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Inseco Abile
· June 30, 2016
Life Church International is a house of prayer
A house of God.
They love us and care about us they have never discriminate us .they are God loving people.
Eric Simon
· October 23, 2015
The best in Germany !!if u are looking for a church check out pastor hans and Anna popp!!
Winfried Strobel
· January 26, 2015
Vor 11 Jahren kam ich das erste Mal her und bin immer noch da.

The best way to describe this Sunday, is that it was anointed!
Really! Worship, words & pictures shared by people, all one message.
They turned out to be the exact message given In the preach by Pr. Lauraine. Even giving the same scriptures written in her notes.
God doesn’t want your striving. He wants your heart. He doesn’t want you effort as much as He wants you to know Him. He wants intimacy. He wants to manifest Himself to you.
He wants you to seek His face, not Hand. Out of that experience of Him will flow miracles. His power and supernatural revelation.
Our simple prayer. God I want to know you more!
Like David wrote “As the deer pants for the water, so my souls longs for you”.
Then Church dismissed to go. No one moves, everyone stays silent seeking His manifest presence, what a wonderful thing! 🙂 the anointing was strong.
God is so good.

Man kann einfach nur sagen: dieser Sonntag war gesalbt. Sehr gesalbt! Anbetung, Worte und Bilder, die von einzelnen aus der Gemeinde weitergegeben wurden, hatten alle die gleiche Botschaft.
Sie erwiesen sich als DIE Botschaft, die Pr. Lauraine, in ihrer Predigt vorbereitet hatte, einschließlich der Bibelstellen!
Gott möchte nicht, dass wir Seine Liebe ‘erarbeiten’. Er möchte dein Herz. Er möchte so viel mehr, dass du ihn kennst.
Er möchte eine innige Beziehung!
Er möchte, sich dir offenbaren.
Wir sollen nicht in erster Linie Seine Hand suchen, sondern IHN kennenlernen und erfahren. Aus dieser Erfahrung fließen Wunder. ‘Seine Macht und übernatürliche Offenbarung -
unser einfaches Gebet’. Gott, ich möchte dich mehr kennenlernen!
Wie David schrieb: "Wie das Reh nach Wasser dürstet, so sehnt sich meine Seele nach dir".
Am Ende des Gottesdienstes wurde die Gemeinde verabschiedet. Noch wollte keiner gehen. Keiner bewegte sich, jeder blieb still und suchte Gottes sich manifestierende Gegenwart. Wie wunderbar 🙂 Die Salbung war stark.
Gott ist so gut!!

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Yes! Ya!

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Posted by Awareness Act
Awareness Act

You can always change the ending!


Last Sunday Pr. Hans challenged us to
change our religious thinking about the building being God’s temple. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit now. He is with us wherever we are. This body of ours is His holy dwelling place and we need to recognize that in our actions and attitudes during the week as well as on Sundays in ‘Church’ it is church because we are there... living stones.
Worship, words & testimonies! was a special time together as always 🙂
Thank you everyone a...nd especially Holy Spirit.
We want more!!

Letzter Sonntag Pr. Hans hat uns herausgefordert, ändere unser religiöses Denken darüber, dass das Gebäude Gottes Tempel ist. Wir sind jetzt der Tempel des Heiligen Geistes. Er ist bei uns, wo auch immer wir sind. Dieser Körper ist sein heiliger Wohnort und wir müssen erkennen, dass in unseren Handlungen und Haltungen während der Woche wie auch an Sonntagen in der Kirche die Kirche ist. Das weil wir da sind! ... lebende Steine.
Anbetung, Worte und Zeugnisse, war wie immer eine besondere Zeit zusammen 🙂 Danke allen und besonders dem Heiligen Geist.
Wir wollen mehr!!

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True! Wahr!

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The 700 Club

God knows what's best and His timing is perfect!

More miracles

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John Mellor Ministries

Miracles flowed tonight in North Lakes, Brisbane. 8 year old Chloe was born with cystic fibrosis which affected her lungs and pancreas and she had to be fed thr...ough a tube to the stomach as eating made her sick and she constantly had to go to the toilet as her body wasn't absorbing the nutrients from food. However, after prayer tonight in Jesus' name, pain left her lungs and stomach and as Chloe is a young girl of faith she wanted to test her healing and ate biscuits, kabana and snacks on offer at the meeting. Normally she'd feel sick straight away but it's been over an hour since she ate and she feels fine and hasn't been to the toilet! Her testimony can be viewed in the comments box below. Chloe's mum was also healed of plantar fasciitis pain in her feet, neck and shoulder pain. Another man was healed of Parkinson's Disease and danced with his wife. A lady was set free from all pain & symptoms from cancer and countless others were healed! Thanks to everyone at My Church Brisbane for hosting a wonderful day of miracles!

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John Mellor added 4 new photos.

Richard was crushed by a front loader truck that rolled onto his car while working at a mine 8 years ago. His thoracic spine, left leg & foot were crushed, he s...uffered nerve damage & his head was in a vice for some time after the accident. For 8 years he has been in constant high levels of pain he described as 20/10. Many top specialists from all over Australia concurred they couldn't do anything to ease his pain as any operation would be too risky. In desperation he started seeking to know the God his dad told him about and last night in Adelaide after prayer, Jesus took away all of his pain, numbness and restriction and he ran fast up and down the church. He cried with relief because he said he's suffered living hell over the past 8 years. The video of his miracle can be viewed in the comments box below. Jesus specialises in setting captives free! This weekend we minister in Brisbane & North Lakes. Meeting details are on our website itinerary

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Freely you have been given, freely give. Thanks John.

