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Bret Paluch
· September 4, 2017
From fathers day to labor day, every Sunday Lipsky's is the place to be for the best Jamaician BBQ in the world. Get it mild, hot or hot hot hot. It is a one of a kind favor and experience you dont... want to miss. See More
Kelly Hollander
· January 27, 2018
Stopped at the bar Lipsky's & it was tough to get attention, much less a refill. We actually left our drinks & left the establishment. Not overly packed or reason for slow service... bummer
Dee Scruggs-Carstens
· December 21, 2017
Always stop here for good local beer and conversation! Great people!
Lori Counter
· July 3, 2017
Always the best Jamaican Jerk chicken. So full of flavor and the red beans and rice are to die for, always look forward to summer to come and enjoy great food and great atmosphere.
Beth Heffernan Vlies
· June 5, 2017
We stopped in for a hamburger on the way home from the cottage. Greeted with a "How ya doing folks?" as soon as we stepped in the door. Very friendly fun place. Ordered a hamburger and onion rings. He... said it would be a wait. But It was out in about 15 minutes. Great service and food. We will be back. See More
Jeane Saunders
· November 19, 2017
Fun bar & excellent burgers. Excellent jerky chicken on summer Sundays.
Kara Eulgen
· October 8, 2017
Order cheese pizza with won't be sorry!
Cara Ann
· April 4, 2016
Awesome burgers and onion rings. My friend and I stopped in to see Andrea (the owner ) about booking our class reunion party there. She showed us the rooms, very nice clean and fresh smelling. They ca...lled the restaurant and ordered our food for us. It came over hot and delicious. I'm looking forward to our reunion, Thanks Andrea and Todd. See More
Joel Williams
January 28, 2013
Great place!
Just spent the weekend at Lipsky's with a crew of 9. We had three rooms and were treated extremely well. Todd and Andrea I believe are the owners and they seem to have only one basic req...uest - Treat this place like it's your own home. We did and had an awesome time.

Todd suggested we use the outdoor deck/summer bar as place for our fish fry. We had about 10 family and friends from Green Bay join us for ice fishing and results of two days of ice fishing - plenty of Whitefish for everyone!

We didn't fish with Guides but I have to tell you - The guides out of Lipsky's are incredible. Even though we didn't use them, they asked how we were doing and gave us pointers. On Friday we caught two fish all day. After talking to one guides we found that their groups had limited out by 1:00 PM. The next day, based on their advice, we had six fish by 8:00 AM and plenty of fish for a fish fry for 20 people that night. One of the guides workers - I think his son, cleaned our fish for a nominal fee! The next time I go to Lipsky's, which will be soon, I will use one of their guides for sure.

