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Steve Hyde
· August 23, 2017
I am down from Pennsylvania working at Santa's Land for the season. I drove over from Cherokee for supplies for my magic show. Just like the Lowe's near our home back in PA, everyone was more than hel...pful and courteous. Always a pleasure to shop there, either on the road, or at home. See More
Roderick West
· June 13, 2017
Thanks to all the people at Lowes that worked so hard to get my decking to me. The Manager whose name I missed, Tanya who was so polite and helpful, and the driver who worked late to deliver. Thank...s you to everyone else who participated. You guys are the greatest. See More
Patricia Garcia
· July 8, 2017
A customer couldn't get his products, even though he pd for it, cause the product was already sold n reserved for someone else.
Idk why the product wasn't checked for availability at time of purchase.... N he didn't speak good English, when I tried to help and interpret, I was told that she wasn't speaking to me. He didn't understand fully what has happened. They were just wanting to give money back n move on to next person, without resolving the issue. I helped the man with what he wanted
Final outcome, another order was placed so that the very next delivery of the product (bricks) were reserved for him, n since he didn't have a truck to pick up items, he was granted free delivery, at everyone in line's urging.
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Cristen Nicole Brantley
· August 16, 2017
I love lowes! They always have plenty of staff to help everyone. They are polite and respectful. They even give me advice with all of the many projects I have! Very qualified workers���
Ruth Foss
· April 8, 2017
Very disappointed that they called the morning OF delivery and stated they just checked my order and it was damaged. Why was is not checked before? I cancelled plans and got up early to prepare for de...livery. Now have to wait 2 more weeks for item to be re-ordered and then set up new delivery date. Why did they not check my item upon receipt? See More
Drew Myers
· December 18, 2016
I will never order appliances here again. I have spent nearly 3,000 on a new Samsung fridge, range, and over the range microwave. The fridge showed up dented. The guys were great about trying to it. But the managers at the store keep avoiding my calls and they are always conveniently "on lunch" when I call and they will "call back" later. (Never happened). So now I am still waiting on an ETA of my new Freezer door that will replace my DENTED one. At least corporate responded to my email. That's more than anything I've gotten so far with Sylva Lowe's. This place is garbage. I will drive to Home Depot from now on. See More
Renee Mitchem
· June 24, 2015
Do NOT buy carpet from Lowe's in sylva, NC. We signed papers to have carpet installed within 72 hours. Their 72 hours thing is a joke. Their flooring manager, Stan told us it would be put in by had signed papers on Monday. This was our 2nd round with them because we originally picked out carpet and had someone come out and measure on the 4th which has now been 20 days. We were told it would be put in by the 10th. The carpet we picked was in stock but a 15 footer---they called us back on the 10th finally to suggest a 12 ft. We were going out of town from 13-19 and they were aware and told us it would be in before. They said that time was our mistake for not signing papers to move forward, so we went forward and signed the papers. Stan gave us a paper of what to do within the next day or so since carpet would be in stock and would be put in very soon. We were told to move all furniture and pull all carpet up.
We did that and now we have a little girl with no where to sleep and no carpet on our floors or steps---we have called the past 2 days to the store and we were told "they will call you first thing" never heard from them... Called corporate today and we were told we were not put on the 72 hour list---went to the store and they said corporate lied because it shows in their computer we were....

We are scheduled for carpet for 2 weeks from now and the earliest they can possibly get us is over a week... So no carpet and no bed for 2 weeks? Seriously? They don't seem to care...
I filed a compliant and was told the store manger would call me but never heard from him today.

