The world doesn’t need more leaders doing what the markets and popularity contests demand—it needs more leaders who know what they’re here for—more people going after *that* relentlessly. Read more from Linkage Inc. CEO Matt Norquist on the critical importance of being #purposeful.

In a recent New York Times piece, Black Rock CEO and influential investor Larry Fink stated that business leaders need to do more than make profit—they need to contribute to the greater good in society. It seems like media, investors, consultants, businesspeople and society at large have been enam...

We like to believe that our leaders are smart people. But, being smart is not enough in the long run. So, how does you go from being a smart leader to becoming a wise leader? #LinkageGILD co-chair and esteemed executive coach Richard Leider shares some ideas on the subject in his newest blog post:

Executive coach Richard Leider is widely recognized for his work helping leaders discover the power of purpose. His sage advice about finding purpose gives us the opportunity to look inward; to discover new things about ourselves—and to lead differently.
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Rose Fleenor
· November 12, 2016
WIL was and amazing and rewarding journey of self discovery. The team is knowledgeable and passionate about their teachings. I'm excited to pay it forward and share the teachings of the beginning of m...y new journey. See More
Andrea Lynette Butler
· November 4, 2014
I'm enjoying my week of Empowerment in Leadership
Don Eric Weber
January 9, 2012
If you are always LEARNING you will keep on LEADING!
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Accelerate your #leadership development with time spent at our Global Institute for Leadership Development, with programs in the US and Asia. World-class keynote faculty, 1:1 coaching, peer groups and team-building: . #LinkageGILD

Purposeful Leadership. Powerful Impact. That's the tagline of Linkage's Global Institute for Leadership Development and it's something that each and every of...

Our data shows that women leaders, in our database of 10K+ multi-rater feedback, are more often than not seen as “willing to take calculated risks to accomplish results.” But, we as women aren’t advancing nearly at the rate we want to or that our organizations want us to. So what steps can we take to change that? Susan MacKenty Brady delves into this in her newest blog post:

When Time magazine named the Silence Breakers—those brave individuals who courageously took a public stand against the men who used their power to “have at” what they wanted—as their 2017 “Person of the Year,” 150 women had yet to take the stand and address Larry Nassar in court.

Are you attending #ACMP2018? Head to our session on a roadmap for change management on Mar 27 with Mark Hannum to learn how "change-able" your organization really is. - Association of Change Management Professionals

What were the hottest leadership topics in 2017 for our blog readers? Purpose, coaching, resilience took the top spots. Read on for more insight:

The beginning of the New Year is a time for reflection, collaboration and renewed focus as we dive into 2018. What accomplishments are you most proud of from last year? What are you most excited about this year? What fell off of your to-do list? What are your goals for the coming year?

It's up to leaders to promote an inclusive culture with a zero-tolerance policy against any type of harassment. Linkage Inc.'s Jillian Maver Ihsanullah weighs in on the topic in this article from Chief Learning Officer magazine. #MeToo #inclusion…/sexual-harassment-prevention-st…/…

To make prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace a C-suite priority in 2018, leaders are tasked with creating an inclusive culture that treats women with respect.

Do you have a bold vision for the future? Steve Norman delves into how great leaders can inspire their teams, using Linkage Inc.'s Purposeful Leader as his framework.…/marathons-and-motivation-how… Matt Norquist Mark Hannum

If you’ve ever run, or watched someone run, a marathon, you’ve seen spectators with some creative signs. These cardboard quips range from the amusing (“Worst Parade Ever”) to the inspiring (“There will be day when you won’t be able to run a marathon. Today is not that day”) to the down...

The advancement of women is a mission critical business imperative. In our 2nd issue of Leadership Redefined we focus on this topic and provide some insight for both organizations and individuals. Download your copy now:

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Leadership is a lifelong journey. Download a copy of our latest white paper to learn more about how being more purposeful in how you lead can make the biggest impact:

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Beginnings welcome commitments to becoming better, stronger, more focused, and more purposeful. Here are 20 titles that caught us by surprise, inspired us, and helped us get clearer on our personal "whys."

We’re naturally curious about people—and how leading purposefully can help each of us create lasting impact on our teams, in our organizations and in the communities around us. Stop any member of our team in the hallway, and chances are good that they are reading something focused on helping eac...

Thinking of ways to make a real impact on the lives of women leaders in your organization this year and beyond? Linkage Inc.'s Women in Leadership Institute yields results: #LinkageWIL #womeninleadership

Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute is an annual, immersive learning program for individual leaders and organizational groups. Built to teach strategies ...

Women tend to advocate on behalf of their children, companies, and families, and yet continue to struggle to negotiate for themselves. But how can you get the things you need, if you don't ask for what you want? More from Susan MacKenty Brady here:

In a previous blog post, I addressed the importance of getting clear about what we want next professionally. Once we have established this, we must be intentional about asking for what we want. If we don’t ask for what we want, can we really keep complaining that we’re not getting it? Speaking f...

Happy Holidays from Linkage Inc.! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Purposeful New Year.

To get a glimpse of some of the exciting things that happened in leadership development in 2017, check this out:

One of the longest debated questions is whether leadership is born or made, situational or general, state-based or trait-based. Here at Linkage Inc. we've been diving into our data to see what it could tell us. Matt Norquist and Mark Hannum share what our research showed us in the Fall Issue of the American Management Association Quarterly magazine. (starts on page 10).

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