Check out Episode EIGHTEEN of our Diver's Den® Aquatic Insider featuring Eric Radi! This episode showcases the next generation Fluval Plant Spectrum LED Light Fixture utilized over a planted freshwater aquarium setup.

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Fluval Plant Spectrum LED Light Fixture

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3-3/4” Captive-Bred Redtail Leopard (LDA-007) Plecostomus (Pseudacanthicus sp.) coming in today's Diver's Den®.

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Jackie Preston
· February 10, 2018
I bought a bonded pair of Captive-Bred Picasso Onyx Percula Clownfish from LiveAquaria. On arrival one of the clowns had some white bumps under its mouth. A few days later the clown fish died. They wo...uld not give me the full refund because one of the fish were still alive. The point of the bonded pair was to have the pair not just one lonely fish. See More
Jennifer Overdorf Donahue
· December 8, 2017
Live Aquaria to the rescue today! Of course I ordered fish right before it snows in Atlanta. No problem - the fish arrived just as scheduled, UPS handed the cold box off, but when I opened it the fis...h were toasty warm in a cooler with their own personal little heater pack. Not my first order and definitely not my last. The fish are now acclimating - they look great, so I don't expect any issues (but if anything happens, customer service will be very helpful, no doubt). See More
Adam Robert
· February 14, 2018
Great selection of fish, I spent a few hundred dollars to restock my tank. I properly acclimated them etc, with in a week every single one of them were dead. I contacted the company who basically told... me I did something wrong and they wouldn’t refund my money. The fish I ordered were also so small that you almost couldn’t even see them in the aquarium! A few were the same size as the flakes that I use for food!! Won’t order again. See More
Shawn Shelton
· January 4, 2018
I made my first online purchase for fish through these guys. Just set up a new tank and I was having a hard time finding the fish I want all at one place. All the fish arrived within 24 hours of being... shipped. All the fish are in the tank now and doing really well. No signs of any disease or injuries. Very happy! I'll be making another order soon. See More
Jeffrey Howard
· September 9, 2017
Received my first shipment from them today. 5 different tangs and 2 lightning maroon clowns and 2 frostbites. All but two were Divers Den. The quality was excellent throughout. What struck me was the ...packaging. Having worked in the industry in my younger days and receiving shipments of fish. These people know how to ship a fish! Huge bags, plenty of water, some triple bagged, pumped full of O2, black outs between the bags...boxes cushioned with foam peanuts and cold packs. I took 4 hours to acclimate and they came out perfect. Very impressed! I ordered for Saturday delivery, and when I woke up Saturday morning the shipments had arrived at my local airport but since they arrived at 8:45 the delivery was rescheduled to Monday. I called customer service and they called UPS. The delivery date was changed within a few minutes and it was delivered by noon. 2 hours late, but better then Monday. Truthfully, after seeing the packaging, although I wouldn't want to try it, I wouldn't be surprised if they could have survived that. Very good customer service and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended! Building my second order now for next week. See More
Carla John Davis
· September 19, 2017
WOW great work LiveAquaria! I live 40+ miles from my nearest pet store (which is prone to diseased stock). Mail order has always been a better option for us. Tried LiveAuaria this past week and could ...not be happier. From L.A. to South Carolina in 24hrs, the delivery was perfect, packaging was great, and my new babies are super healthy and loving their new home. I had a small issue after delivery and contacted customer support. Professional, knowledgeable, and holy smokes, they are one of the few companies that actually honors their warranties and livestock guarantees. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience. You have a customer for life! See More
Brooke Imsand
· September 21, 2017
If no stars was an acceptable review that's what they would receive. Absolutely deplorable is an understatement. I ordered a shipment of fish and one arrived with ich and others arrived with fin rot. ...Literally lost the entire order and now having to treat my entire 75 gallon and will probably lose more fish I've had for a long time. Totally ridiculous. Please do not order from this company you're liable to lose your whole tank. See More
Joshua Scott
· February 12, 2018
Terrible experience, I ordered $110 worth of clean-up crew pack and half the stuff arrived dead (meat chunks and the smell of death) I've emailed twice asking what to do being that there's a 14 day "g...uarantee" and 5 days later I still haven't gotten a response. I will never order from here again. See More
Jewel Gavin
· October 13, 2017
I ordered off liveaquaria a few weeks ago.. I ordered 3 dwarf hermit crabs 2 scarlet hermit crabs 2 feather dusters Blue Cespitularia and hodags montiporifa 2 dragonface pipefish and 2 blue neon star... damsel fish.
I received my hermits feather duster and corals all on time. The pipefish and damsels we're on back order. 2/3 dwarf hermits where dead and my hodgas was all broken apart. My scarlet hermit crabs where very large and beautiful and my blue Cespitularia was very small but it seems to be doing great and very beautiful as well. I was upset about my dead specimens but I called and the customer service was great he said sorry and didn't hesitate to fix it he placed the money back onto my card. One of the feather duster I was unsure if was alive or not but recently came out of the tube and just hanging there I took a photo sent it to customer service and waiting to hear back.
Today I received my back order. One pipefish dead and missing my damsel fish. I called again the customer service was great she didn't hesitate to refund me for the pipefish and the missing damsel.
But overall, won't be ordering from them again (possibly way down the road).. I just get my hopes up then when I open the packages I find dead specimens just to bummed out.
See More
Matt White
· November 5, 2017
BUYER BEWARE! We ordered snails and crabs from LiveAquaria (Drs. Foster and Smith) and we were sent what is called an ammonia bomb. A bag full of dead and decaying turbo snails, that when we introduc...ed them in our marine aquarium created a toxic condition which killed $1000s of dollars worth of fish, corals and invertebrates.

