood's vote to reject the EU Withdrawal…

The tip of a corrupt Tory iceberg.

Peter Chapman has stepped down from the Scottish Conservative front bench after a damning recording of a phone call reveals he exploited his position.
Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill says Theresa May must call a border poll if reports of the Prime Minister's doubts Northern Ireland would remain in the UK after a referendum are accurate.

As it stands, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is for the few, not the many. Supporting a Tory-led government pursuing a Brexit course that will make the working c...lasses of this country poorer, and actively allowing the futures of their young supporters to be undermined.

It’s not socialist, it’s not progressive and it’s definitely not Labour, writes Rosie McKenna from the student-led campaign For Our Future’s Sake.

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Right now Corbyn's Labour is for the few, not the many. Supporting a Tory-led Brexit that undermines the futures of its young supporters.

Scottish Labour and the Lib Dems get behind the SNP and Scottish Greens, protecting Scotland's interests from a Tory power grab.

Bill voted down by large margin, putting UK on brink of constitutional dispute
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Best For Britain

"British households could be forced to stomach an 18% rise in the price of cod if the country crashes out of the EU" according to Rabobank.

British families deserve batter…/how-brexit-could-cause-fish-and-chip…/

We recently watched as BBC Scotland attempted to scare its audience by trying to spread England’s knife crime crisis to Scotland as part of their wider campaign to question the notion that Scotland…
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This is real, as in - actually happened. I'm not joking either...

Labour side with the Conservatives just to keep the SNP out - despite the SNP polling the high...est number of votes.

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The U.K. is facing a growing terrorist threat from far-right extremists who have plotted murders and bombings.
I just signed the petition telling the Scottish Government to keep the fracking ban in place. Will you?