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Julia Kamiel
· October 24, 2017
I wish to express my deep concern over the sponsorship by the LAUSD of two anti-Israel workshops within the October 21st “Learning about Islam and the Arab World” teacher in-service training offering ...salary points to teachers as an incentive. These workshops were not publicly listed, indicating they were being offered under the radar. The two workshops are “Palestine-Israel and the Arab Israeli Conflict” and “Palestine Today: No Way to Treat a Child.”

The only reading material offered for the “Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict” is completely one-sided, presenting a biased and ideologically anti-Israel narrative. The title of the second workshop is the same as an international propaganda campaign called “No Way to Treat a Child,” a “joint project of Defense for Children International - Palestine and American Friends Service Committee.” Both NGOs support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. BDS leaders have repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction. The “No Way to Treat a Child” campaign accuses Israel of falsely imprisoning Palestinian children, without mentioning that Palestinian youth are routinely indoctrinated to commit violence against Israelis, soldiers and civilians alike. The main sponsor of the seminar and these workshops is Fellowship of Reconciliation, which also supports BDS. The politicized bias of these workshops is inconsistent with California’s educational standards and the academic commitments of Los Angeles. Such a one-sided presentation of the historically complex and nuanced Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not serve the cause of education in the LAUSD. Indoctrination to any political cause does not belong in the classroom.

I urge you to hold a balanced in-service training on this important topic, which presents Israel’s side of the story fairly. I also urge you to withdraw sponsorship of any future Fellowship of Reconciliation Seminars, until they ensure that their workshops on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict no longer involve political indoctrination.
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Alex Barder
· December 2, 2017
The best thing we ever did was leave the LAUSD. The handling of the Porter Ranch Gas leak by the Superintendent was disastrous. Frankly, I feel that the district is partly liable for all the kids... getting sick. Their delayed reaction in moving the kids out of the schools was in absolute breach of their obligation to take care of the children in the district. See More
Adriana Andersen
· February 13, 2018
Grateful for the city and all the people who try to educate the millions of children here in Los Angeles. Parents / People aren't perfect but we keep on learning.
Sending strength and blessings to al...l the teachers/workers of LAUSD. See More
Ernie Martinez
· October 5, 2017
As a former teacher my only gripe is how I have been getting the run around in in getting a simple verification sent to my current school district where I'm teaching. I enjoyed being a LAUSD Teacher i...n spite of upper management problems, I had wonderful colleagues that I taught with. Now, can you please quit giving me run around and help me out with my request? I sent his back in August and September and still nothing. See More
Susy Lianti
· August 12, 2017
Dear sir/madam.

Hello,my name is Susy, from Indonesia,...
In this letter I would like to announce you to consider if you hire my husband Paul Stacklin,57 ESL American teacher at your institution.
(Attach is his picture).He is a z visa holder n get FEC which will expire on June 30.2017.
His passport number 452072532.

He might be in Ningbo zhejiang n finish his contract with Beilun middle school soon at the end of this month.

Many problem he got last 4 years since he left me with his two daughters in Indonesia, he kept moving from one country or city to others.
He should show letter of no objection from me as his wife to avoid court cases n I could possibly charge company which is hired him conspiration to hide him n run from his responsbility.

Also you could check his visa on his passport that he got 2 years contract at Semesta high school in central java between 2010 to 2012. As you know the owner of that school is affiliated to Fethulah Gullen foundation in Turk which did coup to Turk government, that foundation is join group with moslem radicalist group or ISIS.

Besides,his right ear is totally deaf so make him not eligeble as a language teacher.
I wonder parents would mad to send their children to this kind of educator.

Most important schools,institution,and recruiter have to avoid and stay away to his serious problem on court and beaurocracy.

He was in kunming,Gansu,Xian Shaanxi,n Zhejiang Ningbo,n keep move on new school term.
Please let me know where is he in the new term if you know,n dont need to mention him about this letter.Let US embassy call him up.
Im going to upload on youtube if US embassy in China protect n hide him.

