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Saturday March 17 happy St.Patrick's day see all you lucky people today!!!!

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If the Burger's and fries don't let look like this .......ahh you might be eating at the wrong place!!!

Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food
Better late then never.. come and get it..
Albion College Swim Team invades the Lunch Box..
Come and support Anna and Carl as they fill in for Sue..
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Janice Fleming
· March 9, 2018
It took me a year to get in here and I would wait another year if I had to. The food, the atmosphere, the coffee, that damn puzzle (lol) all worth the wait. Thank you for being so hospitable and warm.�
Avalon Favela
· October 1, 2017
Good food and lovely service! Great place to get a home cooked meal♡
Melissa Brown
· June 26, 2017
Went for the first time (tried before and was closed, twice). It was ok. However a few days later I find that it's the place for gossip; to be spread. It will be the last time I go because of the a...ssumption made. (Apparently private matter discussed in low tones is the assumption more than a family issue is going on)
So if you want to chit chat about private issues this is not the place for "food for thought."
However if you are a nosey's a great place to find out who did what (or assume there is something going on).
Update: as you see from the comments it's definitely a place for drama. And as we stay..a woman and her child..came in..sat..waited..didn't get a hi be with you..and they left. You're lucky if you get a sign..(1st time no sign as to being closed then 2nd time a sign so a hit and miss) of being closed.
BLT was soggy. Whatever was hashed out for my BIL reminds me if what you would get at Waffle House.
So on my is a dive..but not the greatest dive. And we should have left when we were told oh so and so are friends...but we stayed and kept the family matter convo to a private whisper. Sorry that I care I enough for my brother in law to respect him enough..just to bad we didn't get that respect either...and still keeping the review decent vs how upset my BIL was..thinking we could go some where to talk without waking my husband who works 3rd shift. Like I matters, marriage issues, kid rearing...not a place for food for thought but a place to shoot the crap with ppl who want to hear it.
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Nick Dfwu
· December 23, 2015
Hi I just wanted to say I came in a few days ago for a pick up and oh my god you have the best food ever it was my first time getting food from your little red lunch box I'm going to make sure I get m...ore food from there and also y'all are nice people have a bless day and merry Christmas See More
Josh C Noakes
· December 23, 2015
Best little place in Albion to eat!

I have always loved this place. Great food. good prices. It is a truly personal experience each and every visit. The only thing I regret is I had not been there years until I signed up to be a taste tester. The new menu is refreshing! The dad special is a powerhouse breakfast that is a force to be reckoned with. But by far my new favorite burger on the planet is the one that i had there today! Perfectly cooked Burger with onion rings and my all time fave...reeses peanut butter cup!! AMAZING!!! I will get it with bacon next time!!! See More
Mickey Molly Benson
· September 15, 2017
Delicious food and friendly people! Possibly my favorite place here in Albion.
Patrick J. Olson
· March 14, 2017
I love this place ...I travel all the way from Valdez,Alaska too eat here and visit with Sue and my is great ,just like moms home cooked meals .....
Until next Time Sue ........�
James Eineder
· January 15, 2017
Great fun place to eat.known sue for ever. I live in Grand Rapids make a point to stop in when I'm down in the area and she's open.
Hazel Lias
· February 1, 2016
Well, I've lived in Albion for a very long time and I had my first visit to The Little Red Lunch Box about a month ago. My friends, Louis and Sheryl took me there....What a treat! The atmosphere was p...leasant and relaxing and the food was very good! Sue, her husband and her regular customers are very friendly.
Sue should have been a Chemist
( lol ), because she can mix up stuff ( food)that most people would not think of putting together and she can talk you into liking it ( lol )!

Thank you Sue, for helping us make my girlfriend Kay, birthday brunch special !!!
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Erica Scholten
· December 19, 2015
From 3 hours north stopped in this morning! To have delicious well served portion of breakfast! And will say little Ryan was the best server with very welcoming customer service.....thanks for the awe...someness and friendly welcome ....good to kno little ma n pa restaurants still holding on strong in today's economy! See More

Are you tired of the way a picture shows you one thing and you get another ......well not here ....we have the meat....see you soon!!!!

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Here's the steps to nacho supremeo.......

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Yes yes it's true I'm here and here's the menu for you !!! March 15 2018 Thursday !!! See you soon!//

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OK let's try this again third ones the charm same menus but I'm reallllly here today come on in see you soon!!!

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OK let's try this again ...March 13 2018 same thing I posted yesterday but didn't make it ........things happen..... Appointment was important so.........see you today instead......

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It's Monday March 12 2018......things are looking up .....let's start this week With great specials .......Homemade sloppy Joe's the old-fashioned way! Served with the giant Onion rings!!!/// Start with a ham and cheese omelet with American fries and toast .......And everyone's favorite soup Hobo!!!!! See you soon!!! Dessert to follow!!!!!

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Saturday March 10 2018 I'm here and ready to serve you !!!!! Get a great breakfast without leaving town! See you soon!!!!

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Back on track!!! Good to be here as always best place to be for me!!!! It's Friday and the best Burger's are right here and on special every Friday so why waste you money on others when you know where the meat is!!!! See you soon!!

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I'm here here's the specials see you soon ....dessert to follow soon ...yum yum!!

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Late late late but I'm here see you soon !!!!!!

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So I've been on the right track but as my luck gos the GMC Acadia broke down on Friday so I thought I had it fixed and of course Wrong!!!! So Saturday it was supposed to be fixed again.......Not!!!! So had it towed to College Chevrolet and still not fixed ......And no rental cars available... .Of course!!! So if one comes available I will see you tomorrow .......If not .......Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2 2018 Burger Bonanza!!!! Pick a burger add a fries or soup or chili for just $7.99. Make it a jumbo burger for $8.99 ...... Have a breakfast of $6.99 or more and get a free coffee that's a $1.50 savings !!!!! Save your money to have a great weekend !!!! See you soon!!

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It's cold outside!!!!! Chill is a good day for Chili ...... Come in and get warm with a bowl of chili and double grilled cheese on Texas toast!!! See you soon!!!!