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Jeremy Corbyn, an elderly man from North Islington has become the latest involuntary star of a viral video when his invective about foreign workers undercutting wages in Britain were caught on camera.

"A Canada type deal would see the Scottish economy grow 6 percent slower over a 15 year period according to the report. A Norway type deal, which the UK Government has ruled out, would limit the damage to two percent. And a no-deal Brexit would take the figure up to ten percent."

Parliament has finally released the full UKGOV Brexit report, which confirms the harsh impact that leaving the EU will have on the Scottish economy.|By Autonomy Scotland

"Nicola Sturgeon and Mhairi Black have topped the poll in a survey of the most influential women in Britain, beating the Queen and Margaret Thatcher."

The SNP politicians topped the UK-wide online poll carried out by Sky News.

This is the "Union" mindset of Little Englanders.

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Cheryl Easton

Seen on Twitter - apparently us "Jocks" demanding higher standards is wrong and will ruin Brexit for the UK-

The minority Labour administration on North Ayrshire Council (NAC) in setting a Budget for 2018/19 put forward a “financially illiterate” budget proposal to hit...
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BBC British Biased Corporation - Scotland

Found this via Ponsonby Posts on YouTube
Ponsonby Post
Published on Mar 3, 2018
The Reporting Scotland presenter tells viewers the FM criticised HGV drivers. Ni...cola Sturgeon in fact went out of her way to make clear she *wasn't* criticising drivers.
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Gordon Brewer on Politics Scotland
1. Began an interview with Ruth Davidson on Indyref2 instead of Brexit.
2. Failed to ask Ruth about her 4 'Hard Brexit' MPs.
3. Falsely claimed Scotland experienced the same weather event 8 years ago.
4. Falsely claimed FM blamed truck drivers.
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#BBC #WeaponisedPropaganda #BBCManipulation #BBCPropaganda

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"To be clear, the Withdrawal Bill directly assaults devolution by permitting Westminster to make changes to areas of devolved law without consent from the Scottish Parliament. 111 areas of devolved policy are affected. All parties in the Scottish Parliament - including the Conservatives - have agreed that the Withdrawal Bill is unacceptable and must be amended to protect devolution."

What we witnessed yesterday and on Wednesday in the Scottish parliament, with the introduction of an emergency Continuity Bill, was unprecedented. It’s also immensely complex and worth clarifying why this is genuinely the beginnings of a constitutional crisis. Since the UK Government introduced th...

"English nationalism is a curious concoction, combining a rather unlikely sense of grievance about how England was treated within the devolved UK with a sense of entitlement and even superiority about the UK’s place in the world."

Scottish independence would leave unionists in the North and Wales even more isolated
AMNESTY International has warned that the government is selling off the human rights of British citizens in return for post-Brexit trade deals.

Profits before people.

FOSSIL fuel giant Ineos has won the right to a judicial review of the Scottish Government’s decisions that have effectively banned fracking.
The first minister vows to protect Welsh interests if the plan to take back EU laws is not changed.
SCOTLAND’S economy will suffer a £12.7 billion a year blow if the UK leaves the European Union without getting a trade deal, a stark new analysis…
An economic adviser to the Scottish Government has backed plans for a citizen’s basic income, saying it will “transform life” in deprived parts of Scotland.

Well done, Scotland. Independence from the stress of punitive welfare systems increases motivation to become productive members of society.

Four local authorities tasked with turning utopian fantasy into reality with backing of first minister and multi-party support
The result, months after a fraught independence vote, draws new battle lines with Spain's government.