I heard he was hide by Shanjiago org, contact person Cynthia (chinese),mobile:8615898910721,or 8618363032108,coul be cooperation to cheat Beilun mid school in Ningbo,

Thank you for your cooperation.

Susy Stacklin
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Kasey Kennedy
· November 23, 2017
Once again LAUSD has let me down
Didnt get my check so there will be no thanksgiving this year at my home. Was never dismissed early from work day before thanksgiving. Still haven’t got the ot i worke...d hard for. I disappointed in my employer, my city, but even more disappointed at myself for letting them treat employees like this especially around the holidays. Thanks for not putting employees as a priority See More
Katherine Beesten
· November 2, 2017
The school district won’t tell you, but they have lost 13,000 students since last year. And by the way, that’s since they passed the mandatory vaccine law. That’s $67,600,000 in tax payer money the sc...hools have lost. No one should EVER be forced to be injected with the long list of neurotoxins, carcinogens, and aborted baby cells, and dead animal cells, along with heavy metals. Dr. Pan and all those who pushed to pass this law along with the big pharmas are all making big bucks as the schools suffer. Insane. See More
Mika Bee
· November 8, 2017
All schools say "No child left behind" but I actually feel like that is almost a joke here now with lausd. My child was denied benefits because his school would not sign a form that we needed for his ...well being. Not only that, made up a "policy" that is not in any policy book lausd has fyi. I think this is total bs and things need to change. See More
Jill Franklin
· March 6, 2018
Kids are being killed in schools all over this country but LAUSD is doing NOTHING to keep our kids safe. No Active Shooter Drills. No discussion. The teachers are trying hard but they are overwhelmed ...and exhausted. The facilities are falling apart. Kids can’t shower after PE because the plumbing hasn’t worked in years. I grew up in LAUSD, K-12. I’m so sad to experience it as a parent. It’s so pathetic. See More
Igor Volochkov
· August 18, 2017
Yesterday, after school, district principals received official district information regarding procedures for Monday, during the Solar Eclipse time....“To ensure the safety of all students and staff, L....A. Unified is implementing a special schedule around the solar eclipse….. students who are not participating in an approved activity to observe the eclipse are to remain indoors from 9:00 AM to noon.

I spent hundreds of dollars for special equipment to let my daughter to see THIS is once in a LIFETIME event.

We no need this kind of education!!! School not a jail !
She will not to go to school
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Crystal Coffman
· August 8, 2017
I'm not sure yet how I feel. The PASSport system is not updated to the 2017-2018 year yet and I have not been added to 2 of my children accounts. I'll upgrade my opinion later to hopefully more stars....
I appreciate the attempt at healthy food. What I wish is someone edits a little better that the kids eat and not throw food away just to go play. The education system should be the highest paid system there is. Along with the Dept of Children & Family services.
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Dorothy Coleman Pincus
· August 9, 2017
LAUSD has been a source of information for my kids. I love that the district is always inviting me to become part of the extended programs they offer. I actually moved from Culver City district to LAU...SD because they provided more resources for me and my family. Thank you LAUSD for always trying to improve the system.

