Season greetings everyone!!

This Christmas, 2017, Literary Earth has prepared a special package for you.

A group of Writers, devoted their time to producing a book specially for you this season


The book, 'The mystery in the box,' is a collection of short stories, written by different authors, with a Christmas theme.

Stories in this book range from horror, mild romance, to every other thing that can happen during the Christmas period.

So, don't you think you should have more than fried-turkey this Christmas?

Well, we think you should. It goes well with any dish you prepare. It's simply delicious... Yummy!

The book costs $5 (its worth less than a candy bar😁) .

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The Mystery in the box is a collection of stories that drives you deep into the Season of Christmas. Is it the lady who was born to a father whose joy was to kill during Christmas, or the young girl who wished to see her dead twin, or the man who found something of value when trying to help a you...
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In the very core of me! I see feel his eyes burrowing through me Lying here in my naked body waves lapping over me like a lover's arms surrounding embracing me And with the flow goes I intrinsically Calling on to me I hear in my memory, of times past When all the time, in the world he had for me… [ 309 more words ]…/…/10/the-core-of-me/

In the very core of me! I see feel his eyes burrowing through me Lying here in my naked body  waves lapping over me  like a lover’s arms surrounding embracing me And with the flow g…

Literary Earth is publishing its first magazine issue in January 2018. All interested writers should submit their works following the guidelines

Nov 25, 2017 - Feb 1, 2018
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Literary Earth Magazine launch in 2018. Call for writers and graphic designers to partake. Check the submission guidelines on

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In your superiority, you took your stance Like an Emperor! Looking hot as a burning star Burning incandescently within me What were a girl meant to see! In your stance giving not an inch you see You stood gazing at me; Standing by, his chariot you should have seen; Deeply rutted in the indentations of my mind I stood looking at you as you came by me… [ 360 more words ]

When she sees her knight in shining armour….

ABUSE HER February 19th 2013 Whimpering sounds. I could hear them. Whipping sounds. I could feel them on me. The lashes hard, stroking my bared-back. For a while, I had become numb to the pain. Then, he whipped my back one more time. The pain registered through this time. I broke down, laid flat on the ground and begged him to stop. [ 876 more words ]…/08/08/a-naked-womans-purpose-ab…/

She may not believe in fairytales but she’s about to be in one. One similar to the beauty and a reformed beast.

Twenty-three years of my life, three hundred, sixty and five days per year, my fingers worked their way into a story. Mother once told me I was constantly rapping on the sides of her womb with my tiny phalanges, creating an effect that was supposed to feel like tickles but ended up being cramps. I had no idea what that meant till five years after; when I reached teen age. [ 673 more words ]

“You’re a disgrace to the Chemistry students and the entire World of Science and Technology. You think you’ll make your mother proud?….”

MEMORIES OF SAM Samuel was my best friend. We rode our bikes through the dead tracks of the old train lines, each day after school. Her chocolate glittering skin shining along with the reflection of the sun as we both screamed riding in continuous circles, for then we didn’t give a care. Despite my fading memory, I can still remember the harmonious beats from sticks hitting the metal cans we played and sang along to typical children songs. [ 521 more words ]…/02/a-naked-womans-purpose-1/

My life had become the empty hollow of parent’s expectations and societal values. I had lost my innocence and came face-to-face with the reality of the so-called “life”

INTRODUCTION Growing up, I lived in the castle of my dreams. Each chamber represented a fantasy I wanted to share with as many who could pay close attention to hear the silent screams of my wandering thoughts. It took only a few years to realize life isn’t what it seemed. Fairytales did not exist. No. No Cinderella and her one nightstand turned avenue for her prosperity with a rich prince. [ 381 more words ]

It made me wonder. What truth lied between the essence and existence of humanity? What was life?

Life is over. You're dead. You know there's nothing left. Shades of various colors have been thrown at you. You've definitely had it all. You wait patiently for the end. You wait for the exact moment death comes knocking at your door. You wait till life becomes past. I sat on the queen-size bed in the four cornered bedroom I like to call my shell, dwelling on the fact that I haven't stepped a foot out of the yellow-painted square egg for fifty seven months. [ 574 more words ]

Literary Earth launches with ‘Rebirth’. A writer is always faced with challenges. And at every point in time, he is willing to give up. A thin thread holds him down. What if that thread……/03/26/daughters-of-eve-episode…/

Daughters of EVE......................Athan * Thana

Athan took few steps backwards before turning to walk out of the hotel. She fought back the tears that wanted so desperately to fall out of her eyes. She hated herself more for not knowing about th…