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Justin Schultz
· June 29, 2017
This is a wonderful church! I have been attending services for about 6 months now. The members are really friendly, and the doctrine taught is sound. The church pastor is all about The Lord's work. Fr...iday nights Pastor Aaron preaches on the square in Springfield, and other days he can be found preaching in front of Planned Parenthood or where a preacher is needed to preach against sin. This church is The Real Deal! Come for a visit and see for yourself! See More
Marvin Dado
· July 3, 2016
Anyone giving a bad review it's because they are comfortable in their sin....they are the ones that pick and choose what and what not to follow.. or takes things out of context... not wanting to give ...up the world.... created a False God in their hearts and mind. Are so in love with their prosperity Preacher who is taking those to hell... you can tell by their fruits... I dont even go to or not even remotely close to the Church but keeping Preaching on God's love and repentance. All Glory to God

I am sure there are people giving bad reviews being usedby Satan.. all repent.... and either Our Heavenly Father is your first lovee or this World... either your hot or cold for YHWH....if Lukewarm and stay there you might as well stop. Surely will pray for the lost and decieved
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Morgan Grey
· June 17, 2016
Just want to say, Jesus loves all of you guys who these crazies were yelling at tonight. Especially that one poor guy who the "preacher" was condemning to hell from his "stage". If you want to find in God, you won't find it here. Don't give up on Christianity just because some people are too broken to understand God's love. People who can't live a normal life. It's either being a full-blown drug addict or a crazy-eyed street preacher. No in between. Unbelievable. See More
Jerry Henderson
· March 10, 2016
I swear this nigga crazy asf stay away like who you think yoj are comdeming people to hell like nigga you aint god
Leslie Dawn Floyd
· April 1, 2017
I think that pastor Aaron is awesome and a great pastor
Dianna Collins Orea
· May 24, 2016
Sound doctrine, a love for lost souls and obedience to Almighty God.
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