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Hello my friends!

Guided by my participation in Creating The Impossible 2018, I am making myself available for transformative conversations again!

If you are interested in having one, head on to and propose a time!


For more details, see

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Hello friends!

I am participating in Creating the Impossible 2018 with Michael Neill, and it has started this week! Hopefully, it will be a driver to bring me more frequent to Facebook, and have more things to share with you

LOVE from Marseille,...

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Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, the platform of does not fulfill my current needs so I decided to close the group "Three Principles France" there for now. (But I might try again later this year! )

In the meanwhile, if you are around Marseille and interested in in-person events and Principle-based discussions, let me know!


To stay in conversation online, I'd recommend for the English-language discussion on The Principles, and for the French-language one.


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This day two years ago, I came to Marseille for the first time and fell in love with it from the first sight. #MRS #HOME #LOVE

PLEASE RSVP on Meetup!…/…/

Let's meet and have a transformative principles-based conversation!

As usual in our meetings, we will start with welcoming new members and a short introduction to the inside-out understanding of the human experience.


This time, I would like to make a leap forward and talk about the whole new game of infinite possibilities which presents itself to us once we realize that we live in the world of Thought.

Due to the organizer's relocation, this might well be the last Principles meetup in Nice !!!

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Sat 1:30 PM UTC+01Tourist Office – Place Massena / Promenade du Paillon
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I am in the process of building a group for people interested in discovering the inside-out understanding of the human experience, a field at the intersection of psychology and spirituality which helps people to have more ease, happiness and success in their lives. The group provides opportunities to learn and discuss in person. It is located on the French Côte d’Azur (Currently: Nice & Antibes). If you know someone who would be interested, please share with them!


Je suis... en train de monter un groupe pour les gens curieux à découvrir les trois principes psycho-spirituels qui aident à avoir plus de la légèreté, du bonheur et du succès dans la vie. Ce groupe, situé sur la Côte d’Azur (pour le moment, c'est Nice et Antibes), donne des opportunités pour se rencontrer face à face, discuter, apprendre et transformer sa vie. Si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui peut être intéressé, partagez svp!

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This is a group for people interested in discovering the inside-out understanding of the human experience, sometimes called the Psychology of Mind, or The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and
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Uploaded a few photos from Saturday's hike to my photography site – more to come soon!

Nice Observatoire – Vinaigrier – Villefranche-sur-Mer – Port de Nice, 15.10.2016

Looking to discover inner peace and happiness, to connect to the stream of creativity and have more ease, confidence and joy in your life?

I'm accepting two new clients from October – send me a message if you would like to explore together the deeper dimensions the life has on offer!

More details at (Time slots are subject to change!)

Putting too much pressure on yourself is a sure way to kill creativity.

The trick here is to recognize that there is no external circumstance, event or condition that is inherently inducing pressure. The feeling of pressure happens when our thoughts are spinning out of control, so fast that we can't see through the thought storm with any clarity.

The bad news, you can feel pressure anywhere and anytime: with a goal and a deadline or without one, in a crowd and alone, at wor...k and in the nature. It suffices to lose yourself in an insecure thought.

At the same time, it is the good news. As soon as you get a glimpse that it's not a person, a place, a task or a condition that creates pressure but your thinking does it, the feeling softens. One new thought brings a whole new experience of life to you.

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We tend to assume the continuity of conditions and our experience of life. While in fact, so much of it is recreated moment by moment. When we don't think of a problem, the problem does not exist even if its condition does.

For example, when we are engaged in doing something, procrastination does not exist, unless we start thinking that we should be doing something else. When we go on with our life and let it unfold, "difficult decisions" do not exist, unless we start thinking that we should know something before we know it, or that we should be able to explain and justify our ways.

Each moment is an opportunity to start anew, off a blank slate.

What people say about you or think of you does not change a bit about who you really are.

And the truth of who you really are is fascinating.

Throughout the whole process of discovering the inside-out nature of the human experience, it is so frequent that an insight is followed by "Oh, that's it! Now I've got it all. Now I know everything there is to know about life". And then a few weeks pass by and another insight shows that... maybe not.

It appears that "I see all I see clearly" does not actually mean "I see all there is to see". But it does look that way quite often. That's what Consciousness does: it brings our thinking to life with feelings. And the feelings make the experience so compelling that what we think seems real.

Each moment is a new opportunity either to wonder at the miracle of being alive or to make up an illusion of life being wrong.

What if nothing really matters? What if your big fat dream is but an illusion of something lacking in your life right now?