Customer Service would only refund us for the dead snails but not for the colossal damage they did to our aquarium.

Think twice!
See More
Rylee Marie
· December 30, 2017
All our fish have come from Live Aquaria. Great customer service and wonderful fish. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. We also visited the DIVERS DEN and all we can say is what an amazing facility. Can’t wai...t to go again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their business. See More
Scottie Damron
· October 24, 2017
I switched to your salt mix and i could not be happier, i was having alk. Issues like crazy high numbers and i was to the point of pulling my hair out. Now that I've made the switch i could not be hap...pier your salt parameters and spot on. My corals are doing amazing now, thank you for creating live aquaria salt. See More
Chris Gatti
· September 8, 2017
Never again will I order from them I get the referguiam starter and it came with all cheato when it said other algae were in stock.
A week later 4 out of the 7 chromis died and my Singapore is in qt a...s of now.
None of the other tank mates are doing this bad.
Buy from your local store....
See More
Louis Jay
· October 11, 2017
Most of the fish were ridiculously small. Some showed up dead and orhers died a few hours or days after.
Only a few survived. The ones that sirvived are doing great but still way too small for the price!
Nate Jackson
· October 13, 2017
I ordered three pairs of guppies, only receiving two even tho they were all listed as in stock. The fish I did receive came in cloudy, stinky water. Fish have been on meds and a hassle every since. I' lost one from each pair. Would not recommend. See More
Marie Schultz Clark
· January 2, 2018
Received 1 of my 16 fish dead. Got a refund on it. No problem. Could have gotten a replacement but I opted for the refund. Now my 15 new fish have ICH (showed up 4 days after receiving them)., they are quarantined in a separate tank but it’s just irritating. Hoped they would, somehow, be healthier than the local fish store’s fish. So much for hoping. �� Oh, and one of my fish looks weird— face looks like it’s pinched smaller than an average Tetra fish... He is sort of “deformed/unique” in appearance. And yet ANOTHER fish looks like it has some kind of “wasting” disease— super skinny with a sunken area right behind his head. And when I say skinny, I mean PAPER thin. I bought GloFish tetras and 6 baby Florida Flag Killifish. The Florida Flags are seemingly ok but they are still in a tank now with highly-contagious ich. So if my 16 fish?... 1 deformed, 1 wasting/emaciated, and 1 deformed. Thanks. ���� When I called LiveAquaria to tell them about my super skinny fish (wasting disease can be caused by sooooooo many things!) they said he may have been stressed from shipping. Yeah? Became emaciated between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning? Really? LOL

Update: My 3rd order from LiveAquaria all arrived alive. 1 pristella Gold Tetra died after he arrived. The other 16 are still kicking but developed Ich 3 days after arrival. Heat treatment & Paraguard are working well so far. One red GloFish was COVERED in ich, worse than my last batch. Wasn’t sure he would do ok but he did. I’m also feeding metronidazole & garlic flake food from Ken’s Fish website. The fish go crazy over it and they can get the meds internally.

Will I ever order again? Probably not. � Had 3 blah experiences. Apparently if you are wanting ich at a 100% guarantee, this is the place to shop. Sighhhhhhhhh
See More
Eric Tuthill
· September 8, 2017
Beware the angel Rams. Bought two of them, one died in the guarantee period. Got a new fish sent out, it showed up dead in the bag. Customer representative would not replace that fish unless I paid... 30$ shipping. So somehow it's my fault it showed up dead in the bag. Don't think I will order from these guys again. See More
Samuel Salerno
· August 5, 2017
It seems like the quality of Live Aquaria's fish has suffered after Petco bought them. The guppies I ordered looked nothing like the fish pictured on their website. They were a completely different an...d inferior strain. All of the fish from my order with the exception of the angelfish were sick and died within a few days of receiving them. Their customer service is also terrible now. I will never order through Live Aquaria again and don't suggest them to anyone. See More
Pat Wykoff
· December 28, 2017
Liveaquaria has outstanding team making sure your needs are met have a coral I ordered won't open they gave me store credit right away no questions asked I just made another order can't wait to see ho...w this one turns out but so far it's been great. See More
Gary Fornato
· September 6, 2017
Bought SW fish from LA twice. First time I bought a butterfly and he came in not eating and a month later died. The second time I ordered from them, I got a goby and he was QT. When I put him in my tank my whole tank got wiped out from velvet. Horrible experience. They have nice looking fish but they do come in with diseases unfortunately. I did get my money back from the goby that died but I spent 100 and got free shipping but they subtracted a little bit off each fish so I didn't get the full amount back which is pretty bad See More