This place rocks!
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Carol Meyer Fugett
· February 2, 2014
Stayed here last Aug. Great place! Clean rooms, nice bar, place to eat, friendly people! Built a bonfire right on shore of Sturgeon Bay at motel and watched gorgeous sunset. Stopped there before Door County. Should have just stayed there another night or two instead of touring Door County! Was the highlight of our week long vacation! See More
Sean Zoch
· June 14, 2017
A magical place! Todd is the best and his beef sticks are even better!
Shirley Yarbrough
· March 22, 2017
It's been several years since I visited here but this was a warm family owned and operated Hotel and bar. I think it has new owners now but still worth an overnight stay.
Troy Richmond
· February 26, 2014
Worst service I have ever had. I was accused by the owner of stealing a pint glass. After he called me a thief and a liar he recounted his glasses and realized he was wrong. No apology was ever made. ...I was passing through with friends and wanted to support a home town restaurant. Bad idea! I will be writing to the better business bureau See More
Theresa Wiedmeyer
· October 2, 2017
Very polite & service great. Pizza was good too & WE KNOW GOOD PIZZA when we taste it. We love Pizza
Jay Derks
· July 27, 2015
I had Room 11 for a night, Lumpy Beds, A TV from a decade Ago with a remote that did not work. Water That smelled like it came out of a Sewer and a beautiful shade Of Black. The most fun was the easly... Detachable Toilet seat that if you slide the wrong way comes off. The Big Bonus was the dumpster full of fish parts That Put of a scent in the july heat right next to the Hotel. See More
Susan K White
· July 6, 2014
Upon checking in, Andrea, the owner, proceeded to tell me there was an issue with our room. She said the air conditioner in our room is so loud, if we wanted to use it, we should turn inon right away ...on high to cool the room down, then turn it off when we went to bed. We tried the AC, it sounded like it was going to shake right out of the wall. When I told her this wouldn't work for us, she said they had no other available rooms so I would have to switch with someone else in our party?!! She was extremely rude! The screen door to our room was missing the glass pane and screen (so we couldn't leave the door open), the handle on the outside of the screen door was broken, and the handle on the inside of the door was duct taped to the door; lone light in the room didn't work, another light hanging over the bed had the knob broken off so you couldn't turn it on, the room smelled musty, the beds sagged, the microwave was dirty, the toilet seat was broken, the shower curtain was hanging off the rod, we found two packs of instant coffee in our room (but no hot water, and the tap water was smelly and slimy). The next day at the hotel they did not empty our trash or replace our dirty towels, did not replace the two water bottles we used, and did not make our bed ( just pulled the covers up). Behind the nightstand between the beds the electrical outlet was missing the cover. On the exterior of the motel, the lights mounted on the wall are hanging down, wires exposed. Nearly every screen door on most rooms are missing the glass and screen, the outdoor" party area has garbage cans not being emptied. When we ordered dinner at their restaurant across the street ( they knew we were coming to stay with them) on Saturday night they had ONE girl taking orders, cooking the food, and collecting the money. Needless to say,it took hours for us to get our food....I took pictures of some of these issues. This property is not being maintained, and Andrea has a terrible attitude towards the guests staying there! The only good things about our stay was the burgers were very good and the beach area was nice for a bonfire. We won't be staying here again. See More
Jerald Mock
· August 5, 2016
I haven't done any FB reviews, but I had to with this place. A few weeks ago My wife and I were staying up the road at a condo, and we wanted to grab a few drinks. We stopped here, but first decided t...o walk down by their beach to check it out. Passing the motel we noticed piles of trash bags... Like who would actually stay in a motel with trash bags everywhere on the walkway. But whatever, I don't know maybe it was cleaning day... Despite there being dumpsters right there.

So we go into the bar. And it was rather busy. But not from what I would expect. I expected a bunch of adults having a good time. Instead.... I see a bunch of underage kids being served. They were even talking about how excited they are to be done with high school. Now either Kewaunee county has a bunch of tards who don't graduate until 21, or this place was packed with kids being served alcohol. I even said "what's with all the kids" and I was either unheard or ignored. What establishment serves underage kids?..... This one!

The bartender, Todd I believe, was a huge jackass. First of all... Why are we watching Fox News in a bar? He was actually discussing politics with people and arguing with customers. Arguing with customers!

But whatever. So I order a pizza, which I heard were really good. And the thing was basically black. Burnt so bad.

I won't go here again.
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Brian Luedtke
· June 24, 2016
If you haven't tried the Jamaican BBQ, I feel bad for you. Best food around here. Too bad it's only in the summer.
Christian Cox
· August 1, 2016
Best pizza I've ever had. Never amhad a fire baked pizza. Plus Nate, the owners son, had a great conversation with us during our whole meal. Keep up the good work lipskys!
Isaac Wells
· December 8, 2015
The wood burning pizza oven is pretty cool.
The employees were super nice to us.

First Jamaican Cookout of the summer starts today! Noon-7 pm. Jerk Chicken & Pork, BBQ Ribs, Red Snapper, and more!! Stop out for Father's Day!

We are proud to announce that we have SOLD our restaurant Lipsky’s Pizza and Burgers!! We will remain open for business through Sun Mar 25th .Then the proud new owners of WICKED TOMATO PIZZA & BISTRO will take over. A 5 week shutdown will reopen May 1st with a new look ,new menu and FREE DELIVERY! A few favorites like fire-baked crusts, fresh bay perch & delicious burgers will remain. AND YES the Jamaican Cookouts will continue to be run by us ,Todd and Andrea Lloyd for now so please come to Dyckesville to support and welcome the new owners come May and join us every Sunday beginning Fathers Day for our Authentic Jamaican Cookout 12 noon -7 pm See you there!!

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