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Last time ever so come out!

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Like Legends

8/30/15 One last time.

8/30/15 One last time.

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If you couldn't tell by now, we died.

What's everyone think about the new BMTH?

‘Drown’ is out on 7th December and is available to pre-order on iTunes now – Facebook – T...

Sooooooooooo what's up everyone? Miss us?

Our very good friends in Vanities are leaving for tour next week. Go to a show, buy a shirt, help them out!

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Who's going to warped tomorrow?

Happy fourth of july! May the fourth be with us all.

What was the first cd you ever owned?

We regret to announce that Roger has chosen to leave the band. We will continue to support him in his future endeavors whether they be musical or not. There is no bad blood whatsoever between us. That being said, we are now looking for a new guitarist to take his place who is reliable, owns good gear, is tour ready, has transportation, and is 18 or over. Also, we want to apologize again for our extended absence over the past few months. We have been working hard on new music and things of the like so please stay tuned! Thank you for your continued support we love you guys

Rise and shine!

Transformers 4 tonight? Who's excited to see some Dino bots?!?

Who's on Xbox live or PSN? Let's see some gamertags, play with us!

So who of you guys are on Xbox live or PSN? Let's see some gamertags, play with us!

A few of us are going to Warped Tour in Holmdel on July 6th, what bands are you most excited for?

Thanks for the great response everyone! We'll be putting one up in the near future! In the meantime don't forget to jam waypoint!

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