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Keith Washburn
· August 20, 2017
Maybe the best TED talk in KC this year... very good lessons and she made it so clear. If one of her points did not do it for you, she had others AND they were all good from my viewpoint. Well done, Lindsey!

"YOU ARE STRONGER". Please check out this cool movement called 7 Billion Ones (to recognize the 7 billion unique people in this big wide world!). I am the featured "one" today. They (and I) believe sharing our stories with each other is powerful. Every story counts.
(also, be sure to click on the homepage after you like & comment on my story to see the other amazing stories)

Here are the quotes from my TED talk*... I'd love to know the one(s) you found most useful/helpful/etc. Thanks in advance for your insight! And PS - let's all try and put some extra love in the world this week...whatever that means to you...
* talk link:

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The TEDxKC talks are live. Here's a link to mine!

Why are trauma survivors happier, on average, than lottery winners? During her recovery from a devastating accident, Lindsey Roy developed ideas and ways of ...
What’s the greatest threat to humanity? Self obsession? Artificial intelligence? Resentment? As TEDxKC attendees learned, it depends on your perspective.

It's been 48 hours and I'm still processing what an amazing experience it was at TEDxKC 2017. Such a magical night to hear the other speakers and to tell my story. I will remember the standing ovation, a signal of solidarity and support from 3000+ people, for the rest of my life. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. The videos will be available in a couple of weeks, I'll be sure to share a link! #TEDxKC

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Tomorrow is TEDxKC day! A few pics from the rehearsal I just did on the stage of the Kauffman. If you want to stream it live, link below. 6-9pm. I'm towards the end. All talks will also be posted online a few weeks after. Wish me luck (but don't say "break a leg" lol!).

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Talking TEDxKC on Kansas City Live this am! (please pardon my high quality photo of my own TV 👍).…/…/lifestyle-kcl/how-to-watch-tedxkc

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So I hiked a 12k peak today with my family. It was exhilarating to reach the top. But it wasn't easy and it wasn't pretty. I almost turned around a few times. Frankly I wanted to cry/die/fly(!) about half the time, especially the descent. I know going downhill is twice as hard for me with my particular muscle (or lack thereof) situation, so the end really tested me. I'm still processing, but here are my potential lessons I'm pondering from today...choose whatever one is mos...t useful for you! 😀
1) never give up!!!
2) never underestimate the power of a few encouraging words (my son cheered me on the entire way or I probably wouldn't have made it)
3) consider doing easier things on vacation (ha!, but really....; I couldn't help finding joy in watching my little rock climbing daughter, though...and didn't want to miss out)
4) even if you're slower to get there than the others, the result is the same

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I had the chance to speak at the Central Exchange over lunch today. It was an awesome experience, especially meeting this brave girl. She's had her new leg for a few weeks and is rocking it!

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Quotes can seem silly to some. But I found the smallest things - including a good quote - to be a helpful mental tool in the heat of my battle. This one became a mantra to me.

My interpretation:
✔️ You have to begin, even if it's hard
✔️ And it will be hard for awhile...
✔️ If you keep going, you will make it to the other side

Keep moving forward. Even if you have to take a rest now and then. The other side is so much better.

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When we were recently in Mexico my leg was hurting which hasn't (thankfully!) happened for a long time. Normally my leg is no big deal these days. But it chose vacation to act up. Couple that with walking on the even-harder waterproof leg. Add in sand. Ugh. One of these factors is standard issue. The combo platter was putting me over the edge.

I was so excited to get to go on vacation. But all I could think about that first 24 hours was my sore leg and why it was misbehaving... then instead of any other week. Then I started being internally angry while watching literally every other person run around barefoot or in flip flops. Young, old, big, small, American, European, Mexican... Everyone else but me, as I hobbled along feeling like Quasimodo. Mental "why me?!" demons attacked that hadn't messed with me in a very long time.

But I then reminded myself I was on vacation! And I was healthy! And I was with my family! And there were drinks and all-inclusive guacamole! Champagne problem I told myself. Figure it out! So I kept stuffing Kleenexes in the bottom of my leg to help stop the issue (not kidding!) and powered through. And focused on what was going right. And there was a lot (did I mention drinks and guacamole?).

And the experience enlightened a couple of things I hadn't thought about actively in awhile.

It reminded me how much I take my new normal for granted. The fact that this whole leg saga isn't that big of a deal anymore.

It reminded me of my old friend perspective. Whatever you choose to use as your mental comparison to your situation matters. Are you comparing your sore leg to no pain or to being in a wheelchair?

Are you focusing on that annoying papercut or your properly functioning liver? Are you comparing your kid's math test to the neighbor kid or to your kid's last test? Are you worrying about something that may never even happen? Are you remembering the things that are going RIGHT?

Choose your mental competition wisely. It's amazing how you can in fact change your own mind...

Happy Friday. Keep your head above water, friends.

Picture courtesy of my son and too many underwater photos. 😀

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Talk about resilience and perseverance. This guy from Australia was in my leg-maker's office the same day I was a couple of weeks ago. He lost both of his legs above the knees after becoming trapped beneath a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall while rock-climbing. Since then, he has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (first-ever double above the leg amputee to do so), El Capitan and the Weeping Wall in Canada. They said his Mt Kilimanjaro climb was the equivalent of 2,800 pull-ups over 4 days! His name is Warren Macdonald.

Ok, self, no more excuses to not work out!!

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Lindsey Roy updated their cover photo.
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