I have spent over $3000 there just this past month. I will be paying my mylowes card off this month and never sat foot back in that store unless they make it right. They have lied to me and my husband and have incovienced us through their lies.
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Julia Feduccia Thompson
· December 14, 2015
Another unhappy experience at my local Lowe's Store. I recently visited your store in Sylva NC to purchase some outdoor lighting. The employee that was in the aisle seemed quite put out that I wanted occupy the space in the aisle and after about 5 minutes she begrudgingly allowed me to look at the display. No sooner than she got out of the aisle another employee quite rudefully drove right in front of me with a man lift and proceeded to occupy the same space. Evidently their time is a lot more valuable than the customers. Neither employee asked if they could help me but just rooted me out of the way. I do not plan to get in the way again anytime soon. Hopefully you will address the rudeness of your employees at your next staff meeting. See More
Renee Estes Moore
· June 22, 2016
This wkend I went to Lowe's in Sylva to purchase a new washer & dryer. They advertise that they will match lower pricing at other stores. The set I wanted were priced $629 each. I found a much lower p...rice, $499 each, at HH Gregg. The Dept manager here would not match it. Said they didn't compete with HH Gregg because they were too far away. They only compete with Best Buy in Waynesville & Home Depot in Clayton, GA!! He said Clayton was a 30 min drive from here. I told him he must drive alot faster than me & I live on Hwy 441!! Told him I would just go to Lowe's in Waynesville & get it. He told me "ok". Went to the parking lot, called Waynesville, asked them if they would match it and they said yes. They said Sylva Lowe's should accept the lower price because HH delivers in Sylva. Purchased them in Waynesville for $499 each. People always want u to shop local?? I saved close to $300 by driving 30 minutes down the road. Now I ask what would u do? This man cost the Sylva store to lose out on alot of money!! See More
Russ Harris
· January 18, 2017
I bought new dishwasher from Lowes because I thought they'd be more responsive if something went wrong. I purchased my dishwasher 2 months ago. It took 10 days to get installed, I used it 8 times, a...nd now it's been out of service for 3 weeks without repair. Hard to imagine anyone else could have been worse. See More
Michael Murphy
· August 10, 2015
Do not use their appliance delivery service. They don't meet their delivery time estimates and their delivery installation people break the appliances, making you wait an extra 2 days for the repair ...person to fix your "new" appliance. I've had good customer service with other Lowe's in the area, but not this store. See More
Teri Hamilton
· November 1, 2013
Apparently, there is not a lot of love for Lowe's, hence the ""33 likes". Like Wal-Mart, Lowe's has the monopoly on home improvement in the immediate area. We recently ordered $13,000 of new windows,... sliding glass doors and a couple of custom windows for 1 room. The final installation day was today. Having been gone for 2 days for work, I was not here to supervise. There is inferior quality of products used not to mention the inferior quality of workmanship. Evidently, we'll have to eat this because NO ONE CARES!!! All I asked for is the quality of work that you (the "carpenter") would do at HIS home!!! Damaged doors and inferior quality...the cheep way out. That's all I can see right now. Bet they offer me 10% on my next order. After THOUSAND'S of dollars spent at this place, that is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! See More
Steve Woodham
· July 7, 2017
Great store assembly works their tail off ! All employees give 110% ! Management looks after the customers!
Paula Obando Schiltz
· November 8, 2015
Because you just want to do the right thing then the manager of appliances at Lowes Sylva makes me realized and confirm why this world is so mess up and lack of honesty... We had a delivery fridge morning. After we had all our food out from the old fridge for over 30 -45 min, house doors down delivery guys had to remove them to have the new fridge into the house; also the old fridge was already on the driveway waiting for friends to pick it up for them to use it THEN we realized it was not the fridge we ordered.

Obviously; the fridge they were installing was more expensive.

Well; I though I was doing the right thing I didn't want the delivery guys got in trouble in case they were installed the wrong one. so; I let them know about it. After several calls they let us know they need to take that fridge back because it was $4400 fridge which double the price of the one we ordered. So; I went online to check prices and realized that fridge was actually around $600 more than the one we want it because it is also 40% off a deal Lowes has going on. We thought it is easy to change paper work than have the delivery guys taking that fridge out again put doors back etc... We also were worry to lost our food especially the ribeyes we bough yesterday all together we had over $200 in meats plus the rest of food we have already in boxes in our living room we definitely didn't want to throw away all our food waiting for the other fridge since they make the mistake with this wrong delivery So; we decided to make the phone call to Lowes to talk to this guy "appliances' manager" a butthole which makes us feel like it was actually our fault of this mistake...He said he will transfer this call to his boss because it was not his call... After waiting there was not Boss it was this "appliances manager" again saying he talk to her but; there is nothing they can do so; they will sent the right fridge later or tomorrow. Well; we still were worry for our food.

We didn't want a free fridge we will pay more because we knew was a better one but; We didn't even have the chance because this manager which looks like he didn't even know this fridge also have a 40% OFF he just didn't want to listen. Well; here we go again bring the old fridge back in the house to be connect; put house doors back on and put away food back in the OLD FRIDGE hoping our foods are still good. Well; ice cream was already melted not good just like the customer services appliances manager at Lowes Sylva NOT GOOD. So; we decided to cancel the order for the fridge.

This morning we woke up very happy for our new fridge but it turn out as a super upsetting Sunday for me. I cannot help I just feel sad, upset, and disappointed of everything. One person can make u feel like you did something wrong when u think you did the right thing.

We don't own a construction company so we don't spend millions of dollars per month but We just move to our new home so; we have been spending a good amount almost every week there I have to say Lowes always have great employees which help me all the time. But just because of one person with a terrible customer service this "appliances manager" I am not sure if I will ever buy anything there again.

We will have a new fridge and other appliances one day BUT NOT FROM LOWES.
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Krista Higdon
· May 23, 2016
Im surprised this store has managed to stay open, frankly.
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