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John Mellor

We bumped into Joshua in Adelaide where we've arrived for meetings tomorrow at Salt Church. Joshua & his brother, Daniel, were healed last year at our meetings Minlaton. Joshua suffered nerve pain & tightness down his arms & wrists for 2 years but was set free by Jesus as he sat in his seat and John prayed over the congregation. Daniel was set free from years of bladder pain, inflammation and a constant need to go to the toilet. Excitingly, Joshua shared that since receiving their miracles he and Daniel have been praying for the sick and are regularly seeing others healed. We are often asked if we train and disciple people, and we do at our teaching seminars and as we are prompted by the Holy Spirit and we constantly encourage believers in our healing meetings that God can use them to pray for the sick. However, we've found that the most effective disciples are people like Joshua whose faith is sparked in the meetings by witnessing or experiencing their own miracle and then they simply have a passion & boldness to want to pray for others as they go. The Holy Spirit and experience in praying for people then develop & strengthen the gift. The clips of Joshua's testimony plus his and Daniel's healings from last year are in the comments below.

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What a great man of God.
Passed on in blessed assurance, we thank God for him. There will be a tremendous home coming!

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Posted by GodVine

Rev. Billy Graham is now dancing in Heaven with Jesus! So many found their way to the Lord thanks to his years of tirelessly spreading the Gospel, and he will be truly missed…/40-courageous-quotes-from-evang…

4 young men who love Jesus. So glad to have them here in LCI 🙂

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Wow! We believe Jesus will do more miracles here through John when he comes in June 16th& 17th

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John Mellor added 3 new photos.

39 year old Joel shattered and fractured bones down the right side of his body 15 years ago when he fell off a bridge in Canada onto ice in freezing temperature...s. He's suffered ongoing nerve & joint pain since then that he was told he'd have to live with for life. However, this morning after prayer in Jesus' name, all pain and restriction left him instantly. He was in shock and then ran and bent over pain free and then suddenly he did a back flip and cart wheel which amazed everybody, including Joel who had not been able to do that for 20 years since he was involved in gymnastics. He said if he'd been watching his miracle take place he wouldn't have believed it because it's so instant and dramatic. Joel fell to his knees praising God after being healed. So many others have been set free this morning in Bendigo at Victory Church from symptoms of cancer, MS, Ross River Fever, long term fibromyalgia, arthritis & so much more. There'll be more miracles tonight at 5pm! Everyone is welcome to come along for prayer.

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Thank you for your prayers! The crowd doubled each night as tens of thousands received salvation! You can read my full report from our final day by clicking below.

Dear Mission Partners, Just moments ago, I finished preaching the last message on the final night of our Gospel Crusade here in Calabar, Nigeria. Each night here, we have seen the crowd literally double in size over the previous night. That is unusual, and a... #bible #calabar #christforallnations


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The 700 Club

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

The light gets brighter!

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Posted by ChristianHome

The March of the 2 million people to glorify Jesus Christ in the Philippines.

Sunday 12/02/2018
We had a wonderful time at LCI!
Reports of people gathering &'worshipping Jesus openly in various places in the world (e.g. in Ukraine).
Worship was great even though we were so short on musicians this week.
The Holy Spirit gave prophetic pictures and words, words of knowlege, and testimonies through people. God is ALIVE & HE IS GOOD!...
Pr. Lauraine spoke on recent events in Israel and gave an important message on the meaning of communion.
A BIG Thank you to the wonderful people who helped us dissemble the furniture for our coffee area, load and bring it to the centre. A magnificent job! All done! You are heroes. Thank you!

Sonntag 12.02.2018
Wir hatten eine wunderbare Zeit in der Life Church!
Wir hörten Berichte von Menschen, die sich an vielen verschiedenen Orten (z.B. in der Ukraine) der Welt versammeln und Jesus anbeten.
Unsere Zeit in der Anbetung war herrlich, obwohl wir diese Woche so wenige Musiker hatten.
Der Hl. Geist gab prophetische Bilder und Worte, Worte der Erkenntnis und Zeugnisse in der Gemeinde. Gott LEBT - und ER IST GUT!!
Pastorin Lauraine sprach über die jüngsten Ereignisse in Israel und gab eine wichtige Botschaft über die Bedeutung des Abendmahls.
Ein GROSSES Danke!! an die wunderbaren Menschen, die uns geholfen haben, die (an uns übergebenen) Möbel für unseren Kaffeebereich abzubauen, zu laden und in die Gemeinde zu bringen. Großartige Arbeit!! Es ist vollbracht! 😉 Ihr seid Helden! Danke!

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Guess who‘s had a round birthday. 🙂
rate mal, wer gerade einen runden Geburtstag hatte 🙂

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Awesome!!! God using John, who will be ministering with us in June.

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John Mellor added 3 new photos.

Matthew was in an accident when he was 12 which caused brain stem fractures, affecting the nerves in his neck, throughout his body & his motor skills. He has su...ffered fibromyalgia pain ever since which has become increasingly crippling over the years and he has not been able to work for several years. As the father of 4 young children, he was desperate to be healed. On Sunday after prayer in Jesus' name, he was stunned when all pain and restriction left his body and he could touch his toes and run up and down stairs pain free. Jesus specialises in transforming and restoring lives. This weekend we minister in Melbourne in Bundoora and Unihill Church. Meeting details are on our website itinerary

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