Another new expansion in Korea

세븐사인의 봉인을 모두 이끌어낸 에티스 반 에티나가 최후의 전쟁을 선포했다!

We've got request from a player, for all those people who enjoy old school gameplay with many events. I'd say Gracia Epilogue was my favorite version, because it had the most balanced gameplay, before it started to get way too easier at the next versions.
If you are interested, please visit and check it out.

L2Flash Low Rate Gracia Epilogue Server.

13 Years Lineage II.

리니지2가 걸어온 13년의 여정, 그리고 새로운 시작.. 당신의 기억은 이곳에 있습니다. 기억이 현실이 되는 마법 - 리니지2
Lineage 2 World updated their profile picture.
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Lineage 2 World updated their cover photo.
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Many of you wanted us to make a HighFive server again, but L2World wont make one. We are still highly focused on Infinite Odyssey version, however nobody said anything about co-operation. This is a direct answer to the people who try to mimic our servers (hello fake l2woa, faking even our GMs names). Keep in mind that L2World team will continue its development of Infinite Odyssey (tomorrow Helios).

Lineage 2 Realm with our help is working to deliver the highest quality long t...erm server environment possible and are proud to present a new High Five project which will be launched after 1 month of massive worldwide advertise campaign and beta testing, with many surprises and rewards for advertise, challenges and referrals.
Join to the fastest growing Lineage 2 gaming community: make friends, form clans and alliances, high risk/reward competition battles versus thousands of opponents from countries across the globe, try strategies on Oly, Sieges, Territory Wars and share your experience in Forum, YouTube, Facebook, Live Streams and beyond.

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NCSoft is too busy making kids games rather than improving Lineage II. Apart from the worst trailer I've seen, all I can say is, they are wasting money on things nobody is interested in.

LineageII for mobile phones review. Its currently in open beta test.
The game can be downloaded from here (Chinese version):

Lineage II Mobile Version - Playable characters and short gameplay preview.

Lineage II soon on mobile phones. NCSoft has teamed-up with Netmarble to create this game, which will soon enter the korean mobile market.

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A video by SpirosK photography (director, cameraman, VFX, editing, mixing), Ailiroy Creations (script, dark elf cosplay, VFX, editing, mixing), RenePolumorfou...s (elf cosplay), Xenia K. Μake Up/SFX Artist. (bodypaint makeup), Eve Estenzia (assistance makeup), Gatrie G. (VFX assistance), @Alexandros Zoumpoulidis (original music).

THIS IS A FAN MADE Lineage 2 COSPLAY VIDEO. THE MUSIC IS SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR IT. The SFX used are all from Lineage II. Arcane Circle by: Obsidian Dawn ( [CC-Attr license]

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[IMG] [Nik] - 18 hours ago : Updated AbstractItemPacket to show soul crystal options. [Sdw-] - 21 hours ago : Updating a bit Item packets...

Hey, come at my bar, here, have a drink!

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Production by Nakki_D Lineage II: Shadow of Light - Weapons, Shadow Set [1080 60fps] Part 1 Lineage II: Shadow of ...
[IMG] Release Date: Coming Soon The following list of preliminary patch notes and functions are not final. Localization of terms and phrases may...

CHANGELOG: 05.08-25.09.2015

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[Nik] - 2 hours ago : Fixing reverted shit cause impatient people cant even wait 10min :D [Sdw-] - 3 hours ago : Reverting shit [Sdw-] - 3 hours ago :...

Soon, your adventure will start from here.

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