Girls on the Edge is a BBC2 documentary ‘following three families whose daughters have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act to protect them from harming themselves’ (Sky description).

It’s a shame they chose to focus on three white teenage girls, as that did nothing to help banish stereotypes, but looking beyond that there were definite positives.

Despite all three girls having a history of self-injury, self-injury itself wasn’t the focus of the programme. And althoug...h there were several frames that showed scars, they were subtle and not glorified. The programme chose instead to focus on the emotions and distress, including suicidal thoughts and actions, that had led to these girls being sectioned.

The programme also touched on treatment, including medication and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), together with the impact that the girls being sectioned had on their families.

“Recovery isn’t perfect, and I didn’t want to recover for a long time.”

This quote from one of the girls speaks volumes. Recovery for any of us is always a journey, with ups and downs. It’s also a choice; one needs to want to recover. And when you’re in a safe environment like hospital, with everything done for you and none of the responsibilities of the outside world, just maybe that choice is harder to make.

Being in hospital isn’t difficult. Living in the real world is difficult. Coping with intense, negative emotions and distress, while going to work or school or college, while going to the shops, while travelling, while interacting with others, often with very little support and only self-injury to rely on. That is difficult. And that’s the reality for most.

The girls’ diagnoses included depression, anxiety, personality disorder. Common mental illnesses that affect so many of us. Not everyone gets the help they need. Not everyone has a caring, supportive family. Most don’t get to spend a *year* being cared for and intensely treated.

So maybe those three are the lucky ones. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because they’re three white teenage girls.

We’re grateful to the three girls for so openly sharing their stories, and wish them all the very best for their future lives.

*If you choose to watch the programme on iPlayer, please note trigger warning for scars.

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Following three families whose daughters have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

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