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Sherry A Barrett
· October 25, 2015
I have been living here for nearly 5 years....the maintenance is online request in the morning and by the time I am home from work....completed. ...No place is perfect and the office staff don't own the place they have guidelines too. They have always been kind and fair with me. With the integrated garages it's as close to home as an apartment home can be! See More
Ginna Miranda
· September 24, 2015
Horrible place to live the assistant manager of the facility doesn't know how to talk to people and the manager that just took over likes to send people to coll...ection over bogus claims. We paid our rent on time every month, never made one late payment, I moved out as soon as I realized that the office is not ran professionally. The assistant manager has trouble talking to people like they are human beings and when I realized this and decided to move I talked to the manager and got on a month to month lease and gave her my notice that I was moving out in thirty days the same day we signed our new lease. Two months after moving out I get a notice in the mail that I owe $989 when I contacted the office she couldn't tell my the last payment I made. (Aren't they suppose to have clear records of this?!!) She claimed we got two key cards with our lease when we only received one the whole time. When I told her that we had gave the notice and didn't owe this money she told me she had to look into my file!!! The manager attempted to charge me for items that she hadn't even looked up to see that I owe.... This place will extort you! Not only that but if the assistant manager does not like you she will send your mail back, MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! And guess what?! She doesn't care if Christmas is right around the corner!!! I know multiple people that live here that refuse to speak with her. Needless to say, after repeatedly explaining to the manager that we did not owe any money, we only got one key card and that we left because the office was run poorly she sent us to collections, our lawyer is now contacting them. It looks like a nice place to live, but it's hard to live some where that you don't even want to pick up your packages at the office because of how poorly your treated. I'll never refer another person to live here again. See More
Jody Coletta
· September 16, 2016
I am happy here. I have been here 4 plus years and am surprised by the degree of "unhappiness" some people are expressing. Prices are going up a bit.. But the s...taff are nice and the amenities are extensive.
I think the property is well kept up. They are extraordinarily pet friendly. You can live as quietly as you might want.. .. Or walk through lovely on -site paths.. Or get busy with all the amenities and meet people. Parking availability is fine. The location is "primo". Adjacent (without being noisy or too busy) to every kind of shopping or restaurant you can name.. Or need! Located minutes from I -75.... A lot of pluses.. I am NOT having the negative experiences that a few people are speaking of and I see that the majority of us ( that wrote in here) see to enjoy living here.
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David Paul Barron II
· June 11, 2014
Nothing like getting off duty to find a tow notice on you suv. Had to call Ocala Police Department to ensure I was parked correctly to which I was. Renter bewar...e...looks cozy and nice however you will be harassed for petty things. I pay my rent on time and play by the rules. I have also been forced to file a formal complaint with there head office. Be sure to check you apartment for mold. See More
Cassandra Edwards
· October 24, 2015
Not luxury by any means... They put more time and effort into the office and pool, but everything from the carpet to the appliances are outdated in the units. Also, many residents' chief complaint is problems not being taken care of properly. I had it better for $300 cheaper at Deerwood.
Ken Smith
· May 5, 2015
As a multi-year resident, I can state without equivocation, my extraordinary fondness for the Estates at Heathbrook. From the well manicured grounds, the prompt... and courteous maintenance crew and the ever helpful front staff, lead by Debbie, it was HOME. I was treated like family and I'm confident many others feel the same way. Having recently moved out of the area for an excellent job opportunity, I look forward to visiting soon and seeing my Heathbrook friends and family. If you are looking for housing, there is no finer apartment community in Ocala. Period! See More
Mary Olieman
· March 2, 2014
This August will be 3 yrs. I love it here. Its the only place I've lived here in Ocala. I had a problem when I 1st moved in some kids went around and threw eggs... at random apartments. It was resolved right away. No problems since.
All of the staff memebers are friendly and helpfull. ♥♡♥♡♥
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Timothy Shedd
· May 5, 2015
We have been living here at The Estates at Heathbrook for over 4 years now. We have made many friends who are now part of our extended family. Management has been wonderful and continues to strive to make some major improvements. Be patient as all good things take time and hard work.
Jenifer Elizabeth Byrne
· October 28, 2015
Used to long ago, but not anylonger. I have lived here 7 years and seen the decline. Sad. Not worth the $. You pay luxury prices, you expect luxury...
Tory Montalvo
· January 5, 2015
Making you pay crazy amounts of money for nothing and then treating the people that lived there like crap is not ok. Bad reviews all around.
Jennie Friedman
· June 29, 2015
Love living here! I could not ask for a better place. The staff is also wonderful and accommodating
Sherri Johnson
· November 21, 2015
Only been here a few days and have not quite got settled in yet.....but so far, I love it. I will keep you updated.
Peg Guiley
· November 27, 2013
It's fantastic! Couldn't ask for a better place to live!
Ashish Dhar
· March 30, 2014
Best place to be in Ocala...coming from feels home. Love this place. Highly recommended
Shane Chung
· December 23, 2015
Started out nice, but definitely regressing. Look around.
Bernadette Chung Plummer
· August 2, 2013
Love it!!! Great place to call home!!!
Kennett Cowan
· December 19, 2013
Too much turkey bacon and Penguin fans out there lol
Sophia Stone Allen
· May 17, 2014
Great community

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