Children’s mental health services in Norfolk could be taken over by Sir Richard Branson’s controversial company Virgin Care, it can be revealed.

The Single Market without Freedom of Movement won't save our NHS. Let's hope Labour starts to make a move on this.…/they-are-leaving-alarming-ra…

“It’s a house of cards, and we’re getting closer and closer to the point where it’s all going to collapse.”

Meanwhile, in Europe.

Plan to be tested in five cities in effort to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big fines
The closed group called "The Ultras" also argues for privatising healthcare and the return of workhouses for debtors. Dominic Raab says he wasn't aware he was part of it.

"14 million people are living in poverty, many in work. And their benefits have been frozen while the price of rent and travel and food continues to soar. And yet, from sanctions to Universal Credit, the government continues to demand ever-increasing compliance, and meekness, and loss of privacy, in exchange for so little money that you’ll need to use a food bank anyway."

Don't be fooled by their cutesy gifs. Between the bedroom tax and universal credit, being on benefits introduces a whole load of complications to our love lives
'Support for mortgage interest' for 110,000 people is being cut and less than 10% have applied for the loan offered by Serco to replace it.

A true picture emerges of Britain's impending self destruction - and its not pretty. The graph shows how much the economy will lose in each region, depending on the type of Brexit deal. Full story here:…/leaked-brexit-forecasts-predict-grim-…/

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Meanwhile in Europe...

IG Metall’s landmark deal is seen as benchmark for other sectors
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BBC Spotlight

Watch what happens when young Brits try EU migrants' veg picking jobs in Cornwall.

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Judge Jacob on his record and his views, not his personality

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Families UK

How many of you can relate to this statistic of the week from The Times and The Sunday Times...

The hard choices of Brexit have tipped Theresa May’s Conservative Party into open warfare. It’s not clear the prime minister will survive the crossfire.

"... yet more proof that private companies are abusing the health service and costing tax payers millions of pounds."

Boots the chemist is charging the National Health Service obscene amounts of money for products that sell for a fraction of the price in-store. A Times investigation has revealed that the high street chain has charged