The only thing I wished our district would consider is going back to school after Labor day in Sept. August is one of the hottest months in the summer and it'd be nice to give the kids that extra time off...
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Cindy Stevens
· July 11, 2017
A Los Angeles commission on Monday voted to give members of the L.A. Board of Education a 174 percent raise that increase their pay from $45,637 to $125,000 a year, The Los Angeles Times reported.
The... increase fell short a former member’s call to increase their salaries to match a city council member: $191,000 annually.
A first-year teacher in the city pulls in $50,368 to $80,116 a year.
The report said that board compensation is set by an outside comittee every five years. In 2012, the economy was blamed for no salary increase.
“It’s very obvious how much hard work the school board members put in day in and day out,” Efren Martinez, a commission member, told the paper. Martinez said that an average school board district is larger than City Council district. He called $125,000 “a good starting point.”
The LAUSD Board of Education Compensation Review Committee, a seven-member body, voted unanimously for the raise. The committee is set up by officials outside the school district.
The report said that most board members carry a heavy workload.
The school board election was last month and its new majority is backed by charter school advocates, The L.A. Daily News reported. One of the biggest challenges that the board will have to reportedly confront will be labor negotiations.
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Steph Gamez Iñiguez
· June 3, 2017
I really think you should change school lunches for next school year I had my son losing weight because the school pre frozen lunches are just nasty. He brought me lunch box that they give him at scho...ol I try it and it was disgusting no flavor it looks like they just heat it in a microwave seriously what is the point of having a kitchen at school if they not eating healthy and good food kids are really tired of school lunch box is the same food every week frozen pancakes frozen pizza frozen cheese burger frozen hot dog I know is free lunch but they are kids I think they deserve more than just the frozen easy to heat food. See More
Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic
· October 30, 2017
LAUSD is the worst run district in the country. They are illegally charging Parents to volunteer, as well as keeping us from volunteering in our own schools.
Marcela Serrano
· September 3, 2017
Thank you very much for supporting
Houston, Texas, 🇺🇸
Thank goodness 😅 and the family members who are also dealing with their family and family members who are also members of the service and Commun...ities.
Together we will be able to achieve a successful recovery from the global financial System, transitioning successfully from dependency to independence
The Texas Community is extremely thankful with your caring thoughts and financial support. Thank you 😊 thank you 😊 thank you 😊!
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Sara L Phillips-Ritchey
· January 7, 2018
Dear Educators,
I understand you are considering that students in your care be initiated into the practice of Transcendental Meditation. I would like to share my story with you.
When I first signed in agreement for my son to learn Transcendental Meditation as part of his "health" class at a San Francisco public high school, the permission slip claimed a participatory activity that was scientifically proven, and non religious. It was NOT generated by the school, or even kept on file on campus, which seems to me to be an illegal breach of privacy, and demonstrates the degree to which we were “signed over” to an entity not properly vetted. It was in English only, an unusual omission given that the majority of our parents speak other languages at home. In addition, there was no box to check for “opt out”, a large portion of the grade depending on participation, which seemed to me to be open to perception as coercion. At my son’s request, I grudgingly signed.

After asking how the class was progressing, I was surprised and concerned to hear from my son that small groups of students, 2 or 3 at a time, were being taken out of class by a person who was not the teacher, and barely known by them. Determined to find out what was happening to his fellows, I dug through page after "google" page of slick, self-promotion and exaggerated claims, (including the ultimate ability to levitate and other "magic" powers). When I finally persisted beyond the advertising, I discovered (all of this being later confirmed by the principal in front of witnesses, and in writing) that the students were being taken to a small, darkened room with the windows papered over, put in front of a candle-lit altar with a picture of a guru on it, given a tray of offerings, invited to bow, while a person not an SFUSD accredited teacher sang prayers in Sanskrit. Moreover, I discovered that the students were being given the tantric names of Hindu gods to repeat (easily recognizable with the smallest amount of research from lists compiled by former practitioners, and clearly not “meaningless words”.) I immediately rescinded my permission. You might wonder why this was not described in the permission slip, or how asking parents to sign it might constitute informed consent. A little reading into the rare, but extremely harmful reaction to any kind of meditation that some describe might make you wonder why this was also not mentioned.

In addition, and most importantly, I was absolutely appalled to hear that the students were being told to keep their personal mantras secret from everyone, including their own parents. I hope you would agree that it should be obvious to any educator that minors should never, ever be taught by any adult to keep secrets from anyone, especially their parents. (Stephen Collins, a former director of the group licensing TM to public schools, confessed in 2014 to the sexual molestation of three 11 to 13 year old girls, one might assume, under conditions of broken trust and secrecy.) It seems to me that any responsible school official condoning this kind of secrecy clearly puts their legal and moral authority under serious jeopardy. It is a risk even more absurd considering that the students reputedly get the same word, based on age and gender.

In a meeting with school administrators, I was utterly shocked to hear them report how they had been "told that none of this constituted religion". I later discovered that the District lawyers had never been informed about any aspects of the initiation ritual, except for the mantras, which they had been told were "meaningless words". Moreover, the administrators at my son's school claimed that when they brought up the lawsuit of "Malnak versus Yogi", which set legal precedence defining these practices as based in religion, and therefore unconstitutional in a public school, this was denied. I would suggest that this case would be well worthy of your careful consideration.

