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Thomas Jefferson Wedge is with Misty Wedge in Perth, Western Australia.

I knew this day would happen, but I didn’t know how soon.

I was driving in the car with Rosy today, and we were singing Christmas music.
(Jingle Bells is her fa...vourite…then Santa Claus is coming to town…in that order)

Somehow I mentioned how I had a mum who loved to sing carols, and I shared about how much she loved old musicals.
I started singing a song from “The Music Man” called “Iowa Stubborn”.
I told Rosy how my mum is now with Jesus, and that when she went to be with Jesus we put her body next to her mummy and daddy in Iowa, where grandma and grandpa’s mummy and daddy lived when they came to America from Norway.

I said that just down the road was a place called Minnesota where my mummy and daddy grew up.

Rosy looked at me with her sweet little face and said, “What’s Minnesota?”

And in one moment, I completely lost it.
Utterly and totally ugly lost it.

Instantly I was aware that this sweet little 2 year-old girl who is everything to me and my whole life here in Perth, Western Australia had absolutely and understandably no connection to the first forty-three years of my life, starting in a place called “The United States of America”.

I was acutely aware of the new life I have been given, in part still connected to the good of the past, forgiving the forgettable past, and moving into the blessings and gift of a beautiful future.

I was both shedding grief over losing both parents so young, yet filled with love to teach my girls about the best my parents had to give.

There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t even be able to tell this story but for the grace of God, and the love He has extended to me.

Life is precious and easy to miss. Take time to reflect on what love really is, where it originates and the gift of life you’ve been given for this short slice of eternity.

Because of the life I have been given, my heart resonates with Paul the apostle when he wrote, “I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for those who believe.”

Shalom and Merry Christmas | Thom

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