I'm so glad I started following Ryan Reynolds on Twitter. That feed is pure entertainment! @VancityReynolds

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How much do you spend on Halloween? My kids have gotten good as using just makeup and I'm not really buying costumes anymore. Candy spend was only about $15 this year. American spending on halloween is set to top $9 Billion! 😮

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October 15
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My 16 year old just started putting money in a ROTH 401k. My day is complete!

Thanks @debtfreeguys and @Experian. Great #creditchat today!

A10 Think about why you want to get out of debt and write it as a goal. Hiccups will happen, deal w/them and stay the course! #creditchat

A9 If you're in over your head seek information/help. Steps should include starting with how to budget and setting your goal. #creditchat

A8 Once you're out of debt, start to build savings like crazy. It makes you hesitate to part with your money - healthy habit! #creditchat

A7 - Vertex 42 has some of the best spreadsheets out there! #creditchat

Download a free Debt Reduction Calculator spreadsheet and eliminate your debt using the debt snowball or other debt reduction strategies.

A7 Apps can be great, but you have to find what works for you. Try apps, spreadsheets, paper - whichever work, stick with it! #creditchat

A6 Each dot represented $100, and we erased them as we made payments. *so many dots* #creditchat

A6 Tracking the debt reduction should be in front of you to keep up the momentum. We used dots on our dry erase calendar #creditchat

A5 If you can get a small win by paying off a small debt first - do it! The immediate success will fuel you! #creditchat

A5 Start by listing everything you owe. Next you need to budget to find out how much you can start paying extra. #creditchat

A3 High credit scores don't always mean you keep qualifying for more debt - you may be overextended on payments #creditchat

A3 Responsibly borrowing & repaying raises your credit score. But..too much borrowing looks like you can't cash flow your life! #creditchat