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Donna Ballard Woodburn
· March 5, 2018
I have been a customer since they opened. Today I went for plants to do a little garden with the kids. I went to self check out and the lady hovered over me even putting my stuff into my basket. It’t bc she was trying to help. I got “the vibe” as soon as I started to check myself out. She walked off bc someone else needed her then she came back after she was done. She asked if I had finished checking everything out and I told her “yes”. She said that I had not scanned the two flower pots. I assured her I did and I heard it “beep”. When it went through. I turned to put things into my cart and she started scrolling on the screen to check to see if I was telling the truth. I was very upset. She couldn’t find where they had been scanned. It took a few min for the computer to show it. I was red faced and tried to keep remembering yesterday’s church sermon. Lol. I showed her where BOTH flower pots where indeed on receipt. She didn’t apologize or anything. I asked for the manager. She told the manager she told me she was sorry. She had not. If you feel a customer is stealing you watch from a distance. I have never ever felt so embarrassed. Very unprofessional and rude. I guess it’s Home Depot for now on. See More
Ray Sparnecht
· April 3, 2018
Worst experience ever at the Hammond Louisiana Lowes tonight (4-3-18). Went in at 750pm to get a platform ladder. No one said hello or asked if the could help us, but that was ok because we knew what... we were looking for and where it was. Got our item and went to checkout. NO CASHIERS AT CHECKOUT. 10 plus people in line to check out but no cashiers. No front end leaders, and no managers who cared enough to get involved. I heard the page for a code 3 (call for more cashiers) heard a page for the manager on duty to come to the front but no one came in the 17 minutes I waited. I saw a girl named Ashley who used to be a department manger there and told her about the situation and all she did was shake her head and say "it's sad.. thats what they get for demoting everyone." I figured if I call the store while standing in the store at least I might get to speak to a manager. 1st call was cycled to the automated system 3 time. Finally someone picked up. I asked to speak t9 a manager. She said hold please and hung up on me. Second call was cycled to the automated system 4 times before anyone picked up. Was told to hold please and no manager picked up. It rang back to the customer service rep who said she didn't know what to tell me, the a manager wasn't answering. I tried to do business with the Hammond Lowes for 21 minutes. Waiting in line at self checkout and then in lumber to check out before finally just leaving. Horrible, horrible, horrible non existent, pit of despair service. We walked out and went 4 miles to the new home depot across town. We were greeted within 2 minutes of walking in, asked what we were looking for and walked to the product. We put it in a basket and walked to checkout. 2 cashiers on duty plus the cashier overseeing self checkout. The line got 2 people deep and a 3rd person walked up and started checking people out. Home depot experience was amazing. Night and day difference. You guys need to get a hold of that Hammond location Lowes. I Know I am not the only one telling you this. I've read the Google reviews and they are telling you the same thing. Horrible, horrible, horrible leadership at that store. Lowes Hammond is slightly easier for me to get to than Home Depot, but I will NOT be back to.that store and will share this story with everyone in my social circle. See More
Tammy Mahler
· December 2, 2017
The communications for deliveries is the absolute worst I've ever experienced.

Purchased a refrigerator and gas range 11\21\17...

I had to take the day off of work and Wasted that day off waiting all day Friday 12\1 Then at the end of the day lowes call and tells me it will be yet another hour. Mark the Lowe s employee rescheduled for saturday between 11-1130. Still no calls and no show today Saturday. I called Lowe's and have been advised it was scheduled for sunday NOT Saturday!!!
WHAT!?!? Are You Kidding Me???

Poor customer experience

Lowe's should study the SOP's from JC Penney, RTG and Ashley Furniture. Stellar delivery performance.

