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Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, and Alex Shipp sip iced coffee, tell us what they liked most about their Love, Simon characters and what their favorite Oreo flavor is.

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Shane S. Lanning
· 3 hours ago
Watching this movie reminds me so much of me and I also had someone out me before I was ready. It was really hard growing up in a small community being gay and when everyone found out I got treated di...fferent. Some felt betrayed because I wasn’t truthful about who i was and others was afraid to be my friend in fear of being accused of being gay also. I am not openly out all the time but I am proud to be gay. And for anyone who is also going thru the same thing I am and always will be here to talk to . Just know you don’t have to go thru it alone. Love Shane S. Lanning See More
Abbey Relyea
· 3 hours ago
The movie was surprisingly hilarious, however, I loved the book more. I would give the movie 4 stars. Love, Simon was a really really good movie. I get it. Making a movie is different than reading a b...ook.
So here are a few things I really enjoyed about the movie:
1) I liked how they went through the mindset of Simon guessing who Blue is.
2) They took the main core themes and most of the main scenes from the book.
3) I could here the author’s words from the book translated to the script.
4) I love who they casted as Simon and his parents.

Well, all in all, I would watch this movie over again. I really did enjoy it, even if I decided to see it on a Friday night packed with a bunch of screaming high schoolers (I’d say with how loud they were screaming...The Movie is a hit).

Love, Abbey
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Thomas James Mundell
· 7 minutes ago
Finally.... a movie about the awkward gay high school experience that isn’t a horror story. This shows kids that are struggling that there will be teachers there to stand by you. There will be friends... to stand by you. And blood-related or not, there will always be a family to stand by you.... hell, if you’re reading this and you feel like you don’t have any of that... I will stand by you � See More
Caro M. Moilanen
· 5 hours ago
I had the opportunity to watch this movie tonight. It was one of the best movies Ive seen in a while and I loved it how it represented the reality of the minority who we sometimes do not seem to reali...ze. It reminded me again and again that everyone out there is fighting a different battle and how we should be kind to everyone.
I laughed, cried and loved every second of it. Thank you!
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Joe McDougall
· about an hour ago
Truly powerful. The movie is so authentic, and will be loved by all who see it--gay or straight. The writing and acting were phenomenal and is just a feel good movie. I know this movie will help start... conversations, and shed some light on the true emotions of being gay. It's not all rainbows and boa's, there are real people who are "normal" who are attracted to the same gender. I applaud the cast, crew, director, and writers for creating a beautiful movie. See More
Christopher Gross
· 16 minutes ago
I could not relate to his experience. However this was a good movie. It reminds me of an 80s movie. A little cliche but in the end a good good ending. It seems hollywood and books are getting the idea... in the end its not always breakups and people dying of AIDS thats makes a gay movie. It was a gay movie the main character is gay. The movie even though slow stays with the gay character. I wondered what a women knows of the gay experience this with out reading the book ....not bad. Good movie worth a watch. See More
Kasey Lewis
· 46 minutes ago
This is now my favorite movie. It is the first time I've truly saw my self and my friends and my family portrayed in an honest and heart warming way. I love the way it was done (particularly how they ...kept changing Blue to fit with Simon's imagination) the way he did a test coming out (I totally did that too), the way his family dealt with it, and literally everything else about it. Fabulous and brilliant! See More
Randy Pinol
· 3 hours ago
This incredible film recognizes the struggles of coming out in the modern age. A delightful story that reminds me of Sixteen Candles, the Breakfast Club, and Pretty In Pink...

Nick Robinson captures... the essence of a teenager who is coming to terms with his gay identity along with the fears, desires, conflicts and joys. I remember those feelings well and appreciate it’s portrayal on screen.

As they said in the movie: we’ve held our breath for so long; now it’s time to exhale. #ThxSimon
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Michael Holbrook
· 2 hours ago
This movie was so much more than I ever thought it would be! It made me cry and laugh and I loved every minute of it! It took me back to the times I struggled with coming out and it brought the true r...eality to light of what so many LGBT+ people struggle with everyday! No matter what sexuality you are this movie is truly amazing and is such an amazing story!

Love, Michael!
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Tony Baylor
· about an hour ago
This movie is nothing but inspiring and eye opening. I say this not only as a gay man that can relate to the main character but as, dare I say an older (mid 30’s) gay man that doesn’t always relate or... associate with the “gay culture”. To experience this movie in a theater filled with generation X’s and Y’s was a totally uplifting experience. I know that these generations get typically get flack for many things. I myself am guilty of even saying “these damn millennials”, however I will say that this is the generation of change and acceptance. To here the cheering and crying at certain parts of the movie by the crowd just fill my spirit with hope and awe. Love, Simon is an emotional roller coaster with many funny parts and some drama and to some maybe a teardrop. Great script and music that is nothing but perfect with some great acting. Please support this movie and the message of acceptance, and go watch this movie. Thank you for dragging me to this movie! See More
Vicki Rulli
· 3 hours ago
So many emotions for this movie. Knowing of friends who lived the story of Simon as teenagers...only I didn't know it until later. Knowing of friends now who still struggle. I took my 13 year old... daughter and her friends to our local theatre in Springfield, OH this evening. Not only were we moved by this film, but the entire theatre was literally cheering Simon on. See More
John R Mayhew
· 5 hours ago
Saw the movie last night... can't tell you how many touching moments there were. I was by far the oldest person in the theater and I cried like a baby. I connected to the story on such a personal leve...l. Brought me back to all those feelings I had 30 years ago. Thank you for making this movie. See More
Ben Mallender-Berg
· 4 hours ago
I actually cried during this movie as some scenes reminded me of my experience. It made the experience of coming out as relatable as the book did. Very inspiring and such a relief to see a Hollywood f...ilm finally get an LGBT character right. Funny and heartfelt, a must watch for those who have or currently are experiencing coming out. See More
Rick Green
· 3 hours ago
Excellent movie that shows the life of teen, his family and friends. Excellent portrayals by all the actors

So nice to see the primarily straight audience sigh and applaud in two scenes of the movie...

It's a shame the world was not ready for this film years ago
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Nat Jo
· 2 hours ago
I saw this movie tonight with my gay teenage son. The part that meant so much to both of us is when mom is talking with Simon about his struggles and coming out. Her telling him that she witnessed cha...nges in his teen years and that he was suffocating a part of who he is just floored both of us. I have more of an understanding of what gay teens go through. I love my son and I would say to any parent with a gay teen to learn, listen and love them. See More
Gabriel Julian Ochoa
· 53 seconds ago
This movie relates to you no matter what your lifestyle it's just an amazing simple but true to home story about love and finding your way. Highly recommend!! #lovesimon
Kelsey Nicole
· about an hour ago
Absolutely one of the best movies I have ever seen. I felt so connected to every character. I recommend everyone to go and see it. You won’t regret it!
Jake TwoShields
· about an hour ago
I'm 31 now, I came out in high school as well. It wasn't quite as festive as this movie but I loved all of it. ���� Glad there are movies like this now for the younger generation.
Seth Wilcoxon
· 2 hours ago
This is such a wonderful movie. I could relate to Simon at many points in the movie. I laughed and cried and thought about how we view and treat those close to us.
Johnny Lor
· 57 minutes ago
I absolutely love everything. It is an amazing and phenomenal movie. There isn't a signal thing that I would change. It made me cry, laugh, smile, and sad. The best part about the movie is that it's r...elatable. Like not all of it but just enough is relatable and I can't appreciate it enough. LOVE, SIMON is the one thing that I needed when I was in high school, and I'm glad it's finally here.

Best movie I've ever seen in so long.

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