After I, and other parents, expressed profound concern about what was going on, our confidence in the discernment and judgement of school and district administrators was severely, perhaps irrevocably shaken. I know of at least one student friend of my son who was ostensibly disturbed by the experience, and was left with confusion, doubt and diminished trust in the administrators who allowed this experience to happen to him.

Despite much hype in the press, TM in San Francisco public schools has been far from successful. Of the 6 that tried it, 5 terminated for a variety of reasons. At my son's school, it was ended after only a few months. Of approximately 34 teachers, only 2 voted to continue it, after discussion based, in part, on whether or not it was "all, or in part, religious", and that there would be strenuous and public objection from some parents. According to an informal conversation with the assistant principal at the one remaining school, poor participation and "goofing off" make it hard to continue. In addition, informal discussions with union leaders suggest many potential problems with staff contracts, cooperation with something highly controversial being arguably a requisite of their employment at participating schools.

Lastly, when my objections became known, I received a frightening and intimidating letter from an office of high-powered, expensive campaign lawyers.
Under such circumstances, hard indeed to preserve the trust of families and students.

I don't believe that you, or any single person, or entity, in my own described experience, have any thing other than the well being of the students at heart, or anything other than good intention.
However, is it possible to teach "self-guided relaxation" in a truly secular fashion in ways that do not risk the well being of your students? Clearly, yes. And at little, or zero cost. I suggest you consider them.

You must, of course, consider all viewpoints before you make your own decisions on this subject. Please note that all aspects of my personal story can be supported with documentary and testimonial evidence.

Thank-you for your time, and I hope that my story has been helpful to you.
A former San Francisco public school parent.
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Caesar Martinez
· January 16, 2018
i ask for urgent help about a high school diploma that needs a stamp to be use in other country and they never answer me , their online service is very slow never answer your questions
Monica Morales
· September 15, 2017
There is never enough supervision at my kids school during lunch time my kindergartner got hit in the head by a 1at grader and nobody even saw.
Lisa Girard Pugh
· February 9, 2018
LAUSD employees teachers who have lost their own children to foster care. Not sure I would want a teacher who is incapable of raising her own children teaching my child eight hours a day.
Graduates representing each board district presented their graduation speeches at today's LAUSD Board Meeting. Ellie Freeman - Grant HS, Jason Anderson - King-Drew Medical Magnet, Daniel Cabral - Eagle Rock HS, Crystal Gomez - Garfield HS, Conner Coady - University HS, Jihae Grace Snyder - Polytechnic High School, and Kalob Houston - Dorsey HS, conveyed the hopes and dreams of the Class of 2014.
Caroling students, from Ramon C. Cortines High School of the Visual and Performing Arts, delighted employees at LAUSD headquarters today. Singing holiday favorites, they strolled throughout the building. Click below to view a clip, and feel free to sing along! Thank you Cortines students.
Farewell Gale Gundersen from Van Gogh Charter ES
LAUSD Arts Education Branch added 12 new photos.

Students from Ninety-Third Street Elementary took a field trip to Paramount Studios earlier this week hosted by Nickelodeon Animation and organized by LAUSD Art...s Education Branch's Creative Industry Coalition. The students toured the lot, had a tasty lunch, and heard from the creators and art director of the show Knight Squad. It was a fun and educational experience day for the students as they received a behind-the-scenes look into the entertainment industry.

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Support #ArtsEducation and enjoy an evening of legendary music at LA Unified's first ever “We Are One!” A Benefit Concert for Arts Education on Thursday, April ...12 at 7:30 PM at The Music Center: Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles.

Act now to receive an early bird discount of 50% off tickets with promotional code LAUSDWAO! To purchase your tickets, click visit link below or call 213-972-8550.

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The Los Angeles Unified School District, in association with The Music Center, is producing a spectacular benefit concert for arts education with incredible celebrity performers and some of LA Unified’s most talented student artists. What better way to give back to your community than through nu....