I'm heading to Home depot to see what they have.
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Jenny Lind Veatch
· March 30, 2018
I usually am happy with my visits to Lowes but not this time. Garden center customer service was awful. Plants on clearance shelves that didn't have a yellow sticker. No one willing to look at them t...o see if they could be marked down. In fact, the associates were rather rude about the situation. Lowes, you let me down... See More
Todd Maronge
· August 19, 2017
I'm soo glad Home Depot finally showed up in Hammond La. I went to lowes in Hammond la. To buy 15 blinds for my house knowing there was a slim chance of them having 15 in stock and I figured I would h...ave to order what wasn't in stock. They had 6 of the 15. After waiting for someone for over an hour to show up to help me with my order. (Nobody listens to the I need assistance button if it works) so when she finally showed up I placed my order for 9 more blinds. 45 minutes later if her placing the order on the computer she told me it would take 2-1/2 weeks for my blinds to show up August 12. I called and checked the status of the order twice and she explained it's still on track for august 12. So I went to the store august 19 in anticipation my blinds were there. Went to the blind department and what a shocker nobody there. I walked up to an employee in another department and asked him to see the manager. I explained my situation to him and asked him to check on the blinds. Come to find out the blinds were not even ordered. This is After 2 calls and 2 visits to the store checking on them. So he tried to get them coming with no luck seeing how I already purchased them. So 45 minutes of him calling around he asked if I would consider a different brand. So we looked at different brands and they had all 15 in stock but had to be cut to size. Low and behold the cutting machine is broke. Now he is out of options. He had no clue what to do next. So I asked him to refund my money. Which required me to drive home pick up the 6 I purchased and drive back. 1 hour round trip. I'm glad I didn't install the 6 I had like I was going to expecting the other 9 to show up. Lowes lost a sale and a customer. Thank you Home Depot for coming to town. I will call all the Bureaus I can find to file a complaint. I explained to the manager when you sell a product it's your name on it. If you hire people that cannot place a simple order that is not the consumer fault. Nor the vendor. You can't expect the vendor to perform a miracle because your employee screws up. Ok I'm done bashing lowes. Home Depot here I come See More
Jessica Klein
· August 30, 2017
Absolutely terrible customer service. Ordered multiple major appliances and had nothing but trouble. Originally had to return one of the appliances because they sold me one that they no longer even Once that was done then the oven was not available for a month but I could've had the washer and dryer delivered. I opted to wait and get all at the same time. Then the day before all was to be delivered only the washer and oven was available. I told them to bring them both and they could deliver the dryer later. They show up with only the oven. Then said the washer nor the dryer was ever available since I purchased. When I called management and corporate explaining the ridiculous problems they told me basically there was nothing to do and return everything if I was unhappy. Over a month of problems. I returned everything went to Best Buy and bought same exact items for cheaper and everything delivered within three days of purchase.... NEVER going back to lowes. See More
Allen Lloyd
· January 5, 2018
Just left the buggy at the register, self checkout only with one employee over them. Keep getting errors with no help. While shopping could not find any employees for help..going to Home Depot
Kenlyn Jones
· May 30, 2017
Thank you, Lowes, for once again screwing us over with large appliances. We should've learned it the last time with the washing machine and then the refrigerator before that that you do not stand behi...nd your warrantees and make it close to impossible for us to use the services that we have paid for. This commercial refrigerator was purchased in August 2016. The fan has gone on it and I'm about to lose all of the food in it and I'm being told that the only way that Lowes will Service it is if I bring it to the store. Is that not the most asinine thing you have ever heard? I have to bring this commercial size refrigerator that was purchased less than a year ago back to the store for them to service it. It doesn't matter that we paid the amount of money that we did for it or the fact that we have an extended warranty on it. And nowhere when we were purchasing this refrigerator where we told that if something went wrong with that we would have to take it back to the store. They were barely able to get it in the door and in place here in the house.
But this is just typical Lowe's striking again. We purchased a washing machine that continually went out on us over a three-year period and it would be out of commission for weeks at a time while we waited for the appliance guys to come out and fix it. Before that we purchased a refrigerator that not only took us four months to receive but then we had problems with it from the beginning.
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Dee Norred Forrest
· May 8, 2017
Their customer service has sucked for a long time now. They regularly have only 2 lines open, even on the weekends. Getting assistance either in store or on the phone is almost impossible. Their on...line inventory system is not updated either - I learned that the hard way. You can forget having an employee load up anything heavy for you. I once pointed that out to the store manager after waiting for more than 30 minutes outside with my pink ticket being waved at employees that were too busy ignoring people in their cars and unbelievably, the manager yelled at me. Pathetic. We will never set foot in Lowes again after Home Depot opens in Hammond. Unfortunately, there are times when Lowes is the only option here but they will soon not be able to count on that for business. See More
Drew Cortez
· August 8, 2017
The worst part of lowes is all the people that catch you outside and beg for money. I'm not sure if it's the location close to the interstate or what. It's just terrible. The products and service are ...awesome. You just get harassed leaving. See More
Rae Nicolosi Moore
· March 14, 2017
Was at the store today prepared to spend about 800 dollars, but like usual waited for 30 mins at the pressure washers waiting for someone to come get a pressure washer down. Called the store from the store 3 different times asking for management assistance to no avail. Got fed up and left our shopping cart full of other items for the house went to tractor supply and bought everything and it was cheaper. Called lowes and spoke to a mgr named john and told him about his customer service. He didn't seem too concerned. In the past year We have bought our refrigerator, washer, dryer, and riding mower from this location. Lowes has officially lost our business. We can't wait til Home Depot opens. See More
Jaime Ford
· April 23, 2017
This store is in DIRE need of new management!!! I have made numerous trips to this store in the last 3 months. We added on to our house and every single time is a complete nightmare. You would be for hours if I could tell you everything that has gone wrong at this store. Customer service? What's that? Asking for help and then they say they are going on lunch break and walk off laughing. Like 2 registers open. I had to load 8,000- yes thousand, dollars of material with no help of employees after waiting 45 min for help. The list goes on. Take a trip to Home Depot in Covington, harbor freight in Hammond or Gabriel's in Ponchatoula. See More
Rafael Ellwanger
· November 27, 2016
Order washer and dryer from
Lowe's 20'days ago , delivery was set for today .
Got that nice phone call , saying somebody sold my dryer on Black Friday and they do not have my that I ordered ....
The best they can do , is being a display one until they can get mine in.

