Love My River Northwich works within our community to raise awareness of local rivers and watercourses and involve people in looking after them

A disturbing report here from Mike Duddy of the Mersey Basin Trust about a pollution incident on tbe River Irwell in Greater Manchester.

Am very saddened to report a catastrophic pollution incident has taken place on the River Irwell - affecting over 25 miles downstream of Rossendale - please click the link below for full details

Its saddens us to report that a significant pollution event has taken place affecting the River Irwell in Greater Manchester.

Our programme of River Walkover Surveys is really starting to give us some ideas of projects we would like to do in the future. Here are some ideas from around the UK of the kinds of projects we might be thinking about doing locally...…/caba_Workingforahea…

Fri 10:00 AM UTCGrozone Community GardenNorthwich, United Kingdom
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This Friday at Grozone...places still available on the Tools maintenance workshop.

Fri 10:00 AM UTCGrozone Community GardenNorthwich, United Kingdom

Happy New Year from Love My River - Northwich! We have some good stuff to look forward to in January.

As well as our regular walkover survey and Citizen Science work we have: a first aid course for Love My River volunteers next Tuesday 10th January; a training workshop on survey techniques for monitoring freshwater life on Saturday 21st January and a talk from Lee Meakin from the Environment Agency about the Agency's work at the beginning of our volunteer day on Thursday January. We also have some school sessions booked for this month, which we are really looking forward to.

For more information about our public events please see the Events section on this page, and if you are interested in booking an event for an educational group or community group you are involved with, please send us a message or email:

In the meantime you could check out the video below which shows some of the techniques we shall be learning about at our workshop on 21st January:

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One of a series of short films produced by the Field Studies Council's Tomorrow's Biodiversity Project. These films offer a 'beginner's guide' to biological ...

We found lots of Floating Pennywort during our walkover survey of the River Weaver last Thursday. It is a particularly Invasive Non-Native Species which you can learn about in this short video:

The Environment Agency says fast-growing floating pennywort is the most expensive of all aquatic weeds to control and is threatening to choke waterways in the South East.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today for a morning of filming with Justin and Fabrice of Neemo Life Communications Team. We showed them some of our Citizen Science methods, which they wanted to film to demonstrate some of the work being done as part of the local River Catchment Partnerships around the North West. Later in the day we took some samples for testing from two locations along the River Dane near the centre of Northwich. The film won't be ready for a little while, but you can see how another one of the tests we are doing works in this short film made by the University of Wisconsin. It tells us why and how to test for Turbidity and uses a turbidity tube and secchi disc similar to ours:

Learn Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring protocols to monitor transparency (aka turbidity) in streams.

Part of our 'Citizen Science' water quality monitoring work involves testing local watercourses for nitrates and phosphates which result from some types of pollution and can be harmful to wildlife communities. This short video from the Freshwater Habitats Trust shows how we will be carrying out these tests. When complete, we will be sending the results back to the Freshwater Habitats Trust and to the Environment Agency who are funding Love My River Northwich.

People, Ponds & Water. How to...use nutrient testing kits as part of the Clean Water for Wildlife survey. Please see our website for the health and safety ad...

Here is a really helpful short video explaining some of the kinds of things we are surveying for and raising awareness about within Love My River Northwich. Its why the Environment Agency are keen to support this type of community action to help improve local rivers...

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) became part of UK law in December 2003. As this short film shows it's not all about legislation - it's about del...

Now we have got to grips with our River Walkover methodology and started learning about the 'Citizen Science' water quality monitoring techniques, we have scheduled in a programme of public volunteer days between now and the end of March. These will be taking place on alternate Thursdays, starting on 1st December (with a break between Christmas and New Year) and one Saturday each month in January, February and March. A list of dates is available by clicking on the 'Events' tab on the Love My River Northwich Facebook page

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Thanks to everyone who came along to Love My River Northwich's first volunteer session yesterday! We got off to a great start with a total of 14 volunteers registering with the project. We spent time introducing the project and testing out the methodology for our walkover surveys and 'Citizen Science' water quality testing.

Can you please take 5 minutes to click this link, follow the instructions and then vote for our fish pass project on the River Goyt
We need your votes to win £22,000 for funding to enable construction work to take place
Please share with your contacts and on your facebook page - thanks

We are proud to be known for our in-depth expertise in river habitat and for having a practical, delivery focused approach, working in partnership with volunteers to deliver tangible and obvious improvements to river habitat for the benefit of trout and all wildlife; that’s what this project is all

Love My River Northwich is an exciting new project working within our community to raise awareness of local rivers and watercourses and involve people in looking after them.

We want local volunteers, community groups, businesses, schools and colleges to help us learn more about their condition and take part in practical action to improve them. You can get involved through our programme of:

• Walkover surveys which will help build a better picture of the condition of local ri...vers and the issues affecting them, as well as identifying any particular problems that need attention

• ‘Citizen Science’ sessions carrying out chemical, physical and biological testing to provide more detailed data on water quality to support the Environment Agency and other Conservation organisations’ work to protect the freshwater environment

• Practical Action days to deal with some of the problems or potential improvements identified on our Walkover Surveys and Citizen Science sessions. These could include: litter picks and clean-up days, controlling invasive non-native species, riverbank protection work, tree planting etc.

How to take part:

• Individual volunteers can get involved in our regular programme of Love My River Northwich public events

• Community Groups, Businesses and Educational groups can request their own Walkover Survey, Citizen Science or Practical Action event

• Tell other people about Love My River Northwich and encourage them to get involved!

For all enquiries please message us via or email:

The project is led by Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire and Merseyside with funding from the Environment Agency and support from the Weaver Gowy Catchment Partnership.

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