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Google Lands Victory in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit | Digital - AdAge

Judge's ruling states women's claim's seeking class action status were "overbroad."

7 Companies That Have Great Content For Every Stage of the Funnel

Think you have the content marketing funnel solved? Here are eight big brands that are crushing the content game throughout the buyer journey.

Youtube puts their own spin on Stories with ‘Reels’ - Relevance

Youtube is the latest platform to put their own unique spin on “Stories,” the popular social sharing format introduced by Snapchat. Youtube’s new take is called Reels and it promises to be an engaging and valuable tool that will allow Youtube’s best and most popular creators to improve th....
GOOGLE MAPS has baffled users after catching this weird optical illusion on top of a man's head.

Tony Robbins and Other Social Media Influencers You Should Follow | Fortune

From Tony Robbins to Oprah Winfrey, follow these inspirational people to achieve financial success.

Network Marketing Recruiting - How To Recruit High Quality Prospects

If you've had any success with Network Marketing recruiting, you've probably managed to recruit more than a few duds. If you want to recruit high quality...

Europol: Ransomware top threat in 2017 cybercrime 'epidemic'
| Article [AMP] Reuters

Ransomware eclipsed most other forms of cybercrime as on-line crime surged in 2017, European policing agency Europol said on Wednesday, citing high-profile attacks such as "WannaCry" that reached millions of computers.

DHS bars government from using Russia-based Kaspersky software - POLITICO

Agencies must begin removing the software within 90 days.

Equifax waives credit freeze fees after facing backlash

Equifax messed up its response to the massive security breach it suffered, and now it's trying to placate irate clients by waiving freeze fees.

US bans use of Kaspersky software in federal agencies

Accusations of Russian cyberespionage won't go away.

jQuery Makes It's Way into the world of WebSphere Commerce

Since 2006, jQuery has been one of the most widely used and acclaimed JavaScript frameworks. It's now made it's way into the WebSphere Commerce world.

University secrets are stolen by cybergangs | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

Criminals are launching hundreds of successful cyberattacks on British universities each year, targeting scientific, engineering and medical advances including research into missiles. Cybersecurity...

Ex-cop who won’t decrypt hard drives still in jail indefinitely – Naked Security

It’s not about the Fifth; it’s about a search warrant in a child abuse case, and there’s no maximum prison sentence for those in contempt

These 10 Hidden Gmail Productivity Hacks Will Make You Feel like a Rock Star |

5 of Today’s Biggest eCommerce SEO Blunders - SiteProNews

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.” — Joel Anderson, former president

4 Tactics and Tools for SMBs to Dominate Social - SiteProNews

“Marketing on social media takes finding your niche and building a relationship there. Trying to reach a broad audience will fail.” – Nick Leffler, owner o