Geoff took Loves Her Gun to the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival! He was part of the Texas retrospective along with Jonathan Demme, David Gordon Green, Bob Byington and Louis Black, with the latter writing about the experience in the Austin Chronicle.…/20…/page-two-made-in-texas/

Made in Texas

Hey friends!
Geoff Marslett is making a new film, if you enjoyed Loves Her Gun, please consider donating to his new campaign and help him continue to make interesting films!

And please spread the word, he's just got two weeks to raise the money!

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Loves Her Gun updated their profile picture.
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geoff is starring in a new movie!
help it get off the ground...…/a-house-among-us-a-feature-fi…

A House Among Us is a supernaturally charged melodrama about a couple living in parallel realities during a twenty-four hour period.

Our wonderful composer Hanan Townshend with a wonderful shout out for his latest work!!

Christian Bale stars as a frustrated actor in Malick's latest gorgeous and meandering vision.

if you aren't already watching her work, you should be:

The last time I chatted with Trieste Kelly Dunn we were shooting 9mms in Pflugerville Texas as part of a media blitz for Loves Her Gun where she brought a handful of critics to...

Loves her gun is a most watched on snag films. Thank you all for watching it!!

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LHG is up on indie platform SnagFilms! It's free to watch. If ya dig the film, please feel free to grade it here.

LOVES HER GUN follows Allie, who leads an unfocused life with no job and a lame boyfriend. It's no surprise when she hops on an RV full of karate rockers headed to Texas after she is attacked on the streets of New York. Seeming to improve as she settles into the slower pace of Austin, her fears cont…

Our distributor is having a sale on their film library this weekend, which include Loves Her Gun! If you haven't seen the film yet, it's $3.28 to purchase, $2.99 to rent! There are a lot of other great titles on the list too!

Get in on this! From now through July 31st, enjoy Devolver Digital Films for up to 66% off if you watch on Distrify! Rentals are just $2.99, or buy 'em for $3.28 -- your choice. Fill your eyes with delicious Devolver movies all month long! Grab this deep discount now on any of these titles: Losing…

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Devolver Digital Films

It's the Super Secret Sale! Starting today, all films 66% off on VHX. One week only, ends June 15th. Go get you some!

You can find LHG at Waterloo Records too! Woohoo!

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Our friend and fellow filmmaker Robert Gomes sent us this photo from a video store in Bryan, Texas! We're so excited that the movie is getting out there!

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our wonderful producer melissa dalley is producing a new film...follow the link to learn more AND to help them out with their kickstarter campaign. it's called the big spoon and will be fantastic!

The Big Spoon's photo.
The Big Spoon

rumor is that you can get it at waterloo records too! (another favorite spot)

hey friends of loves her gun...look what we found at the local video store! rent it now at vulcan video...and ask for it at your own local video stores!

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Geoff Marslett is with Trieste Kelly Dunn.

Right next to a lot of copies of machete kills #loveshergun

get loves her gun at your nearest video store! in this case vulcan video!

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Geoff Marslett is with Trieste Kelly Dunn and Francisco Barreiro.

Paco-thon at the Vulcan video