Very nice Lowe's , when I think you can't get any worst you beat that .

They thought they did a great customer service and I should be happy and glad that they let me have a temporary dryer.
That's the part that shocks me the most

How a company like this can be in business and make this kind money ?
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Chrystal Renee
· June 10, 2017
Quite possibly the worst place to shop!! Waited for what seemed like forever (after 3 calls) for someone to help get siding because it's not all kept on the floor. When we finally saw someone she said... she'd be right back but didn't make it before we left. Thank God for Stines!!! See More
Jennifer Miranda
· May 27, 2017
I went in to buy a BBQ pit and all I can say is the service we received was excellent!! I was expecting to wait forever for service but thanks to Mrs. Rene and Mr. Glenn who went above and beyond to h...elp us during our visit and went smoothly. Thank you again there needs to be more ppl like them working... See More
Charleen Kennedy
· June 21, 2017
Our washer and dryer was never delivered that we paid for in full. I have left messages for the general manager and he has not retuned my call. The assistant manager was reluctant to give me his name.... He was very unprofessional. Please give me the name of the regional manager! See More
Jennifer Stabile Evans
· February 2, 2016
Just left lowes. I asked a guy in kitchen appliances to help me with something and he couldn't stop clipping his fingernails long enough to look up and have a decent conversation with me about the pro...duct I was asking about. I go to the checkout counter and the lady start asking me if I want to purchase the extended warranty on a product but could not give me any information about the my Lowes program and how it stores information that you've purchased in their system. Nothing but rude morons working at this location. See More
Lauren Danielle
· February 16, 2017
Previous review: We have always loved going to lowes however yesterday was one of our best trips. The gentleman named Eric in the flooring department went above and beyond to help us with everything w...e were looking for and more!

New review: Glenda the "manager" was an absolutely rude to my husband a veteran! Because he didn't have the proper Id okay well there is a right or wrong way to handle things. She was rude and disrespectful and putting down on the fact that the only thing he had was his am vets card with him. Ok well it would be okay to say that you can't accept it but to be disrespectful and hateful towards him was completely uncalled for.
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Karen Gallaher Bell
· September 12, 2017
Wonderful employees. I asked a question, and they gave me several options to chose from. They explained all options outcomes to help me choose what I needed.
Michele Munson Helton
· October 22, 2016
I can't speak for all employees but the ones I came into contact with were rude and not helpful. We moved a tool kit to look for the set we wanted and a manager walked over and said "too late". When ...I asked what he meant by that, he made it clear he was accusing us of attempted theft.
I purchased 2 chairs from home and garden department and had to request that the cashier give me my change, which she was holding just out of my reach. The manager who came out (finally) to unlock the chairs then argued that I had actually purchased cheaper chairs, until I pointed out the UPC on chair and my receipt.
I will gladly go to Mississippi to the Home Depot before I return to this Lowe's.
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